Horoscopes for September 7th to 14th

"Falling Star" by Witold Pruszkowski


The September 8th Full Moon in Pisces conjuncts Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) putting the spotlight on pain, healing, acceptance and release. Chiron’s healing does not make the pain vanish. Rather, what hurts is embraced and you become whole, as a result. Note that “whole” has nothing to do with “perfect.”

Chiron also points to what/who is special or charismatic; people are drawn to Chiron’s promise of healing. Combined with the building opposition between Neptune Rx (in Pisces) and Venus in Virgo (exact on September 10th) the stage is set for the culmination of a romantic dream or personal desire. This culmination can be the puncture and release of a fantasy, the realization of that dream, the clarification of a goal, or the chance to find the path that’s meant for you. Issues of service/sacrifice/being unappreciated may also be part of this. Note that the Sun in Virgo will be making a tense inconjunct to Uranus Rx in Aries, a few hours before the Full Moon. This friction between the impatient push for action at all costs versus doing it perfectly (Virgo) can be the fuse that lights the Full Moon’s outcome.

Saturn/Ceres/Vesta in Scorpio will be throwing a harmonious trine to the Full Moon, and Juno (partnership dynamics) in Cancer will join in, creating a Grand Water Trine. Saturn’s reality blends with Ceres’ nurturing and Vesta’s devotional obsession, to create a reassuring current of support in the background. Whatever this Moon brings, there will be something to catch you if you fall, or something to support you as you climb. Mercury (communication) in Libra builds to a square to Pluto Rx in Capricorn (exact on September 9th) suggesting that verbal power struggles or manipulation may also be mixed in with this Moon’s influences. But Mercury will also be sextiling optimistic Jupiter in Leo, promising room for a positive compromise.


The Full Moon and Chiron in your hidden sector illuminate an overlooked issue. This could be something that must be attended to, or a hidden sensitivity. The tipping point will occur when Uranus Rx in your sign is triggered, suggesting an enough’s-enough scenario where your drive for freedom clashes with your obligations. The Venus/Neptune opposition will mix in issues around self-esteem versus sacrifice in the areas of work or health. What do you need to stop giving up, or what facts do you need to confront? Saturn’s Water Trine suggests you can fall back on the realities of shared financial/emotional resources. Mercury (in your partnership sector) squares Pluto, suggesting verbal power struggles with a significant other (business or romantic), but the sextile to Jupiter suggests there’s room for you to be heard, as long as you’re able to compromise and not attack.

  • Culmination: secrets, background potentials, overlooked/ignored issues
  • Clarify or release: medical issues, co-worker relationship, obligations, tasks
  • Verbal power struggles: partnerships
  • Support: the limits of what you owe, share or what’s owed to you


The Full Moon and Chiron spotlight a sensitive social issue. Your place in the group or a friendship matter will be hi-lighted, and Venus’ opposition to Neptune points to mixed signals/illusions around platonic versus romantic attraction, or a desire to create or be recognized. You may want much more than you’re getting, or you may have to adjust your expectations. There is increased potential for creativity/performance, as long as you’re able to move past hurt feelings. Saturn’s Water Trine suggests that partnership rules/commitments will be unavoidable, but reassuring. Mercury (in your sector of routine) squares Pluto, pointing to tense conversations with co-workers or those in your daily environment. Certain tasks/outcomes may not fall smoothly into place, but the sextile to Jupiter suggests support/growth potential from family or a home project. If you can’t get what want from out there, turn to your domestic situation.

  • Culmination: friends, groups, the public
  • Clarify or release: new romance, creative projects, recognition, children/pregnancy
  • Verbal power struggles: co-workers, routines, obligations, health issues
  • Support: partnership commitments


The Full Moon and Chiron in your career sector bring matters of status, future goals and success to a head. You could miss the mark on what you’re aiming for, or have to settle for a bit less. The Venus/Neptune opposition urges you to clarify what you really want versus what you think you want. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine anchors it all in your commitment to a continuing obligation. Mercury (in your sector of self-expression) squares Pluto, suggesting discussions will be driven by a struggle for appreciation. Information involving  children/pregnancy can also be troublesome. But the sextile to Jupiter (in your communication sector) says there’s still room for compromise and positive answers. The key will be your openness to new/alternate solutions. This sextile is encouraging for any type of promotion, sales or publishing.

