Horoscopes for September 21st to September 28th


September 22nd kicks off the Fall Equinox, as the Sun enters Libra (at 10:29 PM EDT). Pluto (evolution and transformation) stations direct in Capricorn a few hours earlier, combining this planet’s forward movement with the seasonal balance point of light and dark. This will be a significant turning point, featuring Pluto’s relentless push for authenticity. On September 24th, the New Moon at 1 degree Libra takes the Pluto/Equinox energies and applies them to whatever beginnings/fresh chapters unfold. Anything that starts around this time will be profound, and will likely be a result of whatever transformations Pluto has been stirring up over the past, few months. Libra's themes of balance/imbalance, social projection/reflection and all one on one relationships will be important.

On September 25th, the trine from Jupiter (expansion) in Leo and Uranus Rx (liberation) in Aries peaks, adding fuel to the New Moon’s beginnings. When Jupiter and Uranus harmonize, they bring unexpected, positive developments and a chance to explore the unknown with some assurance. As Mercury (communication and information) enters Scorpio on September 27th, words and thoughts will be focused on what’s underneath the surface. Note that Mercury will station Rx (reversed) in Scorpio on October 4th, so if something must be planned/nailed down/signed, try to get it done before that date.


Pluto direct in your career sector signals increased influence at work, or the next stage in a career transition. Your public status is aligning with what you really want, and the New Moon in your partnership sector can reflect this with a new relationship (romantic or business)that ties in with the more authentic you. Alternatively, a new chapter in an existing relationship can be revitalizing. This is also an excellent influence for launching a new business. Jupiter’s trine to Uranus Rx (in your sign) keeps the positive momentum rolling with surprising opportunities toexpress your bright ideas/innovations. A new romance that begins around this time has the potential to ignite into something long-term, even if it seems unlikely. Mercury’s move into your sector of shared resources opens the gate for discussions that reveal more, perhaps more than you’re accustomed to sharing.

  • New beginnings: all relationships, career, public status, dealings with authority and/or increased authority
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: new romance, identity, public image, your radical agenda, children/pregnancy
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Pluto direct in your opportunities sector can get the ball rolling on a development that’s been in the works for a while. Distant possibilities/a chance for expansion can now move one step closer, and the New Moon in your sector of routine will kick off the practical application phase. New tasks/work routines/obligations or developments around health will be related to how far you want to travel, literally or figuratively. Good for launching a diet/exercise overhaul or rebalancing your exchange with co-workers or those that you “serve.” The Jupiter/Uranus trine can bring a happy surprise in your domestic routine, or with a family member; issues closest to you may simply resolve themselves. Good for launching/expanding a home business, or relocating. Mercury’s entrance into your relationship sector can trigger intensive discussions with a business or romantic partner. Too, you may find that you’re only interested in substantial conversations with others; surface chit chat and polite exchanges may have zero appeal.

  • New beginnings: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, health issues, routines, co-worker relationships, duties to others
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: relocation, home business, family issues, home renovations
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: all one on one conversations


Pluto direct in your sector of shared resources can signal a move towards increased intimacy, or a restructuring of financial matters. This is a progression towards something more profound, fearless or honest, and the New Moon in your sector of self-expression connects these developments to something you’ve been hoping for. Whether it’s new romance, a creative goal or issues with children, these energies can open that door, as long as you’re prepared to go the distance (financially or emotionally). The Jupiter/Uranus trine will help out with information/communication that comes out of nowhere, but turns out to be just what you wanted to hear. Alternatively, this can be the time for you to launch a new, slightly risky public declaration. Fantastic for public speaking, promotions or advertising. As Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of routine, you’ll be taking a closer look at what needs to be done and what can’t be avoided. Health issues and work tasks can be particularly demanding, but now is the time to confront the truth.

  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, new romance, artistic projects, children/pregnancy, public performance
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: conversations, new meetings, emails, phone calls, all public communication, contacts with friends/groups, new ideas, sibling issues
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: duties, obligations, co-worker relationships, health, routines


Pluto direct in your partnership sector ushers in a new chapter of relating. An existing relationship can become more authentic as you step into new territory together. Note that this territory can be a beginning, ending or transition to a deeper level of commitment; it all depends on where the honesty takes you. The New Moon in your domestic sector brings the changes home (literally) in the form of a relocation or fresh start with family members. No matter what the changes are, the Jupiter/Uranus trine points to positive expansion involving career, earned money and self-esteem. Watch for a surprising new source of income, or a chance to step up and show everyone what you can do. Excellent for launching a home business, entering into a new, professional partnership or exploring new career options. Mercury in your sector of self-expression urges full-on communication about what you feel you deserve. Alternatively, some uncensored discussions involving a new romance or artistic project can push you into unfamiliar territory.

  • New beginnings: all partnerships, home, family, home business, relocation, renovations
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: earned money, career, public status, personal needs
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: new romance, artistic projects, performance, recognition for your efforts, children/pregnancy


Pluto direct in your sector of routine marks the next stage in the ongoing evolution of your health, obligations or work situation. Getting it done more effectively, or moving on from what you no longer want to do, may be themes. The New Moon in your communication sector takes the visible changes and translates them into words/ideas. Watch for an important new introduction/discussion/piece of information. Issues with siblings may also turn a corner. Jupiter in your sign, trining Uranus Rx, helps you venture into new territory. If you thought that something was out of your reach, these energies suggest that you can make the leap. Excellent for publishing, or exposing your work to a wider audience. Mercury in your domestic sector can trigger intensive/uncomfortable conversations with family members, or urge you to dig deeper into a mortgage/rental/renovation issue.

