Pluto in Capricorn Trines Taurus: The Deeper Architecture

Further to my post on Pluto in Capricorn's powering up of Virgo, here's what this transit is doing for Taurus.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn will be trining anything in Taurus (planets, angles, Nodes).

A trine from Pluto delivers its evolution smoothly. For stubborn Taurus, who usually requires a detonation to get moving, this means slow, acceptable change that also feels pretty good. Gradual intensification of the determination to manifest something real, combined with the necessary resources. Taurus is all about resources; nothing is started (be it a project, career change or relationship) unless Taurus knows that it has everything it needs. Pluto in Capricorn will provide this, either through an external source, or by boosting Taurus' internal resources. Pluto will increase this sign's fertility, which doesn't necessarily mean getting pregnant (although that's a possibility).

Pluto empowers Taurus by gradually revealing the deeper architecture of what was there all along. That means confidence to move forward, if only by incremental steps. In general, anything in Taurus should bloom under this Pluto transit, although it will be a slow, concentrated unfolding rather than a burst of new life.

The house in your chart that holds Capricorn (especially 11 degrees, right now) will have the trigger. If you have anything from 11 to 15 degrees Taurus you’ll feel this aspect from (roughly) December 24th, 2013 to January 26th, 2016. This trine will be part of your current Solar Return if your birthday is from Apr 29th, 2014 to May 7th, 2014.