The Myth of Perpetual Life Reruns

"Is it going to be as bad this time?"

Clients ask me this question frequently. They're wondering about big transits (like Saturn) that hit the same spot in their chart multiple times throughout their life. Or, they're dreading the upcoming progression of their Moon through their 12th House, because last time this went down, it undid them.

My short answer is always "No." It's impossible for events to unfold exactly the same way they did X number of years ago, for three reasons:

  1. the other heavy hitters (transiting Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are moving through different houses in your chart, and impacting different areas of your life
  2. if you were paying attention, you learned something the first time around
  3. you're not the same person you used to be, because your chart has progressed

A repeat transit or progression will trigger similar themes, but in my experience (personally, and from working with clients) the second time is an echo, not a carbon copy, of the first. For example, if your Progressed Moon's first pass through your 12th House led to a breakdown and withdrawal from public life (this is just an example), the second pass may manifest as an increased need for quiet, but that's it. Or, if you withdraw again, you do it with controlled purpose rather than feeling like you're at the mercy of outside forces.

You have new tools to work with. This is not Ground Hog Day.

Here's a quick look at which transits/progression will repeat:

  • transiting Saturn (maturity and focus): two to three times in your life with a thirty year cycle
  • progressed Moon (evolving needs): two to three times in your life with a thirty year cycle
  • transiting Nodes (opportunities to wrap up old karma and evolve): four to five times in your life with an eighteen year cycle
  • transiting Jupiter (expansion): six to seven times in your life with a twelve year cycle

Can these events hit you hard the second time around? If you haven't learned anything from the first dance, then sure. The repeat lesson will taste bitter. But let's say (worst case scenario) you somehow managed to blithely ignore what happened with Saturn's first pass, or your last Nodal square. You just blocked it out, and now Saturn/the transiting Nodes/whatever is knocking on your door. Again. The situation will still not be identical because the other, outer planets have moved on (not to mention your Progressed Sun, Venus, Mars, etc.)

Your life has moved on. The feeling that you're encountering an identical scenario, and you have no choice but to respond in the same way, is an illusion. Your chart (your natal potential) starts to evolve the second you're born. It's called your Progressed chart, and it enables you to respond to external influences differently. Although your Progressed Moon may move through the same signs more than once, your Progressed Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and angles will change, but they'll never repeat (they move too slowly).  So even if you encounter similar work or relationship patterns, you're not the same.