Mercury's Transit of Libra: Finesse

Mercury (information and communication) enters Libra on September 2nd.

Mercury has a weak rep in this sign. Indecision, surface chatter, and passive-aggressive insults wrapped in compliments are possibilities. But these issues all have a desirable side.

It's called social interaction.

Mercury in Libra's indecision can manifest as the skillful merging of both sides of any situation (the diplomat). No one synthesizes contradictions better than Mercury in Libra, while soothing ruffled feathers and putting everyone at ease. And when a comeback is required, Mercury in Libra uses the stiletto rather than the hammer. Finesse can make a significant impact.

Sometimes there is a right thing to say, and it doesn't involve shattering someone's defences. Think of anyone you know who has natal Mercury in Libra; you can usually count on them to be polite. This is an underrated virtue and a strength. Mercury in Libra shows restraint when it would be easier to return verbal fire. Personally, I think conversational grace is a fading art.

When it's functioning properly, Mercury in Libra is the highest version of the social dance. It's a way to deliver a message that's acceptable to almost anyone. It's about listening to the other person. Giving them your full attention, and then floating back a unobtrusive question that encourages them to reveal a bit more. No one feels exposed, accused, or verbally violated.

There are times when you just want to dance with another person on an intellectual level. It's a kind of courtship.

Libra in your chart is where you can (potentially) achieve synthesis and grace. Depending on what planets you have in that Libra-occupied house, you may find yourself swinging between extremes. Transiting Mercury can help you put the synthesis into words. Or, it may bring someone into your life who makes you aware of both sides of a situation (Mercury is the messenger).

Mercury will be in Libra until September 27th.