Lilith in the Spotlight on the Aquarius Full Moon

The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius also features a conjunction between Black Moon Lilith and the Sun.  I don't usually work with BML (although I will look at her natal or transiting influence if requested by a client). I'm not 100% convinced that her influence is felt by everyone, even when she's in the spotlight of a Full Moon. But a few people have commented on her prominence for this Moon, so let's take a look.

Black Moon Lilith is not an asteroid or planet. She is a point, specifically, the point that marks the Moon's furthest distance from the earth (its apogee).  She is named after Adam's first wife, who would not submit to him. She left the Garden to live in exile. In other sources throughout history, Lilith is variously described as a storm deamon, succubus or beautiful handmaiden (prostitute) who tempted men into the temple of Inanna (Queen of Heaven).

All variations on Lilith have this in common: untamed female power. BML (transiting and natal) represents female sexuality that mixes in the anger/pain of rejection. She is the dark side of the Moon's coin. If the Moon is nurturing mother, BML is the temptress who uses sex to manipulate or punish. She is the mistress, not the wife. The fact that she sits at the Moon's apogee says much about her exiled status; no one is comfortable with Lilith. Note that she's not "evil." She's simply raw, female power that lies outside of the boundaries of mother/comforting lover/wife.

She will be in the spotlight on August 10th (literally...she's next to the Sun). I think you'll only feel her energy if you're attuned to her, and most people aren't. If she's prominent in your natal chart (she's h13 on if you want to see where she sits in your chart) you might feel her influence.

Keeping in mind all the aspects/themes I noted for this Full Moon, she may be part of that revealing conversation (Sun/Mercury) that exposes the whole works (pain, limits and possibility). It's interesting that this outsider is sitting in Leo, the sign that wants to be the center of attention. This could play up that harsh tension between wanting to be Number One (admired and accepted) but being denied that acceptance. Or, learning to accept your female power, no matter how uncomfortable it makes everyone else.

Lilith will never get applause. She's powerful, but she inspires fear, obsession, lust or rejection. If you're called on to embrace her, you'll have to confront those themes in your life. Her power, if you can handle it, is serious stuff.

Here are some Lilith themes that may come into play on this Moon:

  • rejection
  • sexual power
  • owning your sexuality
  • rage
  • on the outside looking in
  • forbidden sexuality