Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon December 6th's Full Moon (at 14 degrees Gemini) will include a conjunction between Mercury (ruler of Gemini, at 13 degrees) and the Sun in Sagittarius.

This emphasizes culminations involving announcements, answers or information (all Mercury themes). Gemini is choice, and Sag is expansion. It could involve having to pick one of two options, which will be difficult since Mercury in Sagittarius wants to keep exploring.

But this Full Moon/Mercury will hit Chiron (Wounded Healer) with a sensitive square, at 13 degrees Pisces. What's heard/discovered is likely to rub someone the wrong way. The big (Sagittarius) announcement or promise will make someone feel less than, or vulnerable. The pressure to choose could cramp someone's style, to the point where they tell you what they really think. Sagittarius is blunt. Not targeted blunt like Scorpio, but "This is what I think, and I don't care what anyone else thinks."  Bluntness that tramples over others in the rush to get the words out. Mercury in Sag square Chiron is thoughtless candor that ends up offending.

I don't think this can be avoided, just be aware that everyone may not be on board with your big news. Or, if you're the one who's hurt, keep in mind there's a pile up of planets (Mercury, Sun, Venus) in Sagittarius, all urging you to rise above the sour feeling, and just keep moving. Sag doesn't look back.

Mercury, the Sun and Venus will be forming some buoyant trines to Uranus and Jupiter, right before this Moon. I'll write about this tomorrow. Also, Mars (action, initiative) enters Aquarius (the liberator) on December 4th, which will be yet another reason to detach and accelerate into the future (I'll write about this in the next few days). All in all, there's a ton of energy that's encouraging you to get up and keep moving.

For those of you into the asteroids and Nodes, the Sun in Sag conjunct Ceres (nurturing) will trine Juno (committed relationships) at 16 degrees Leo, which will trine the South Node (at 17 degrees Aries). This gives us a Grand Fire Trine, which suggests this Moon will be an opportunity to move on from stale relationship patterns. The transiting South Node is what's culminating, and all this Fire energy can help burn away old insecurities/jealousies about infidelity (a Juno issue).  Also, Ceres in Sag nurtures by enabling freedom.

We also have a Kite, as the North Node in Libra (at 17 degrees) sits on top of the Grand Trine and sextiles Juno and the Sun. The focal point of the Kite (the North Node...path forward) is the release point, which is perfect for something that represents the next step forward. The Moon in Gemini will be trining the North Node, urging you to make the right choice (Gemini) as it will be instrumental in your future development.  The North Node in Libra brings us back to relationships, and its ruler (Venus) is in Sag. The freedom to choose in relationships; let go and consider the next potential, when something isn't working.

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from:

  • 12-17 degrees of the Mutable signs, you'll feel the Full Moon most strongly
  • 15 to 18 degrees of the Fire signs or Libra will feel the Kite/Grand Trine

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