Saturn Squeeze Box: The Yod Between Transiting Uranus, Venus and Saturn

What is it with inconjuncts lately? There's a theme, if my last two posts are any indication (here and here). And my latest Sasstrology article.

Anyway, there's more from July 6th to 7th, as Venus (love/money/values) in Gemini (information/communication) and Uranus (liberation) in Aries (initiation) inconjunct Saturn Rx (rules and authority) at 16 degrees Scorpio (depth). This configuration is the penultimate expression of inconjunct energy: the Yod.

Two planets that sextile each other (Venus and Uranus) form the base of the Yod. The planet that they both inconjunct (Saturn Rx) is the focal planet. Yods get a lot of press for being "fated" aspects (they've been called the Finger of God). I don't know about fated, but I do know that the focal planet is under a huge amount of pressure. It's also the task/solution of the Yod.

Uranus and Venus get along. Uranus' impulsive drive for change harmonizes with Venus' either/or approach. The base of the Yod is fast moving and fluid. But Saturn's limits are deep and pronounced in fixed, intense Scorpio. All that quick, changeable energy is funnelled into a deep pool of slow moving restrictions. To me, this says that Aries and Gemini (in your chart) are where the action will be happening. The places where you need to think/act quickly.

BUT...that call to action will be focused on where Scorpio is in your chart. Scorpio (and transiting Saturn Rx) is where you'll need to focus on the new developments. Slow down and look underneath all the hot, sexy (Venus and Uranus can mean attractive new developments) happenings. What's really going on? Are you ready for this? This new development may challenge your self-imposed fears, or test your boundaries. Or, Saturn in Scorpio is where you may be blocked.

But you must focus on the essentials. Venus in Gemini, when pumped up by Uranus, can throw a flurry of choices at you. Pick one (the one that resonates in your gut) and go with that. You're in control. You're not denying this opportunity, but you're siphoning off only what's essential for you. If you run into delays, consider that things may be slowing down for a reason. Don't push it; swim underneath and investigate (Scorpio).

Yods have a narrow orb, so you may only feel this if you have natal or progressed planets/angles or Nodes from 15-17 degrees Aries, Gemini, Scorpio or Taurus.