A Guide to Capricorn: The Power of "No"

It's a Capricorn- heavy time. The Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are occupying this sign. And the Moon is in Capricorn until December 23rd, 9:52 PM EST.

When the planets pile up in a sign, it behooves you to pay attention to that area of your chart. If you want to make some changes, focus on that area. If you want to make an impact, focus on that area. If you want to move ahead, work that area. It's simply a matter of using the best qualities of that sign to your advantage (in the context of the house it occupies) and downplaying its Shadow side.

Awesome Capricorn:

  • focused
  • disciplined
  • ambitious
  • controlled
  • separating what's essential from what's useless
  • taking responsibility for what's yours

Shadow Capricorn:

  • repressed
  • fearful
  • status over empathy
  • tradition over honesty
  • guilty
  • inflexible

As is the case with any sign, too much of Capricorn's strengths become a weakness. That quality of focused realism and iron bound responsibility can empower or shut you down. Capricorn's main energy is denial, and this can work for or against you. Saying "No" (Capricorn's motto) is essential in some situations, but in others, it shuts the door on entire worlds that are waiting to be explored.

The secret ingredient is fear. Fear is Capricorn's toxin, and your key to distinguishing healthy boundaries from rigid denial. When presented with something new, ask yourself:

  • Am I avoiding this because I don't know how it will turn out?
  • Am I avoiding this because I know (from experience) that this situation is unhealthy for me?

Everyone has Capricorn in their chart. Whether or not you have any natal planets or angles there, it's the spot where you can create structure, exercise your authority and manifest things. Whether those things are your fears or your goals, is entirely dependent on you.