Pluto Direct and the Equinox Harvest

September 22nd features two, major shifts.

Pluto stations direct at 11 degrees Capricorn on September 22nd. Pluto's Rx period (from April 14, 2014 at 13 degrees) was a time of intensified excavation. Going back through the rubble of Capricorn's foundation and clearing away the last bits of your old life/habits/relationships. 11 to 13 degrees Capricorn was the hot zone for this Rx period, so take note if you have anything at those degrees in the Cardinal signs. 11 to 13 degrees will be activated again (until January 25th, 2015) as Pluto moves forward.

Pluto direct can be a final final goodbye. Or, if you're stubbornly clinging to an outdated situation, it can pry your fingers loose. For those of you stuck in a rut, or waiting on a development, this can be your forward momentum.

Also on the 22nd (in the evening), the Sun enters Libra and kicks off the Fall Equinox. The combo of Pluto direct, and the seasonal tipping point from light into darkness, is significant. To me, this Equinox feels powered up by Pluto. As the planet that represents death (the ultimate transformation) it's a fitting usher into the season of sleep.

Libra and Capricorn are the areas to watch in your chart. What's ready to be harvested? Remember that Libra is the balance, so the Equinox is about reaping what you've sown. You can only harvest what's been planted, which suggests that your experience of Pluto's "death" will be dependant on what you've done (or haven't done). Some situations outlive their usefulness, no matter what. But your willingness to change will have a huge impact on how that ending goes down. For those who are ready and willing to move on, this can be a powerful breakthrough.

Death is just another harvest. Note that I'm referring to metaphorical death, and am in no way invalidating the weight of this process. Pluto can take you to rock bottom, especially if you're releasing something that you don't want to let go of. But the ending is only the first part of the process; there's always a rebirth.

There's also a New Moon (at 1 degree Libra) coming up on September 24th, which I'll write about in a few days. It's a hopeful thing, because right on the heels of the ending comes a new beginning.