Your Light

Where do you shine?

That's the question you should be asking yourself now, with four planets (Venus,Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury) transiting through Leo. It doesn't matter if you have nothing in this sign, or if you have other natal planets making challenging aspects (squares or oppositions) to this sign. This group of four planets is lighting up Leo in your chart. Pay attention.

Transits don't care how difficult it's been for you to uncover your light. Or how down on yourself you feel at the moment. Transits are not sentimental. They are windows of opportunity that open and close, regardless of what mood you're in.

So when Leo (or any sign) is juiced up by multiple planets, that's a signal for you to turn your attention to that part of your chart.

Questions to consider while Leo is emphasized (all in the context of the natal house Leo occupies):

  • do you put yourself in the best possible light, or do you sell yourself short?
  • how do you react when you receive favourable attention?
  • how do you react when you're ignored?
  • are you proud of what you have to offer?
  • do you take pleasure in what makes you happy?

Everyone has something they can be proud of. Everyone. This is the time to honour it. Leo is not self-effacing or humble. This is what elevates you above the rest. Doesn't matter if it's your way with words, your cooking, your legs, your smile or your collection of vintage match boxes. Whatever gives you pleasure and expresses your passion/joy in an unmistakable way is how you express Leo in your chart.

Imagine if you could just enjoy that thing you love without worrying about where it will lead, or how serious it is, or how you look while doing it. Leo is also the sign of the child; pure play and exuberance.

Peak Leo energy is happening from August 12th to August 15th (Mercury will enter Virgo on August 15th).