Horoscopes for January 11th to 18th


Mars (action, initiative) enters watery Pisces on January 12th, diluting its energy and triggering hidden developments. Direct action will be difficult during this transit, and Mars’ square to Saturn in Sagittarius (from January 12th to 15th) will make it even more difficult. Mars square Saturn speaks to thwarted efforts and low energy, although Saturn’s limits can also focus half-hearted efforts. The best use of this brief but frustrating influence is to tap into Saturn’s agenda of work and restraint: move steadily in the one direction that’s open to you, and don’t try to force anything.

Venus and Mercury are close together (but not perfectly conjunct) in Aquarius. This blends Venus’ social skills with Mercury’s communication, enabling light, friendly meetings/discussions that almost anyone should be receptive to. On January 14th, Venus supports the North Node in Libra (which she also rules) with a trine, while sextiling the South Node in Aries. Mercury does the same on January 15th. The transiting South Node represents an area that is ready to be completed, and the North Node is what’s up for development. Venus/Mercury will enable this by increasing your awareness of how your ideas can benefit others (and vice versa). Social contacts, acceptance of others, and a wider perspective are your keys to moving forward. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s new and unexpected. "Friendly curiosity" is the theme for these energies.

Note that January 15th also features an exact square from Pluto (power) in Capricorn to the Nodes. This has been building since the Cancer Full Moon, so you may have already dealt with these issues. A square to the Nodes is a turning point where you can choose to stay with South Node's old agenda, or move on to the North Node. Pluto in Capricorn makes the excavation of rigid structures/status this week's turning point. The Mars/Saturn square will be exact on the same day, whittling down the available options and increasing the pressure. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury's contacts to the Nodes are your way forward. Aquarius continues to be the sweet spot for everyone: eyes open, step back and look at the bigger picture.


Mars in your hidden sector activates a secret potential, but the square to Saturn (in your opportunities sector) can reveal why it may be better to leave it as a secret (for now). This doesn’t mean that the game’s over, but take note of significant reasons why a fantasy is unworkable, or why a potential needs more time to develop.

Venus and Mercury in your social sector trine the North Node in your relationship sector (and sextile the South Node in your sign) alerting you to fortuitous meetings/contacts, or adding magic to your meet and greet abilities. Perfect for socializing, exploring romantic potentials, networking, public speaking or connecting with as many people as you can. Pluto in your career sector squares the Nodes, making power shifts and public status your turning points.

  • Activations and limits: secrets, overlooked issues, hidden desires/ambitions
  • Opportunity: friends, groups, the public, public activities, public speaking, promotions, relationships


Mars enters your social sector, squaring Saturn in your sector of shared resources. Social potentials/ambitions can be temporarily thwarted by financial or emotional issues. Private/intimate developments can have a public impact, and social actions may be blocked or misdirected. Don’t force the issue.

Venus/Mercury in your career sector trine the North Node (in your sector of routine) and sextile the South Node in your hidden sector. Watch for opportunities to advance your professional image, make new/beneficial professional connections, or make a favourable impression on those in authority. This can also be a chance to demonstrate your skills on the job/with co-workers, but the key is having something practical and relatable to show off. This can be part of your ongoing task to bring something out of the realm of possibility into the real world. Pluto in your opportunities sector squares the Nodes, giving you the tools (long-distance issues, education, legal matters, publishing) to manifest those hidden potentials; all you have to do is step into unexplored country.

  • Activations and limits: friends, groups, the public, group activities, reaching out to others
  • Opportunity: career, dealings with management, professional image, status, success, job search, future goals, problem solving ability, daily skills, co-worker relationships


Mars enters your career sector, squaring Saturn in your partnerships sector. Frustrations with management, blocked career goals, frustrations with a business partner or conflicts in a personal relationship are some possibilities. You may want to go further, but you’ll have to deal with someone else’s rules or fears, first.

