Neptune Direct in Pisces

 Painting by Ilia Riepin  

Neptune stations direct (at 4 degrees Pisces) on November 16th. It's been retrograde since June 9th (at 7 degrees). For those of you currently under the influence of a hard aspect (conjunction, opposition, square) from the planet of dreams and illusion, you're that much closer to reaching the end of the foggy pathway.

Neptune is so subtle that you may not register the difference between direct and Rx. It can blur together as one, long confusing transit. There is a difference, though. Neptune Rx is intensified (looking underneath the surface of the dream) and Neptune direct is time to move forward. "Move forward" may seem like a joke, because you're treading water in quicksand. Or questioning every fact. Or feeling your motivation drain away.

But however an aspect from Neptune hits you, it's meant to dissolve restrictions. It ushers in change, just like Uranus and Pluto. Unlike Uranus and Pluto, the process can feel like a slow slide downhill, with no idea where the bottom is. And this is where you are compelled to accept the Neptune mantra: let it go. All you can do is let go of whatever part of your chart Neptune is touching. This doesn't mean abandon all hope (although that can happen). It does mean let go of what doesn't seem to be working anymore, or what you can't define/possess/control.

Some of you may be working with your creative vision, or higher purpose. Your calling. In that case, Neptune direct can spell significant progress. The next stage of your endeavour, or the moment when the next piece slides into place.

This is not an action-packed transit, but it does indicate a shift in the right direction.

If you have planets, angles or Nodes at 4 degrees of the Mutable signs, you'll feel Neptune's station most strongly. When Neptune pauses at a certain degree (because it's stationing from Rx to direct, or vice versa) it's calling your attention to something that must be released/forgiven/embraced. How do you know if you should embrace or release?

Let it go:

  • grudges
  • childhood wounds
  • anger at your ex
  • crumbling relationships
  • the career that feels wrong/suffocating

Welcome it into your life:

  • what makes you feel lighter, not heavier
  • what gives you purpose, not sorrow
  • what feels peaceful, not confused

Neptune can give you a purpose. There comes a point when the fog lifts, the confusion fades, and you feel it in your gut. This is what you should be doing. It could be anything from giving up drinking to making peace with your father to putting your paintings on the market. Neptune is about dissolution of the ego (and release from the mundane) but depending on your chart, it can open up new avenues for prosperity. Neptune expands (it removes limits, remember?) You can get more from a Neptune transit, as long as your intentions are focused on what lies beyond your immediate gain. Focus on the bigger picture, and the money/positive attention/security will come. But only if you focus on the what lies beyond your immediate desires. And it doesn't even have to be about making money from your art. Think about how your life can open up once you let go of whatever ugly habits or poisonous associations are keeping you stuck. Consider that you may have no concept of what you can actually be, and then just leave yourself open.

Another way to put this: look beyond what you want, to get what you want.

Neptune will transit from 4 to 9 degrees Pisces before it stations Rx on June 12, 2015. If you have anything from 4 to 9 degrees of the Mutable or Water signs, get ready to let go and welcome more into your life.