Full Moon in Pisces: Wash Away The Inadequacy

September 8th's Full Moon (at 16 degrees Pisces) will be ultra sensitive. It will conjunct Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) at 15 degrees Pisces, triggering all sorts of touchy scenarios around aggravating a wound by trying to fix it, and feeling discarded when you offer help that's not wanted. The Virgo/Pisces axis of service, sacrifice and inadequacy, in full swing.

Also in effect, Venus in Virgo will closing in on an opposition with Neptune Rx (at 5 degrees Pisces) exact on September 10th. Since all oppositions are culminations, Venus/Pisces will bring the Full Moon theme of endings/turning points to love, money, self-esteem and values.

Virgo is about knowing your place. That sounds harsh, but if you think about it, it's good to know exactly where you're wanted, and where you're not. Where you can be effective, and where you're playing the martyr. When you know this, you're on solid ground and can act from a place of power rather than desperation. This Moon will make that clear, and in the process, some Pisces/Neptune fantasies will get punctured. Then again, that Pisces energy may dissolve feelings of obligation. Sometimes you feel obligated to continue a connection with someone, even though they've made it clear (through words or actions) that there is nothing you can do for them.

The Sun will be forming a tense inconjunct to Uranus (at 15 degrees Aries) earlier on the 8th, hinting at a jarring event that sets off the Full Moon's ending. The inconjunct suggests a last-ditch effort to force something into being. Virgo's tightly-wound efforts to get it right will be cranked up by Uranus' impatience, but it will be like a guitar string that's been tightened to an impossibly high pitch. The *snap* will trigger the meltdown of the Full Moon, which may actually be a relief.

Virgo can only keep trying for so long.

Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in Libra will be closing in on a square to Pluto Rx (power) at 11 degrees Capricorn, and a supportive sextile to Jupiter in Leo. The square will be exact on September 9th, and the sextile exact on September 10th. This suggests that compromise and balanced responses (or ideas) will be thin on the ground. The square from Pluto will tip Mercury towards one end or the other of the Libra scale. There's a risk of going into full-on martyr mode if your fantasy is punctured: "Of course I'm not valued here. That's ok. I don't deserve it." Then there's the other extreme, twisting yourself into obsessive, hyper-helpful Virgo mode: "Of course I'm not valued here! That's ok! Let me help you anyway!" Both of these approaches reek of Pluto manipulation. You're trying to guilt the other person into appreciating you. Of course, you could be the target of one of these approaches.

Mercury's sextile to Jupiter suggests a better way. Accept that things will go down as they're meant to. It's Pisces. How much control do you think you'll have over what happens? None. But you can control your response, and Jupiter's support will whisper that there's something helpful in the Leo area of your chart (around 11 degrees). That's where your Ace is, and that's where you can turn to next.

After this Full Moon, you'll know exactly what you can fix, what you can't, and who values you. Whether you like the results or not, the Pisces insistence that you release what you cannot control will feel like cool water.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 14 to 18 degrees of the Mutable signs, you'll feel this Moon most strongly
  • 4 to 6 degrees of the Mutable signs you'll feel the Venus/Neptune opposition
  • 9 to 12 degrees of the Cardinal signs you'll feel the Mercury/Pluto square
  • 9 to 11 degrees of Libra or Leo you'll feel the Mercury/Jupiter sextile

This Moon will also feature a Grand Water Trine, which you can read about here.