Venus/Mercury in your opportunities sector trine the North Node (in your sector of self-expression) and sextile the South Node in your social sector. New/exciting/untried potentials can certainly boost your self-confidence and help you develop a personal goal. There may be a new romance in the works as well. This influence encourages you to explore the unknown or respond to that message/invite that comes out of the blue. Pluto in your sector of shared resources squares the Nodes, making intimacy or shared finances your pivot point. Pluto pushes you to go deeper, transform your way of handling resources or permanently sever something that's been draining you.

  • Activations and limitations: career, dealing with management, all partnerships, professional image, public status
  • Opportunity: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, long-distance romance


Mars enters your opportunity sector, squaring Saturn in your sector of routine. You may be ready to dive into something new/unusual, but health or work issues may slow you down. Obligations, technical snafus or low energy can be troublesome, but not permanent issues. Then again, if a brand new endeavour clashes with an existing responsibility, it may be better to hold off for now. Pay special attention if you’re travelling.

Venus/Mercury in your sector of shared resources trine the North Node (in your domestic sector) and sextiles the South Node in your career sector. Financial discussions/solutions, or discussions with a partner, can help you move forward with a domestic situation. You could discover new resources for a home business or renovation, or find that the solution to a family conflict is there if you dig deep enough. The key is stepping beyond the habitual “tapes” of family/relationship discussions; try approaching the issue from a different angle. Pluto in your relationship sector squares the Nodes, bringing a partnership to a significant turning point.

  • Activations and limitations:long-distance travel, education, publishing, legal matters
  • Opportunity: debts, taxes, loans, home finances, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, the discussion that’s been brewing for awhile


Mars enters your sector of shared resources, squaring Saturn in your sector of self-expression. Intimacy issues with a partner may heat up, or you may be dealing with increased financial activity (money that’s owed or shared) but there’s also likely to be restrictions on what you want to happen. The connection with your partner may be temporarily blocked, or you may encounter an initial financial shortfall. Not everything is meant to unfold immediately.

Fortunately, Venus/Mercury in your relationship sector trine the North Node in your communication sector (and sextile the South Node in your sector of opportunity) opening the flow of discussion/ideas with a partner. As frustrating as blocked actions may be, you can move forward if you talk it through with a degree of detachment. Watch for unforeseen possibilities and new messages that can shift your attention to a more positive area. Pluto in your sector of health/routine squares the Nodes, urging to take an obligation (to yourself or another) seriously. For some, this could mean amputating something that's been negatively impacting your health, work or efficiency.

  • Activations and limitations: physical/emotional intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances
  • Opportunity: partnerships, exchange of information, one on one communication


Mars enters your relationship sector, squaring Saturn in your domestic sector. Watch fortensions to arise with domestic partnerships involving home, family, home renovations, or family obligations versus partnership issues. You’ll find that clamping down and insisting that things go a certain way will increase the tension; try backing off for a minute and see what happens when everyone has room to breath.

Venus/Mercury in your sector of routine trines the North Node in your sector of personal resources, and sextile the South Node in your sector of shared resources. There’s a workaround/solution/flash of insight in the areas that you excel at (health, work and routine). If you can step away from the problem/your obligations for a second, you’ll find a loophole where you least expected it. Also watch for alternate sources of income or a surprising twist that boosts your self-esteem. Pluto in your sector of self-expression squares the Nodes, pushing you to commit fully to a personal goal (new romance, creative project, children), or forget about it and move on.

  • Activations and limitations: partnerships, family versus romantic relationships
  • Opportunity: work tasks, co-workers, service to others, health (diagnoses, new information)


Mars in your sector of routine squares Saturn in your communication sector, suggesting that health issues, low energy or blocked actions at work/with co-workers may be troublesome. Watch for small breakdowns or conflicts arising from rigid communication/ideas.

Venus/Mercury in your sector of self-expression should balance things out in your favour as they trine the North Node in your sign, and sextile the South Node in your partnership sector. Your ongoing quest to put yourself first and/or move on from a painful relationship should be enabled with a shot of confidence from a flirtatious connection, or enjoyable moments of celebration/self-promotion. Excellent for the launch of a creative project or new business. Pluto in your domestic sector squares the Nodes, making a relocation or change in family/partnership dynamics a key point in your move away from the past.

  • Activations and limitations: co-worker relationships, medical issues, obligations, routine tasks
  • Opportunity: new romance, personal goals, self-expression, celebration, children/pregnancy


Mars in your sector of self-expression squares Saturn in your sector of personal resources. You may want to dive in and indulge or celebrate, but watch for temporary restrictions due to financial shortfalls or feelings of doubt/insecurity. Any sign that you should slow down (a drain on your energy or difficulty making things happen) is a warning that you should heed. But, you don’t have to give up; just proceed with caution.

Venus/Mercury in your domestic sector trine the North Node in your hidden sector and sextile the South Node in your sector of routine. Home and family can be sweet spots for you right now. There may support, comfort and the opportunity to access healing or serenity. If you’re feeling burnt out, pulling back and focusing on what’s private can be your ticket to rejuvenation. Watch for the unfolding of hidden/overlooked potentials as you eliminate distractions. Pluto in your communication sector squares the Nodes, bringing you to a critical moment when what you say, decide or announce will have lasting consequences. Sibling relationships can also reach a transformative peak.

  • Activations and limitations: new romance, celebration, children/pregnancy, performance, self-indulgence
  • Opportunity: home, family, private time, retreat


Mars triggering your domestic sector provides one of the first challenges to Saturn in your sign. Changes at home, disputes with family or minor renovations/repairs can be frustrating. Mars can stir up issues from the past, while Saturn forces you to deal with them. You could feel blocked or cornered, but this combination of influences also gives you the determination to push through.

Venus/Mercury in your communication sector trines the North Node in your social sector and sextiles the South Node in your sector of self-expression, emphasizing open, cooperative communication. These energies can help you contribute bright ideas to the team, or connect with new/intriguing people. Fantastic for socializing, group activities and contributing more for the greater good. Relations with siblings can also flow nicely if you keep things light and not too personal. Pluto in your sector of shared resources confronts you with your approach to money, and reminds you that emotional and material resources are often handled similarily. Have you been giving away your precious time/energy?

  • Activations and limitations: home, family, childhood issues, relocations, renovations, home business, increased responsibilities
  • Opportunity: communications/discussions/messages, public speaking, group participation, new introductions, issues with siblings


Mars in your communication sector squares Saturn in your hidden sector, throwing up hidden blocks and misunderstandings in discussions, emails and meetings. Disagreements may be brewing under the surface, but will be temporarily repressed. Pay attention to what’s suspected, but not openly discussed. The more force you apply to get your point across, the less success you’ll have; if you encounter resistance to your ideas, back off and try an indirect approach. Alternatively, watch for vague and annoying interactions with siblings; relations can feature an odd combination of lack of clarity and restrictions.

Venus/Mercury in your sector of personal resources trines the North Node in your career sector and sextiles the South Node in your domestic sector. One area communication can work in your favour is earned money and career ambitions. Discussions about pay increases or a new career path can proceed smoothly, as long as you keep it friendly and demonstrate that you’re open to alternatives. Use a light touch. Pluto in your sign squares the Nodes, bringing you to a decision point about public identity, appearance and future goals. There's simply no way that you can keep approaching relationships, family or career in the same manner.

  • Activations and limitations: emails, discussions, phone calls, meetings, issues with siblings
  • Opportunity: earned money, self-esteem, professional status, conversations with management, getting paid what you’re worth, bargaining


Mars in your sector of personal resources squares Saturn in your social sector, simultaneously activating your ambitions to achieve more, while throwing up blocks to what you need. You may become aware that you’re not getting paid as much as others (at your level), or there may be a glass ceiling that you attempt to push through. Know that for the duration of this influence, direct action/demands won’t help. If there’s something you feel you deserve, work on amassing proof that you can demonstrate to others. Your self-esteem/security can also take a brief hit, as you’re confronted with social boundaries.

Fortunately, Venus/Mercury in your sign trine the North Node in your sector of opportunity and sextile the South Node in your communication sector, opening your eyes to brand new developments, contacts and possibilities. There’s more out there, perhaps in an area you haven’t previously considered. