Horoscopes for July 13th to 20th


Mercury (communication and information) enters Cancer on July 13th, revisiting the same degrees (0 to 3) that it first activated from May 29th to June 6th, and from June 7th to June 17th (when it was Rx). July 13th to 16th could feature a wrap up or last chance to deal with an issue that first occurred around those previous dates.Something that was touched on can now receive fuller consideration or more in-depth discussion. In general, Mercury in Cancer will provide a chance to clearly express emotional issues and move forward with plans, conversations, ideas and writing (especially after July 16th). On July 16th, Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) enters Leo, the sign of drama, pride and self-expression. Jupiter will tour through this sign until August 11th, 2015, increasing the drive for attention (and chances to get that attention). This powerful transit can boost creativity, pride and the need to be recognized. It can also enhance fame and success, although as always, you’ll need to make the most of what it promises in order to manifest something good.


Mercury enters your domestic sector, bringing conclusions to family discussions or domestic plans. This is the time to wrap up issues based on the past, or to sign mortgage/rental agreements. A particularly emotional/frustrating family topic can experience deeper exploration or resolution. Jupiter’s move into your sector of self-expression says that it’s time to create. Whether you’re creating art, new life or just stepping out and enjoying yourself, this energy can boost your chances of bringing something new and wonderful into your world. This can be an indulgent transit that increases your desire to enjoy life, while also bringing you more to enjoy.

  • Discussions and information: home, family, relocation, mortgages, rental agreements, home businesses, parents, the past
  • Expansion and new opportunities: new romance, creativity, children, pregnancy, performance, hobbies, play


Mercury enters your communication sector, and you may dip into a past discussion (one more time). This time, there should be a wrap up, even if you’re just mulling things over in your head. If you’ve been waiting for answer, this could be it. Any messages you deliver will have extra emphasis. Jupiter enters your domestic sector, bringing expansion and abundance to home and family. There could be a new addition to your home (a child, roommate or romantic partner) or you may decide to renovate/expand. Home, family and the past should take on a more optimistic light as new possibilities emerge. There is room for new growth.

  • Discussions and information: conversations, emails, phone calls, documents, siblings, final ideas
  • Expansion and new opportunities: your domestic situation, family, the past, home business, renovation, relocation


Mercury (your ruler) enters your security sector, stirring up financial/emotional issues that previously came to light. Watch for conclusions around a raise, savings, personal values or ideas of self worth. This is the time to give/get a final answer about what you need, and it should be easier to deliver a definitive message. Jupiter enters your communication sector, expanding the power of your words and ideas. Think big, because you’ll be able to sell/convince others more easily, and your sense of what’s possible will expand. Excellent for promotion, gathering information and making new contacts. Relationships with siblings should see improvement as well.

  • Discussions and information: what you earn, what you’re worth, what you need, security, self-esteem
  • Expansion and new opportunities: discussions, writing, promotion, emails, phone calls, new meetings, siblings, education, planning for the future, blogging, asking for what you want


Mercury re-enters your sign, bringing a past issue to a close. Whether you revisit the discussion in real life or go over it one more time in your head, now it’s a wrap. Move onwards and upwards. You’ll have a clearer idea of your next move and the words that you’ve been searching for should fall into place. Jupiter exits your sign and enters your security sector.Jupiter in your sign brought more (in some cases, more than you expected). Now you’ll be integrating those new developments into your life. Jupiter can boost your money (and your spending) as well as your self-esteem and personal resiliency. Make use of your growing internal and/or external resources to accommodate the changes of the past year or so.The key with this transit is to accept the abundant signs (there will be many) that you’re worth more.

  • Discussions and information: public identity, projects, relationship issues, new life chapter, making your thoughts clear
  • Expansion and new opportunities: earned money, raising your price, demanding more/expecting more, self esteem, security, what you need to be happy


Mercury dips back into your hidden sector, urging a final look at a background idea/development/hint. That secret or gut feeling now calls for deeper exploration. In some cases, this could be goodbye to an impractical idea or fantasy. Jupiter’s move into your sign brings the goods, with promises of attention, opportunity and optimism. Jupiter always brings more to work with, but how much you get out of it depends on what you do with those opportunities. At the very least, you’ll be feeling hope for the future. Run with that, and see where it takes you. This transit can also expand any issues that are currently in your life, so anything that’s been simmering will probably come to a head. No matter what happens, remember that this is a positive transit. Make the most of your assets (pride, confidence, generosity, personal power), because Jupiter will be expanding those as well.

