Horoscopes for September 14th to September 21st

Painting by Iliya Repin


Mars (initiative, action) entered Sagittarius on September 13th. Mars has no restrictions in the sign of adventure and optimism, making this transit ideal for powering forward and starting something new. The urge to take risks will increase, which can be positive or negative, depending on how far (and how recklessly) you push it. From September 17th to 21st, Mars will be hit by a doubtful square from Neptune Rx (in Pisces) which can temporarily undermine your energy or confuse your actions. From September 13th to 14th, Venus in Virgo is empowered by a trine from Pluto Rx in Capricorn, adding focus and assurance to love, financial matters and self-esteem. This is an excellent influence for precise strategies. From September 15th to 17th, Venus is briefly challenged by an opposition to Chiron Rx (in Pisces) and inconjunct to Uranus Rx (in Aries). Watch for rough patches involving doubts/hurt feelings and unexpected jolts. When in doubt, fall back on the initial impulses/facts that manifested under Venus trine Pluto.


Mars (your ruler) fires up your opportunities sector, opening the door to an adventure. Your mission, passion or sense of justice will be ignited, but the square to Neptune Rx is a warning to make sure you’re fully aware of what’s driving you. Something that you have in your crosshairs may shift or dissolve completely. Venus (in your sector of routine) harmonizes nicely with Pluto Rx in your career sector, boosting recognition from management/authorities for your work.  Health issues can also turn a corner. But the aspects to Chiron Rx (in your hidden sector) and Uranus Rx (in your sign) point to dissatisfaction; no matter what positive results you see, they may feel insufficient or poorly timed. However, what you get will still be valid. Focus on the slow, steady refinement of the work or tasks you know you’ve mastered.

  • New opportunities: long-distance travel, education, exploration, legal matters, publishing
  • Make the most of: work, tasks, routine, health issues, co-worker relationships, obligations



Mars enters your sector of shared resources, sparking a new financial opportunity or passionate encounter. Some of you may feel this influence on a deeper, psychological level as buried issues are dislodged. It’s all good, but be cautious during the Neptune Rx square: emotional or financial investments may be too much/too soon. Or you may misjudge how ready someone else is to let you in, or how ready you are to open up. Venus (your ruler) in your sector of self-expression is intensified by Pluto Rx in your opportunities sector, suggesting a passionate new romance or chance to expose your creative work to a larger audience. Issues around children/pregnancy are also favoured. The tense aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx can throw you off with mixed signals, misunderstandings or mismatched expectations. Your best bet is to stick with what you absolutely know; look at the facts, and go from there.

  • New opportunities: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances,  physical/emotional intimacy
  • Make the most of: new romance, creative work, children/pregnancy, expressing your true purpose


Mars fires up your relationship sector, bringing adventure, and the desire to take romantic risks. An existing relationship can experience a resurgence of passion and playfulness. A new relationship that starts can be hot from the get-go, but can burn out just as quickly. For all partnerships, the square to Neptune Rx can heighten the romance (and the knight-on-a-white-horse feeling) but wait and see if promises are followed up on. Neptune square Mars can also temporarily confuse a relationship, making commitment iffy and increasing the desire to explore other opportunities. Venus (in your domestic sector) trines Pluto Rx, boosting home finances and encouraging positive change in family relationships. This influence encourages the solidification of family security, or time spent in your nest for healing. The aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx suggest that external influences (career, friends, your public reputation) may trigger your insecurities or rock your stability. You’ll find strength this week by pulling back and concentrating on what’s closest to you.

  • New opportunities: partnerships
  • Make the most of: domestic routines, family relationships, home businesses, home renovations, private time


Mars enters your sector of routine, giving you increased energy and ambition. This is the time to start a new exercise/health routine, explore new approaches to work or tackle a new responsibility. The combination of initiation and a broader perspective is potent, but during the square to Neptune Rx, be wary of launching any new routines; actions may be misguided or overconfident. Medical diagnoses can be inaccurate at this time as well. Wait for proof before you act or make a promise (you may take on more than you can handle). Venus (in your communication sector) trines Pluto Rx, adding precision and power to the charm of the your words. This energy can , when directed properly, help you convince others. However, the aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx are a caution to express yourself carefully, as it will be easy to respond inappropriately. Alternatively, someone else may push your buttons. Know that you’ll be extra sensitive, so take a breath before reacting (or assuming that someone meant to hurt you).

  • New opportunities: co-worker relationships, health/exercise, work routines, obligations
  • Make the most of: discussions, emails, conversations, phone calls, sibling relationships


Mars enters your sector of self-expression, bringing fun, attention and (possibly) new romance your way. You’ll be up for more than the usual amount of excitement and won’t think twice about pursuing the first thing that catches your eye. Excellent for performance and success in almost any endeavour. However, during the square to Neptune Rx, be aware that your actions may be clouded by illusion or escapism. This can be a highly enjoyable time, but you’ll also be more prone to overindulging in drugs and alcohol.  Venus (in your sector of personal resources) trines Pluto, giving you a strategic edge around earning more money and stabilizing your emotional security. The aspects to Uranus and Chiron Rx can present a spot of tension as you (or others) question what you’re worth or what you deserve. Stick with the plan that involves detailed proof of what you have to offer.

