Weekly Horoscopes for August 17th to 24th

  Painting by Vasily Surikov


The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, adding its energy to Mercury (communication and information) in the same sign. As we head into Virgo season, it’s time to narrow your gaze. Virgo’s perfectionist reputation comes from attention to detail; crafting something exquisite, one piece at a time. This energy can help you figure out exactly how to make it happen (Virgo is all about practical solutions) or how to elevate mediocre to exceptional. You may also be confronted with some very compelling reasons why a situation/relationship is not good for you. In that case, Virgo’s discrimination is helpful for a surgical strike. Since this is also the sign of service, there may be a scenario where your tools/expertise are required by someone else. Know that this energy is not about personal glory. Virgo’s power comes from unshakable adherence to duty. Having said  this, Virgo’s Shadow side consists of fixing something that’s not broken, or playing the martyr. If you already have a tendency to worry, nitpick or give all your time/attention to the wrong people, this energy will amplify those traits. Here’s your rule of thumb for Virgo season: if a person/problem is draining your energy, you’re expressing Shadow Virgo. Restrict your focus to what or whom gives you hope and respect.


The Sun joins Mercury in your sector of routine, turning your attention to the minutia of daily life. Obligations and busy work may increase, but so can your drive to get things done. What’s in need of repair or improvement can now be addressed, as you’ll find it easier to focus on the problem. Even if nothing major is amiss, this energy is excellent for fine tuning; things may be running ok, but now you can increase their performance to optimum levels. Know that you may not receive immediate praise for you work, and others may expect you to put them first.

  • Focus on: obligations, work tasks, co-worker relationships, health, diet, exercise, daily routine


The Sun joins Mercury in your sector of self-expression, pushing you to get serious about  a creative or personal goal. If there’s something/someone you want, this energy can help you zero in on how to make that happen, as long as you’re ready to put aside a purely egotistical need or desire. Pleasure, romance and creativity don’t seem to mix with practicality, but sometimes you need to create a detailed plan on what comes next, in order to move from wishful thinking to reality.

  • Focus on: new romance, artistic projects, self-promotion, performance, hobbies, celebrations, vacation, children/pregnancy


The Sun joins Mercury in your domestic sector, urging you to get down to business about home and family issues. It’s time to launch the little home projects you’ve been putting off, or sit down with a family member and lay out the facts. This energy can also be effective for a late summer “spring cleaning” as it encourages discrimination about what needs to be discarded. This can be anything from junk in the basement to childhood issues you’ve been hanging onto.

  • Focus on: small home repairs, practical family discussions, mortgage/rental documents, home businesses, cleaning out the past


The Sun joins Mercury in your communication sector, adding even more effectiveness to your words. If you have something to write/say, now would be the time, because this energy is all about targeted statements. Not only will your communication be sharper, but your powers of observation as well. This influence can also increase the volume of information coming at you, but it’s likely to consist of practical discussions and documents, rather than random gossip.

  • Focus on: introductions, discussions, emails, phone calls, signing documents, research


The Sun (your ruler) joins Mercury in your sector of personal resources. While Venus and Jupiter in your sign are helping you rake in the attention, acclaim and opportunities, the Sun and Mercury will urge you to figure out exactly how you’re going to make it all work for you. If there’s any question about what you’re worth, what you earn or what you want, you can come up with strategies about how you’re going to increase your resources. However, know that this energy is humbling; it demands an honest assessment of what you can actually get (which may be different from what you believe you deserve).

  • Focus on: earned income, discussing specific emotional needs, figuring out where your support system is


The Sun joins Mercury in your sign, giving you an extra boost of energy. How you use that energy could range from increased anxiety/nitpicking, to applying your powers of observation to a certain situation and slicing to the heart of it. Your edge is sharp, but it cuts both ways. Rather than picking yourself apart, focus on what you know you can improve, and then do it. These influences can push you out of your perpetual preparation zone, and into an actual launch.

  • Focus on: public identity, physical appearance, personal goals, practical application of your observations


The Sun joins Mercury in your hidden sector, adding more power to a background issue. Something is gaining momentum, whether you’re fully aware of it or not. By now, you should have hints that there’s more underneath the surface; allow things to unfold at their own pace while quietly observing. You may zero in on something that no one else notices, but others may not be prepared to accept what you’ve discovered. Some Librans may feel the urge to pull back or seek solitude. This is a time of rest and/or preparation.

  • Focus on: dreams, intuition, secrets, healing, unacknowledged issues


The Sun joins Mercury in your social sector, increasing the pace of contacts with friends/groups. Also on the rise are your powers of observation and discrimination; this influence is excellent for delivering pertinent messages, or finding out what you need to know about someone. How can they be of use to you, or how can you help them? If you’re trying to promote or advertise, your message will have the greatest impact if you  make it accessible to everyone.

  • Focus on: friends, groups, the collective, public appearances, public speaking, public venues.


The Sun joins Mercury in your career sector, turning your attention to your future and how you can create it. This energy can stir up dissatisfaction with your current career or public status. So the question is, what are you going to do about that? Think small, practical adjustments rather than big, sweeping changes. If the adjustments are precise and effective, they add up and make a surprising difference. Alternatively, you may find yourself inundated with tedious, grunt work or annoying requests from management. Now is not the time to skim over the “boring” stuff, because others are paying close attention to your performance.

  • Focus on: career, future, goals, public status, discussions with management, work details, what you’d like to change in your professional life


The Sun joins Mercury in your opportunities sector, narrowing big picture issues into bite-sized details. If there’s something new, distant, exotic or overwhelming that you’re trying to wrap your mind around, these energies can help. Use a step-by-step approach and break it down; you’ll be able to zero in on what’s workable. Excellent for signing official/legal documents or making long-distance travel plans. Also good if you’re considering a wide range of choices, because this energy encourages effective research that uncovers pertinent information.

  • Focus on: long-distance travel, exploration, education, legal matters, publishing


The Sun joins Mercury in your sector of shared resources, pushing you to investigate and explore the uncomfortable topics. Shared money and intimacy (as well as any taboo topics) are part of this sector, so you may be pushed to look underneath the surface or have a searching discussion. Excellent for figuring out ways to improve your financial situation or address issues with a lover, but be cautious about getting caught in obsessive worries/suspicions about a situation that you can’t control.

  • Focus on: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, investigation, intimate questions/answers, psychological issues


The Sun joins Mercury in your partnership sector, urging you to look closely at a particular relationship (new or existing) or your goals for partnership in general. These energies can help you get real/get specific about who is best for you. Don’t be afraid to examine a cherished, romantic ideal or potential lover. The truth does not always have to be unpleasant. If you don’t like what you discover, know that the truth would have emerged anyway. Alternatively, be prepared to answer direct questions from a partner/potential partner.

  • Focus on: one on one relationships (business and romantic)