Do Some People Get A Free Pass?

Bit of discussion in the comments section about karma and comeuppance.

There are some folks out there that seem to be made of Teflon. Doesn't matter how poorly they treat others or how they abuse their power...consequences don't stick to them. Do they have freakishly fabulous charts that never get hit with a bad transit?

The short answer is "No." Everyone goes through a rough patch. Everyone gets hits by hard transits. Everyone. The casual observer may not witness this, but I can guarantee you that absolutely everyone has at least one area of their life that is trashed (or at least dented) at some point. No one sails through unscathed.

Are the dents karmic retribution for their sins? Maybe, maybe not. But the point is, everyone gets a turn in the dark corner. It might happen when they're young (in ways you cannot fathom). Maybe it happens at home, with their spouse/children/parents, but when they come to work, all you see is their work face.

You don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

Having said this, it's true that certain people encounter less resistance in life. There's two, astrological energies to thank for this: an emphasized natal Jupiter and/or a natal Grand Trine.

Emphasized Jupiter creates optimism, an ability to win others over, and a natural buoyancy that enables someone to bounce back from scenarios that would crush most people. Jupiter's "luck" is actually a massive dose of positive thinking combined with a visionary grasp of possibilities.

A Grand Trine creates an unbroken flow between three planets (and/or asteroids/Nodes/angles) in signs of the same element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water) that generates a pool of talent or ease. It's a stealth weapon that feels so natural, it can be taken for granted. In the right hands, a natal Grand Trine can propel someone to greatness. In the wrong hands, it's the sure thing they always count on to slide through life and avoid consequences.

Until...they get hit with that Saturn transit combined with a Progression that lays them low. Or, they're jolted with a Pluto transit and an eclipse falls on a vulnerable part of their chart. No one's chart is bullet proof. Think of it logically; has there ever been a moment in time when every, single planet lined up in perfect harmony? Even if someone was born during a super-rare flowering of trines and sextiles (with no itchy squares) they'll still have to deal with unpleasant transits/Progressions throughout their life. Eventually, one of those influences will jar them.

This post is not about taking joy in the misery of others. It's simply a reminder that everyone feels the tough love of the Universe. Everyone gets the sharp nudge at some point, because no one is born with a free pass.