  • New opportunities: new romance, creative projects, celebrations, children/pregnancy, favourable attention
  • Make the most of: earned money, emotional security, raising your rates, new sources of income, habits that boost your self-esteem


Mars enters your domestic sector, pushing you to make changes at home or with family.  A sudden urge to renovate/redecorate, or desire to push off from a stagnant situation (based in the past) are possibilities, as are increased conflicts with family members. Anything that gets stirred up is meant to blow apart existing limits and clear out the stale energy. The square to Neptune Rx can make motivations unclear (especially where partners are involved) and/or temporarily take the wind out of your sails. Momentum should return after this aspect is over. Venus in your sign trines Pluto Rx, increasing your determination, focus and ability to attract who or what is best for you. Wield your existing tools: discrimination, observation, improvement. Venus’ touchy aspects to Uranus and Chiron Rx can trigger a brief period of instability or lowered self-confidence, especially in the areas of partnerships and intimacy. This too shall pass.

  • New opportunities: relocation, home business, family issues, renovations, leaving the past behind
  • Make the most of: your innate talents, your ability to focus on what matters


Mars in your communication sector can push you to say it/write it before you’re fully aware of what you’re doing. If you need to make an impact with your words or stand up for yourself, this is the right influence; your normally PC approach will be abandoned for bluntness. The square to Neptune Rx can confuse your message (or your perception of others’ words) so hold off on signing or sending anything important (if possible) for these few days. It will also be easy to over promise and under-deliver with this aspect. Venus (your ruler) in your hidden sector trines Pluto Rx, giving you hints on how to manifest a dream or solidify a hidden potential. This energy is also excellent for healing, meditation and retreat. The aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx can challenge what’s hidden (and in some cases provide a wake up call) but know that you can still fall back on what you started building with the Pluto trine; there’s a seed of reality to work with, even if some of the dream fades away.

  • New opportunities: emails, discussions, phone calls, meetings, sibling relationships, “cards on the table” talks
  • Make the most of: dreams, intuition, hidden potentials, secrets, healing retreats


Mars enters your sector of personal security, boosting your earning power. Whether you’re going after a raise or sourcing out new earning potential, this is the influence that will enable you to aggressively and creatively pursue what you need. If money isn’t an issue, your needs and emotional satisfaction will be up for expansion. Be cautious during the square to Neptune Rx (especially if you’re dealing with financial agreements) as details will be overlooked and you may end up pursuing a lead that leads to a dead end. Venus (in your social sector) trines Pluto Rx, giving you the ability to make beneficial contacts, solidify your public image or give a new romance a solid beginning. The aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx can make for some tense moments with others as sensitivities, surprising reversals and brief moments of jealousy flare up.

  • New opportunities: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security
  • Make the most of: friends, groups, public events, public image


Mars enters your sign, adding fuel to your confidence, ambition and mojo. If you’ve been feeling a lack of energy lately, this influence should push you back up to, or exceed, your normal level. This is the ideal time to start something, just because it appeals to you. The square to Neptune Rx offers a brief time-out as you may shoot for something completely out of your reach, or (alternatively) feel a temporary lag as past fears/illnesses/family issues drain your vitality. The doubtful influences should pass as soon as the square does. Venus (in your career sector) trines Pluto Rx, giving you a solid lead on a new job or a chance to impress higher-ups with your skills. A strategic work alliance can also prove beneficial. The aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx may briefly trip you up as you misinterpret a work relationship or struggle with work politics.

  • New opportunities: identity, personal goals, relationships, new interests, confidence, energy level
  • Make the most of: relationships with management, job search, work image, public status


Mars enters your hidden sector, firing up a secret desire or background issue. Your actions/ambitions may appear to cool off, but they’ve only been redirected towards something that’s in the gestation stage. Be aware that the square to Neptune Rx can make clear, focused efforts very difficult. Venus (in your opportunities sector) trines Pluto Rx, giving you the go ahead for exploration, long distance romance or new horizons. Keep this in mind, even as you run into the difficult aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx; signals will be temporally mixed and/or you may run into doubts about how much further you should go.

  • New opportunities: what’s hidden, overlooked, secret or undeveloped
  • Make the most of: long distance travel, long distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing


Mars in your social sector can introduce someone new and exciting, or put you in touch with a group that opens up new possibilities. If you’ve been feeling less than sociable lately, this influence will add significant juice to your public life. Excellent if you need to make an impact on others (for social or professional reasons) because you’ll be feeling more adventurous, confident and ready to step out. The square to Neptune Rx suggests a temporary loss of initiative or mixed, social signals. Venus (in your sector of shared resources) can set you up for a lucrative financial investment/agreement, or an intensely passionate encounter. The aspects to Chiron and Uranus Rx may signal moments of doubt after the fact, or surprising, 11th hour information. When in doubt, go back to the original details/agreement.

  • New opportunities: friends, groups, public image, public activities
  • Make the most of: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mars enters your career sector, giving you the go ahead on a job search, job offer or chance for advancement. Work place competitiveness can increase, but you should be up for the challenge. This energy is also excellent for exploring a brand new line of work or taking your business in a different direction. The square to Neptune Rx in your sign can fire up your dreams while clouding your ambition with doubts/fears. Step back and remember what your original goal was. Venus (in your partnership sector) trines Pluto Rx, solidifying a new relationship or shoring up an existing one; watch for gradual, meaningful expressions of love and commitment. As Venus makes her awkward aspects to Chiron Rx (in your sign) and Uranus Rx, there may be moments of panic as you juggle new developments with existing insecurities and shifting priorities.

  • New opportunities: career, public status, new jobs
  • Make the most of: partnerships