  • Culmination: career, professional image, status
  • Clarify or release: your true professional goals
  • Verbal power struggles: creative projects, children/pregnancy, public recognition
  • Support: dedication to a work task, personal obligation or health commitment


The Full Moon and Chiron in your sector of opportunities illuminates the edges of your known world. Whether you’re looking to move, explore or expand, you’ll confront your fears (and some realities) about how far you can go. The Venus/Neptune opposition asks that you align your words with your dreams. This Moon can signal a graduation or official transition. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine offers hope by crystallizing a creative/romantic/personal goal; it’s possible that you can now achieve what’s been delayed, even as you confront all the fears it’s stirring up. Maybe the finish line will spell “success” for you. Mercury (in your domestic sector) points to family/partnership squabbles, but the sextile to Jupiter indicates that this entire situation holds potential for increased growth and security.

  • Culmination: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Clarify or release: the specifics of what you actually want
  • Verbal power struggles: partners, family members
  • Support: creative projects, new romance, children/pregnancy, personal achievement


The Full Moon and Chiron in your sector of shared resources can hit a nerve involving intimacy or money. The Venus/Neptune opposition indicates that what you need may be at odds with what you have (or what someone else is willing to share). Romance can be especially intense, with potential for hurt feelings, but also significant breakthroughs. Saturn’s Grand Water trine says that you can fall back on what you already know; your family, your domestic situation, your emerging foundations. Mortgages or expenditures  for renovations can work out positively as long as you’re ready to trim some of the fat. Mercury (in your communication sector) squares Pluto, indicating that there will be some wheeling and dealing required (especially if finances or home loans are involved). The sextile to Jupiter in your sign gives you an edge in the form of an extra opportunity or unforeseen bonus.

  • Culmination: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Clarify or release: the reality of your emotional or financial needs, earning what you want
  • Verbal power struggles: all communication, especially business
  • Support: family, home, your current foundation and routine


The Full Moon and Chiron in your partnership sector can signal a relationship turning point, and Venus (in your sign) opposing Neptune points to the realization or dissolution of romantic dreams. An issue (or potential partner) may be revealed after previously being obscured. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine insists that words will be your anchor; watch for a commitment, final answer or indisputable truth. Mercury (in your security sector) squares Pluto, suggesting verbal push/pull over who deserves what. Be cautious about manipulative words used to trigger guilt. The sextile to Jupiter hints at a background potential or inspiration that can tip the balance in your favour, if you tune into what’s unspoken.

  • Culmination: partnerships (business or romantic)
  • Clarify or release: relationship ideals, romantic hopes
  • Verbal power struggles: money, security, values
  • Support: ideas made real, agreements, commitments, final answers


The Full Moon and Chiron hi-light a work or health issue. Physical healing/illness or sensitivities over not having your efforts appreciated may be a theme. The Venus/Neptune opposition can clarify and or/deflate a private desire. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine suggests that you can still cement your financial/emotional security, as long as you work within your existing limits (a budget or call for emotional self-sufficiency). This is not the time to build something new. Mercury in your sign squares Pluto, suggesting you’ll feel pressured or challenged to come up with an answer or defend your viewpoint. The sextile to Jupiter indicates that you’ve got some public support for your ideas (in the form of friends/groups). Also, you can find new ideas/inspiration by reaching out/socializing/broadening your scope.

  • Culmination: health, medical diagnosis, co-worker relationships, tasks, obligations
  • Clarify or release: the secret desire
  • Verbal power struggles: challenges to your words/public identity
  • Support: disciplined emotional or financial strategies


The Full Moon and Chiron in your sector of self-expression can push you into the spotlight, while illuminating your insecurities. Issues around attention and success may make you feel vulnerable, but this is also a chance to let go of what’s been holding you back. The Venus/Neptune opposition indicates that public image or new romance will reach a turning point; you’ll know if a scenario has run out of steam, or is a dream come true. The trine to Saturn (in your sign) says that you’ve got everything you need to come out ahead (no matter what the results are). Whether your dreams come true or not, Saturn gives you the strength, focus and authority to build a lasting foundation for the next chapter. Mercury (in your hidden sector) squares Pluto, indicating that manipulations or power-struggles will be based on what’s not obvious. Watch for hidden power plays and secrets that tip everything in an unexpected direction. The sextile to Jupiter adds a hopeful note in the area of career, suggesting that you can still advance/succeed/gain recognition, as long as you play it cool and controlled.

