Saturn Stations Direct in Scorpio: Last Lesson

Saturn stations direct at 16 degrees Scorpio (on July 20th) marking the last leg of his transit through this sign.

I discussed the significance of Saturn and Uranus both changing direction (within one day of each other) here and here. The seismic shift of two, outer planets will indicate a time to put goals into action (Saturn direct) while pulling back on new developments (Uranus Rx). The net result will be a moment when energy slows to a crawl and something (around 16 degrees of the Fixed or Cardinal signs) demands your attention.

But specific to Scorpio, this direct movement will be the chapter where Saturn's lessons are consolidated. Remember when Saturn first entered Scorpio back on October 5th, 2012? It's been a long, dark road since then. Each time Saturn went Rx, you went a bit deeper into Scorpio. The deeper you went, the more you uncovered (strength, resources, boundaries, fears). This last Rx period might have pulled you to the bottom.

Now, as Saturn forges ahead, you'll take what you discovered down there and complete the lesson Saturn in Scorpio has been teaching you. Saturn sharpens your focus; have you been paying attention? By the time Saturn reaches Scorpio's last degree (on December 23rd, 2014) you will have learned everything you need about maturity and quality, in the context of Scorpio. That's the part of Saturn that people forget about, as they curse his limits; his highest expression is quality. Do it right and make it count.

Saturn will dip back into Scorpio briefly from June 14th, 2015 to September 17th, 2015, but that will just be a recap (29 to 28 degrees Scorpio will be impacted). The real wrap up is happening now, and over the next, few months.