  • Discussions and information: secrets, hints, background issues, dreams
  • Expansion and new opportunities: public identity, personal potential, success, personal issues, new projects, self-promotion, public attention


Mercury (your ruler) enters your social sector, bringing up a social contact or conversation that previously occurred. An exchange of information with others (friends/acquaintances) or enquiries around a group or public event may reach a conclusion. Public speaking/promotions may be hi-lighted, and in general you’ll find it easier to get your point across to the collective (even if you find yourself repeating the message). Jupiter moves into your hidden sector, putting you in touch with deeper, quieter potentials. This transit could signal the start of an important project (that you’ve only dreamed about until now) that will be launched around August, 2015 (when Jupiter enters your sign). For now, focus on what’s precious to you and watch it grow. Sometimes this influence can indicate assistance from unknown or unexpected sources in the form of a last minute reprieve, hidden support or surprising inspiration.

  • Discussions and information: groups, friends, the public, group events, public speaking, meetings, public promotion
  • Expansion and new opportunities: private matters/hopes/dreams, background potentials, secrets, hidden benefactors, the angel in the background


Mercury reenters your career sector, bringing possible answers/conclusions to a job interview, discussion with management or future plans. In general, this influence is good for making concrete career decisions or accelerating your professional profile (the flow of information coming in and going out should be faster). Jupiter’s move into your social sector expands possibilitiesinvolving friends, groups or the public. This transit is excellent for meeting new people, especially those who can benefit you. Group involvement is also hi-lighted; the more you get out and circulate, the more you can take advantage of Jupiter’s benefits.

  • Discussions and information: meetings with management or anyone in authority, job searches, networking, planning for the future
  • Expansion and new opportunities: friends, acquaintances, groups, public venues, public promotion, putting yourself in the public eye, boosting your social life


Mercury enters your opportunities sector, bringing clarity or a definitive message around long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. What first caught your attention a couple of months ago can be given more juice. Either way, it’s time to move forward into new territory with what you know. Jupiter in your career sector is definitely a high point; a promotion, exciting new job or increased public attention (and appreciation) for your work/image are all possibilities. This is also an excellent influence to launch a new career path/business. When it comes to public status/promotion/recognition, it’s time to go big. The sky’s the limit.

  • Discussions and information: getting new/more information, spreading your words, mentoring/teaching/learning, anything that’s new or distant
  • Expansion and new opportunities: career, public profile, status, success, career change, professional rewards


Mercury enters your sector of shared resources,urging a deeper look at private/uncomfortable issues that were previously hinted at.These may have been conversations around shared finances or intimacy, or psychological exploration that you touched on. Now you’re ready to plunge in all the way. This energy encourages introspection, investigation and intimate conversations. Jupiter (your ruler) enters your opportunities sector, urging you to step out and explore. Try something new, travel, relocate, enrol in a course - it’s time to move beyond what you already know.

  • Discussions and information: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, touchy conversations, research, investigation, self-analysis
  • Expansion and new opportunities: long distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration, uncharted territory


Mercury reenters your partnership sector, putting your focus on a relationship discussion/possibility that previously came to light. Now you can go forward, open the lines of communication and keep the ball rolling.Jupiter in your sector of shared resources can bring financial assistance or increased intimacy (with a new or existing partner). This energy urges you to open up and allow someone in, or share what you already have. You can also receive benefits through an inheritance, legal compensation or through something that’s owed to you. There is also a chance of debts being increased, so watch your spending and don’t accept more than you can pay back.

  • Discussions and information: all partnerships (business and romantic)
  • Expansion and new opportunities: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s  finances, inheritances, pay outs, financial assistance


As Mercury reenters your sector of routine, you could find yourself bringing a work/health issue to a conclusion, or getting a clear answer on work tasks/co-worker issues. Tasks, details and service issues will make more sense as you experience increased assurance and a grasp of what needs to be taken care of. Prioritizing your needs versus others’ can also shape up. Jupiter enters your partnership sector, bringing increased opportunities to attract romantic attention. Jupiter can also bring you in contact with a potential partner who is quite different from those you’ve been involved with. If you’re single and looking, it doesn’t get much better than this. Attached Aquarians can see their relationship expand as you and/or your partner look around for ways to keep things interesting. Sometimes this transit can spell the end of a relationship, but only if things are on the verge of ending already. In general, this energy urges you to consider new partnership possibilities.

  • Discussions and information: medical diagnoses, work tasks, mundane details, duties, obligations, what needs to be fixed
  • Expansion and new opportunities: all one on one relationships


Mercury into your sector of self-expression brings you back to a creative/romantic issue. Now it’s time to fully state your needs, desires, ideas or plans. Flirtatious conversations can progress, or creative projects/promotions can gain steam. Jupiter into your sector of routine can give you a significant energy boost, increasing your stamina and enthusiasm. Your desire for self-indulgence can also increase (this isn’t the best influence for diets). Work should roll along better and you can become much busier (which is good news if you need the work). You may have more coming at you on a daily basis, but you’ll find the resources and talents to deal with it.

  • Discussions and information: new romance, creative projects, children, parities, socialization
  • Expansion and new opportunities: health, exercise, daily tasks, work