Strange Machinery, Part 1: Aspects Leading Up to the Full Moon in Aquarius

Transits August 8th to 9th is unusual, due to the oddball mix of influences. There's no cohesion, and yet these influences are all leading up to August 10th's Full Moon in Aquarius. This post will be written in two parts; part 1 will examine the mixed bag of energies, and part 2 (tomorrow) will look at how they'll come together on the Full Moon. You can view August 8th and 9th as a precursor to the Full Moon.

August 8th sees a conjunction between Mercury (information) and the Sun at 16 degrees Leo. That's the spotlight on an important piece of intel, an announcement or crucial conversation. The Sun/Mercury conjunction trines Uranus Rx (ruler of the Aquarius Full Moon) in Aries, suggesting this news or idea will be fresh, exciting, liberating. So far so good. But Mercury will be hitting Saturn (limits) at 16 degrees Scorpio with a hard square, and inconjuncting Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. So this exciting news/discussion will encounter resistance. Someone may not want to hear what you have to say. Or you may shrink back from what you hear. Maybe it breaks the rules, or triggers insecurities, or reminds someone of something painful. Whatever the reason, there will be resistance.

These influences will spread into August 9th, when the Sun makes an exact square to Saturn and inconjunct to Chiron (Mercury moves faster than the Sun, so it makes the exact hits first).

Overall, this suggests a flash of inspiration, or words that rock your world. There's freedom, but it's undercut by limits. Those limits may be necessary, or they may be traps that you need to bust through. How will you know?


  • Where Saturn (at 16 degrees Scorpio in your chart) has been focusing your attention
  • What Uranus Rx (at 16 degrees Aries in your chart) has been urging you to let go of
  • What Chiron Rx (at 16 degrees Pisces in your chart) has been sensitizing you to
  • What Mercury and the Sun (at 16 degrees Leo in your chart) will reveal, or push you to say

16 degrees is obviously important here. If you have anything from 14 to 20 degrees of the Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable signs (any sign) you'll be hit by these aspects. Scorpio/Leo are Fixed, Aries is Cardinal, Pisces is Mutable.

Also on August 8th, the transiting Moon in Capricorn will ping the whole deal when it hits 16 degrees, inconjuncting the Sun/Mercury, squaring Uranus and sextiling Saturn and Chiron. The Moon is a trigger, so this could be when all the disparate aspects surge into motion, like some crazy piece of machinery. The Moon in Capricorn will create a Yod as it inconjuncts the Sun/Mercury (which will be inconjuncting Chiron Rx). If you look at the chart in this post, you'll see the Yod as an elongated triangle made up of green dotted lines. A Yod places pressure (via the two inconjuncts) on the focal point. That will be Sun/Mercury, the thing that must be communicated/understood. This will happen in spite of and because of existing conventions (Moon in Capricorn) and the risk of toes being stepped on (Chiron in Pisces).

Saturn will be separating from an exact trine with Chiron (on August 5th) but there's still something for you to fall back on there. Here's a previous post exploring the Saturn/Chiron trine (plus Saturn's inconjunct to Uranus). As I wrote in that post, "Saturn in Scorpio is your acknowledgement of [Chiron's] pain and your ladder out of the pool."

A commenter asked me if the lack of planets in Air signs was unusual. No, because the Aquarius Full Moon brings Air into the works. What is notable is the focus on 16 degrees. I'm sure there are many theories about what 16 degrees means, but as far as I know, the actual number is not significant (it's not a critical or anaretic degree). What is significant is that it's being emphasized. To me, this simply means that it's time for planets around this degree to be shaken up. Maybe that's simplistic, but I think this combination of aspects is complicated enough. For those of you wanting to dig deeper into degree meanings for each sign, here's a website that explores Sabian Symbols.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow...