Horoscopes for December 21st to December 28th

Painting by JM Whistler


Horoscopes are a day early, because the upcoming influences are significant.

December 23rd features Saturn’s entrance into Sagittarius. Check out this link for all the posts I've written (so far) on this transit. When the planet of rules and limits enters the sign of expansion and opportunity, the outcome is focused potential: the best kind of possibility. Saturn can manifest ideals into reality, but it will also separate false beliefs from the truth. This transit will urge you to focus on where the road ahead is leading. The great thing about Saturn is there is no doubt about which direction to move in, because all random or wasteful opportunities are off limits.

Also on December 23rd, Venus in Saturn-ruled Capricorn squares the transiting Nodes. The South Node in Aries represents a situation that’s ready to be completed, and the North Node in Libra (ruled by Venus) represents what’s ripe for further development. Venus will trigger a choice, turning point or moment of truth where you will be compelled to develop North Node potentials. In line with Saturn’s change of signs, this pivotal moment will hi-light relationships, resources, self-esteem or values that involve definition or authority. What’s off limits, and what can you carry with you on the Saturn-paved path to the future?

Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries on December 24th, conjuncts Pluto on December 25th and squares the Nodes on December 26th, giving the Venus/Nodal square a push with added information, conversations or formalized announcements. The information that Mercury delivers is likely to be challenging, but the discomfort that it stirs up will trigger your next step forward.


Saturn enters your opportunities sector, helping you focus on the journey ahead. This transit could crystallize your professional designation, formalize an ideal/belief or get you serious about a lifestyle/career/relocation you’ve been pondering. Some areas of exploration may not be open to you, but the ones that are deserve your full attention. Venus (in your career sector) squares the South Node in your sign/North Node in your partnership sector, suggesting that you may be faced with a personal versus professional choice, or a decision about your status/reputation. Work relationships (especially with management) can confront you with issues around ambition, assertiveness and what you’re willing to do to get what you want. As Mercury (in your career sector)aspects Uranus (in your sign) Pluto and the Nodes, discussions about your future or a work project will be dynamic, but also full of tension. All discussions/communications/announcements are meant to raise your awareness of how you handle cooperation and conflict on a one on one level.

  • Time to commit: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, beliefs
  • Moment of truth: career, public status, success, all relationships (personal and professional) dealings with management, career negotiations


Saturn enters your sector of shared resources, pushing you to get serious about debts or any finances that you share with another. What you can and cannot afford will become sharply defined, as will any intimate relationships. A current relationship may deepen or, as things intensify, you may discover that this is not someone you can share your life with. Saturn can help you create new boundaries in an area where you’re most vulnerable. Venus (in your sector of opportunities) squares the South Node in your hidden sector/North Node in your sector of routine, prompting a commitment to health, obligations or taking the plunge and manifesting something into reality. There may be an opportunity to actually get what you want, but this will involve stepping outside your comfort zone. As Mercury (in your opportunities sector) aspects Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes, watch for turning point conversations, challenging information (perhaps involving legal issues) or official documents that open your eyes to broader potentials.

  • Time to commit: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Moment of truth: long-distance travel, long distance romance, legal matters, education, publishing, health, obligations, work routines, potential versus reality


Saturn enters your relationship sector, bringing you face to face with a relationship commitment or termination. Saturn makes it very difficult to continue with a casual association, or a relationship where you or your partner are unhappy. Partnership needs will be defined, and whatever doesn’t make the cut will be gone. Note that this won’t necessarily all happen on the day Saturn changes signs; some relationship transitions can last for Saturn’s entire transit. Venus (in your sector of shared resources) squares the South Node in your social sector/North Node in your sector of self-expression, urging you to take a closer look at who/what makes you truly happy. Intimacy and money matters will feel like all or nothing, as you’re compelled to look at where and how you feel special, appreciated and loved. As Mercury (in your sector of shared resources) aspects Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes, watch for crucial discussions with a partner, or financial documents that need your attention. Too, discussions/information/counselling could trigger a breakthrough that cracks things open on a deeper level. Whether it’s love, money or deep-seated personal values, the choice will be between what’s socially popular/acceptable, or what works for you.

  • Time to commit: all partnerships (personal and professional)
  • Moment of truth: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, recognition, appreciation, sense of purpose


Saturn’s transit of your work/health sector says that it’s time to get serious about the daily details. Your routines, obligations and health may all be under pressure as you’re forced to take responsibility. Note that in some cases this may mean letting go of tasks or obligations that are no longer valid. Excellent for streamlining your work routine or overhauling your diet/health/exercise. Venus (in your partnership sector) squaring the South Node in your career sector/North Node in your domestic sector, will throw relationship issues into the mix. Some themes may include energy devoted to work versus family, or relationship versus professional goals. This influence will push you to consider where your love, values and satisfaction really lie. As Mercury (in your partnership sector) aspects Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes, relationship discussions will be tense, but ultimately productive. Compromise may not by easy (and you may have to give up something) but all tension is meant to make you aware of where and why you feel resentful, overwhelmed or dissatisfied. What needs to change at home?

  • Time to commit: work tasks, routines, obligations, health, self-care, organization
  • Moment of truth: partnerships, domestic versus professional goals, defining yourself in terms of family or partner   


Saturn enters your sector of self-expression, putting your focus on creativity, personal desires, recognition and appreciation. It’s time to get serious about

what you want to create, or the applause you feel you deserve. If you’re single, this transit can bring a new romance with the potential to turn into something serious, but if you want to meet someone, you’ll have to approach this like you mean business. Then again, you may find that making light/flirtatious connections is more challenging, because Saturn will narrow your focus to only the most viable options. You may feel less like indulging in fun, pleasure and celebrations, but that’s because you’ll be more concerned with how to solidify your chances of success. Venus (in your sector of routine) squares the South Node in your opportunities sector/North Node in your communication sector, continuing the theme of getting down to work. You may encounter a challenge at work or involving your health, which puts you on notice that there’s a choice to be made about your obligations. You probably already know what you need to do, but are you willing to do it? Mercury (in your sector of routine) aspecting Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes can trigger tense co-worker discussions, irritating glitches or crucial medical information. Your task is to take that information and follow through with it.

  • Time to commit: new romance, creative/artistic projects, children/pregnancy, recognition
  • Moment of truth: work tasks, obligations, routines, health, concentrating your energies on your immediate environment


Saturn in your domestic sector says that it’s time to put down some roots. You’re on track to solidify your foundation, whether this means building  a family  renovating your home or taking responsibility for domestic matters. This transit is about getting right down to where it all started, and it may involve dealing with long-simmering family issues before you can move forward. Venus (in your sector of self-expression) squares the South Node in your sector of shared resources/North Node in your sector of personal resources. Your moment of truth will involve what you already have in order to manifest that personal desire. It could be related to pregnancy, new romance or a project/career move that puts you in the spotlight. There may be an opportunity that you can seize, but you’ll need to work the self-sufficient angle to make it happen.  As Mercury (in your sector of self-expression) aspects Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes, you may be confronted with information or discussions that jolt you into awareness. Watch for surprising introductions, emails or flashes of inspiration that make you think “I could do that” or “ I had better get started.”

  • Time to commit: homes, family, domestic obligations, parents
  • Moment of truth: new romance, creative/artistic projects, children/pregnancy, using what you’ve got to make something happen, relying on yourself to get what you want


Saturn enters your communication sector, adding force and focus to your words. This transit can help you verbalize boundaries and make your communication more authoritative. There’s manifesting potential here: say what you mean, mean what you say, and watch what happens. On the flip side, you’ll be expected to make some tough choices and then stick with them (no waffling allowed). Official/legal documents may also be a theme during this transit, and a sibling relationship could also go through some major changes. Venus (in your domestic sector) squares the South Node in your partnership sector/North Node in your sign, making domestic/family issues your turning point. This could involve drawing a line under the past, laying down the law at home or deciding what you will and will not accept in a partnership. As Mercury (in your domestic sector) aspects Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes, you’ll be forced to verbalize those boundaries/rules right off the bat. Expect some push back from others (a partner or family members). Will you cave, or will you set the standard for the next two years?

  • Time to commit: focused communication, making choices, verbalizing boundaries, official documents, issues with siblings
  • Moment of truth: home, family, the past, domestic relationships, personal boundaries


Saturn moves into your sector of personal resources, clarifying financial and emotional necessities. It may or may not be time to tighten the purse strings, but you’ll certainly become more aware of the work you have to do to earn your money. Saturn will make certain emotional and material securities essential, while helping you become more disciplined and exacting about who and what you’re going to spend your precious energy on. This can be a self-esteem building transit. Venus (in your communication sector) squares the South Node in your sector of health/routine and the North Node in your hidden sector. There may be a crucial idea/conversation/introduction that pushes you to consider what you want to hang onto, and what you’re prepared to let go of. Goodbyes can include a relationship, job or habit. As Mercury (in your communication sector) aspects Pluto, Uranus and Nodes, watch for discussions to become heated, or for realizations to catch you off guard. The unexpected word or off hand phrase may be all it takes to push you over the line. Alternatively, this could be your moment to make an announcement or reach out to someone: the results could have far-reaching effects.

  • Time to commit: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security, personal values
  • Moment of truth: emails, phone calls, discussions, revelations, reveal of hidden information, issues with siblings


Saturn’s entrance into your sign gets you focused on the essentials. Saturn will compel you to take responsibility for one or more areas of your life, while stripping away false ideals. Saturn’s transit of Scorpio was a time of goodbyes, and now you’ll start to build a new foundation.  This can be the transit that helps you become stronger, self-assured and in control of your future. Venus (in your sector of personal resources) squares the South Node in your sector of self-expression/the North Node in your social sector. Earned money and self-esteem will be the turning points for you, as you’re pushed to examine the best places to get your needs met. Establishing your image/efforts in the public arena may be part of this, as well as the realization that others are perceiving your efforts in a certain way. As always, you have the ultimate tools to create your own security. As Mercury (in your sector of personal resources) aspects Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes, watch for information about a new source of income or conversations that push you to take a stand about what works for you.

  • Time to commit: public identity, personal/professional goals, responsibilities, personal authority
  • Moment of truth: earned money, self-esteem, values, emotional security, public recognition, your place in the group


Saturn’s entrance into your hidden sector can start the process of a long goodbye. Lifestyles, relationships and goals that are no longer valid will slowly but surely be removed from your life. You’ll have a clearer idea about what your more authentic future looks like. Venus in your sign squares the South Node in your domestic sector/North Node in your career sector, giving you a heads up about past versus future. A domestic/childhood issue needs wrapping up so you can continue to work on future ambitions and professional goals. As Mercury in your sign aspects Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes, there’s likely to be tense discussions with family members and/or employers. Watch for confrontations where you’re pushed to declare your intentions. When in doubts, choose what lies ahead.

  • Time to commit: leaving behind anything that doesn’t support your future goals, detaching yourself from situations that have outlived their usefulness
  • Moment of truth: past versus future, personal versus professional goals, status, career, ambition


Saturn in your social sector can bring you more authority/respect in the public realm while narrowing things down for you on a personal level. Some friendships may end during this transit, but the ones that remain should be there for life. Saturn helps you clarify who is the sure thing and who has your back. Venus (in your hidden sector) squares the South Node in your communication sector/North Node in your sector of opportunities. An exposed secret, private realization or background shift can alert you to bigger and better things. Mercury (in your hidden sector) aspecting Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes suggests a private conversation, investigation or gut feeling will add crucial information. Don’t overlook the quiet voice or seemingly inconsequential clue.

  • Time to commit: your public image, changes in friendships, your place in the group
  • Moment of truth: secrets, revelations, gut feelings, instincts, background issues


Saturn in your career sector can mark a professional high point and time of promotion, respect and authority. However, if you’ve been dissatisfied with your career, this transit will compel you to move on to something more fruitful. Saturn increases your responsibility, whether that’s connected to a new job or to your alignment with goals that are more suitable. Venus (in your social sector) squares the South Node in your sector of personal resources/North Node in your sector of shared resources, urging you to take a closer look at a relationship, source of income or situation that’s been impacting your self-esteem. Someone (a romantic interest or business contact) may have clarity for you in the guise of what they represent or how they make you feel. Mercury (in your social sector) aspecting Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes can bring significant messages, contacts or chances to promote your business. A launch, announcement or public speaking engagement can define your public goals/desires.

  • Time to commit: career, success, status, future goals
  • Moment of truth: friends, groups, public activities, public speaking engagements