New Moon in Cancer: Fluid Potential

June 27th's New Moon (at 5 degrees Cancer) forms a fluid trine with Neptune Rx (at 7 degrees Pisces).

This should be a fairly gentle New Moon, although it may bring a flood of wistfulness, compassion and hopeful dreams. Cancer is about the domestic stuff (home, family, childhood, mother, the past) but the overarching theme is nurturing and needs. It's the sign of subjective feeling; what makes you feel safe, what do you need, where do you go when you require a time out? What's precious to you, and so intimate that most people wouldn't get it?

Neptune's trine will take those subjective issues and broaden the scope. If Cancer feels for those closest to it, Neptune feels for everyone. The combination could suggest a new beginning (around 5 degrees Cancer in your chart) that's highly personal, but leaks out to encompass more universal issues. 7 degrees Pisces in your chart will give you an idea of what those issues might be. Even if transiting Neptune is moving through a personal house (like the 4th) the themes it's stirring up are bigger than you. The other way to look at this is Neptune's dissolution of limits will enable the potential of this New Moon to expand. Keep in mind that Neptune is retrograde, so part of what's activated may involve going back/looking deeper in order to clarify that Neptune/Pisces issue. Here's a post on Neptune Rx to put it in perspective.

All in all, this Moon suggests the potential for something close to home to flow into other areas. What you feel will be crucial; your compassion, empathy, hope, idealism, forgiveness or needs (yes, what you need) can have a bigger impact than is immediately apparent. Neptune's expansion, while similar to Jupiter's, operates on a more subtle level. What you need will be important, but it's not quite all about you; there's more at stake.

Speaking of Jupiter (at 25 degrees Cancer) it will be forming an exact square to the transiting South Node in Aries/North Node in Libra, on the same day. Squares to the Nodes are critical issues that can either block and/or propel the passage to the North Node. It's usually a combination of both if you tackle the issue. 25 degrees Cancer in your chart is where the challenge/opportunity lies; what do you need to tackle there in order to fully embrace the transiting North Node? Hint: transiting Jupiter is probably expanding something in your life. A square to the Nodes is a turning point (move towards the North Node, or forget it and stay with the South Node) and it will be part of this New Moon.

Cancer is the sign at the moment. It's the birthplace and the challenge in your chart. What's growing for you? How are you managing the growth? Are you nurturing it, ignoring it, wallowing in it or suppressing it?

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 3-8 degrees of the Cardinal or Water signs, you'll feel the New Moon most strongly. 24-26 degrees of the Cardinal signs will particularly feel Jupiter's square to the Nodes.