  • Culmination: creative project, new romance, public recognition, appreciation, performance, children/pregnancy
  • Clarify or release: public desires versus personal dreams, issues with friends/groups
  • Verbal power struggles: secrets, gossip, hints,
  • Support: your personal power/authority, exercising control, solidifying your boundaries


The Full Moon and Chiron in your domestic sector indicates that issues from childhood/the past are ripe for release. Old hurts/insecurities may be triggered, and the Venus/Neptune opposition ties this into professional success/status. If you’re tired of being perceived in a certain light, or don’t feel pride in what you do for a living, this Moon can make it clear that a change is needed. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine urges you to keep peeling away layers from your old, outdated life. You can’t change one area (personal) without considering the other (professional). Mercury (in your social sector) squares Pluto, indicating that others may challenge you or say something that raises your hackles. Know that this is a prompt for you to examine your place in group or collective. The sextile to Jupiter urges you to take what you learn on this Full Moon and use it to fuel your explorations: look further, check out a new area of interest, take some classes and step outside your comfort zone.

  • Culminations: old hurts, childhood wounds, family issues
  • Clarify or release: fears of success, worries that you don’t have what it takes to do what you love
  • Verbal power struggles: friends, groups, the public
  • Support: your ongoing efforts to leave behind an outdated chapter of your life


The Full Moon and Chiron in your communication sector can bring an answer or goodbye. The overall vibe is relief, as you’re able to fully address a sensitive issue. The Venus/Neptune opposition can put a distant dream/opportunity into perspective, while also expanding future potentials. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine offers support/reality checks from friends, or a confirmation about your current public position.  Advertising/promotion/public speaking/official announcements look favourable. Mercury (in your career sector) squares Pluto in your sign, suggesting that discussions with those in authority may be tense. But the sextile to Jupiter hints that you have more up your sleeve, or someone in the background can offer last-minute assistance.

  • Culminations: discussions, answers, emails, phone calls, writing, announcements, signing documents
  • Clarify or release: long distance travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Verbal power struggles: career, management, public status
  • Support: friends, groups, dealings with the public


The Full Moon and Chiron in your sector of personal resources illuminates a financial or security issue. Not having enough could be the theme, but so could letting go of what’s restricting the flow of abundance. The Venus/Neptune opposition suggests a hidden potential could swim into focus, and the question is, what will you do about it? Saturn’s Grand Water Trine urges you to stick to the program, regarding your long-term goals and career. These combined influences can make this Moon quite lucrative as you’re able to cement your reputation or nail down a contract. Just remember to release old disappointments/fears about what you didn’t get (or never had…some things simply don’t belong to you). Mercury (in your opportunities sector) squares Pluto, suggesting squabbles over ideals, what’s right/what’s wrong. The sextile to Jupiter urges you to step back from the idea you have a death-grip on, and consider a compromise. Your reward  lies at the half-way point.

  • Culmination: earned money, emotional security, personal values, self-esteem
  • Clarify or release: debts, taxes, loans, inheritances, your partner’s  finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Verbal power struggles: long distance travel, publishing, education, legal matters, beliefs/ideals
  • Support: career, dealing with management, public status, success


The Full Moon and Chiron in your sign signify a crucial high water mark. This can involve anything from relationships, to career, to a personal quest (depending on what area of your chart is activated) but the overall theme will be the illumination of hurting/healing. Chiron always has two sides; the wound and the acceptance. After the acceptance comes access to reservoirs of strength, calmness and fulfilment. Chiron can also be magnetic/charismatic, and combined with Venus’ opposition to Neptune Rx (in your sign), this Moon could introduce a romance that feels inevitable. As always with Venus/Neptune, ideals must be balanced with reality. There are no saviours, only other people. Saturn’s Grand Water Trine can solidify a future plan or new course of action, pointing you in a specific direction. Mercury (in your sector of shared resources) can make private/intimate conversations challenging, but also fruitful, as less attractive (but necessary) issues are exposed. The sextile to Jupiter suggests that practical solutions are available in your daily routine, your work, or by consulting a medical/service professional.

  • Culmination: identity, relationships, transition from one life chapter to the next
  • Clarify or release: romance, self-esteem in  partnerships, partnership expectations
  • Verbal power struggles: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Support: long distance travel, exploration, education, legal matters, publishing, beliefs