  • New beginnings: work tasks, co-worker relationships, obligations, health/exercise/diet, issues with siblings, conversations, emails, questions/answers, information exchange
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: home, family, mortgages/rental agreements, issues from the past/childhood


Pluto direct in your sector of self-expression can release delays around a deeply personal desire/goal. As you move forward with your mission, the New Moon in your sector of personal resources can open up a new source of income or self-esteem. These energies are about laying down the foundations for a stronger, prouder, more confident you. The Jupiter/Uranus trine brings the positive potential bubbling up from a deeper level, as private hopes/dreams or a surprising source of income/support add fuel to your new fire. This energy supports trusting the unknown, taking a leap of faith, asking for a raise or raising your prices.You really do have everything you need to get what you want. Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of communication, helping you express yourself with added power and focus. Research and investigation is especially favoured

  • New beginnings: new romance, creative projects, children/pregnancy, earned money, emotional security/self-esteem
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: secrets, background, support, intimacy, shared money, hidden potentials, private dreams
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: discussions, issues with siblings, emails, phone calls, digging for information/getting to the truth


Pluto direct in your domestic sector cranks the renovations up another notch as you continue to clear away rubble from the past. Whether this is a physical or emotional renovation, you are now one step closer to a new set of rules, boundaries and support that will guide your life. The New Moon in your sign makes these changes publicly visible. This could be a new relationship, job, lifestyle or attitude, but this seismic shift (combined with the Equinox) means that there is no going back. The Jupiter/Uranus trine help you venture into positive new territory in all relationships (business, romantic or friendship). Someone may make a surprising appearance and blow away all your preconceived notions about your “type” or who you like associating with. This energy encourages the exploration of new associations/groups, or (if you’ve been taking a break from romance) diving back into the dating pool. Mercury in your security sector helps you focus on and articulate what you need.

  • New beginnings: home, family, identity, relationships, personal goals
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: all relationships (groups and one on one)
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem


Pluto (your ruler) goes direct in your sector of communications, bringing a long-awaited answer, confirmation, goodbye or piece of information. Note that this can come from an external or internal source. The New Moon in your hidden sector applies what you learn/hear to an undeveloped potential or private issue; watch for a quiet unfolding or sense of inner calm. Jupiter/Uranus can power up your public image/career success with a last-minute breakthrough or shot of recognition. Excellent for starting a new job, following your professional dream or taking a public risk. Mercury’s entrance to your sign adds sharpness and clarity to your strategies (business or personal). You should be able to ask the right questions or suss out what you need to know. Signing official contracts is a possibility.

  • New beginnings: official contracts, answers, realizations, private developments, inner acceptance
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: career, public status, public success
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: all conversations, meetings, exchanges of information, research, public declarations/private realizations


Pluto stations direct in your security sector, continuing your redefinition of money and personal security. Your financial and emotional situation may have changed considerably over the past, few months, and now is the time to move forward and work with the new regime. The way things were is dead and buried. The New Moon in your social sector helps you apply your new understanding of security to your dealings with the public. Watch for a new friend, group or chapter in your social life. The trine between Jupiter (your ruler) and Uranus urges you to explore what’s new, or display your talents. Good for public performance, joining a class/group or attending a public event that you would never have previously considered. Mercury’s entrance into your hidden sector can see you considering a matter privately (and throughly). Whether this involves research or a closer inspection of what’s not obvious, take your time before giving your answer.

  • New beginnings: earned money, emotional security, friends, groups, the public
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, performance
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: secrets, hints, gut feelings, dreams, private matters, background potentials


Pluto goes direct in your sign, moving you past a block or delay. Watch for an increased surge of energy, or final closure on a matter that’s been dragging on. The New Moon in your career sector helps you make the most of Pluto direct by applying your increased energy to future goals; a new job or more recognition from management could be the result. Excellent for job applications, starting your own business or making a career change. Jupiter/Uranus can open up some pleasant surprises at home, with a partner or in the areas of money owed/shared. Overall, these influences suggest that you have plenty of resources and support to fuel your new chapter. Mercury in your social sector brings more activity your way. Whether you’re meeting more people or reaching out to those you haven’t talked to in awhile, conversations are likely to be heavier or more demanding than you’re accustomed to.

  • New beginnings: personal power/ambition, future goals, career, public status
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: domestic concerns, debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: friends, groups, the public, public activities


Pluto direct in your hidden sector can trigger an inner breakthrough or psychological realization. The New Moon in your sector of opportunities takes what’s internal, and pushes it outwards. Watch for a new sense of freedom, or a chance to move forward/travel/explore. It’s time to climb out of the hole you’ve been in.Jupiter trine Uranus Rx (your ruler) can bring exciting news or even a surprising romantic connection. All one on one relationships (business or romantic) should benefit; this is the moment to reach out to someone, or, someone may open a door for you. Good for all forms of communication, especially writing/publishing. Mercury’s move into your career sector sharpens your intellectual and conversational strategies.

  • New beginning: hidden breakthroughs, long distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: all relationships, messages, communication, emails
  • Access to a deeper layer of information: career, future goals, dealings with mangement


Pluto direct in your social sector can break through delays in a public project, trigger a goodbye or help you redefine your public presence. The New Moon in your sector of shared resources indicates that external changes will resonate on a private level, as you uncover new ways to deal with finances or begin a new chapter of intimacy. The Jupiter/Uranus trine helps you uncover more resources, whether you source them out yourself or someone offers you assistance. Excellent for increasing your flow of money, or finding innovative ways to deal with your debts. Mercury in your opportunities sector urges you to investigate a new development before you dive in. Alternatively, you may be presented with a contract or new piece of information that holds significant weight.

  • New beginnings: friends, groups, the public, debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Take advantage of the unexpected: new sources of income, new work routines/solutions, increased energy, improved co-worker relationships
  • Access to a deeper level of information: education, long-distance travel, legal matters, publishing, exploration