The Key to Your Future: Mercury Direct in Gemini Trines the Transiting North Node

Mercury goes direct (at 24 degrees Gemini) on July 1st. This will mean a choice/answer, straightforward communication and an end to delays. It will also mean a final visit from Mercury to 24 to 29 degrees Gemini, a range of degrees that's been emphasized during this transit.

Now you should know/understand, and be able to move forward.

Of particular note is Mercury's trine to the transiting North Node (at 24 degrees Libra) from July 1st to July 4th (when it will be exact). The transiting North Node points to the area in your chart where exploration will benefit you. The enabling trine to Mercury direct emphasizes that forward movement: take what you've learned/chosen/have to communicate and direct it towards the house that holds 24 degrees Libra. That's where your words will open up something good for you.

Mercury will also be sextiling the South Node in Aries. This is a weakly harmonious connection that will help you move forward from the South Node issues. But the main focus is on the North Node. To look at this another way; whatever takes you towards the North Node takes you away from the South Node (they always work together). The South Node is what's culminated, and the North Node is what needs more development.

Libra's ruler (Venus) is in Gemini, so this blends communication, choices and relationships. To get the most from this influence, keep the theme of harmonious communication in mind.

  • negotiate
  • compromise
  • honour both sides of the discussion

As I usually say about trines: you may not feel this. There's no tension to prod you into awareness, so you'll have to be proactive. But you're most likely to benefit from this if you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 25-23 degrees of the air signs. If you have something at these degrees, communication could be your direct ticket to going where the transiting North Node is pointing.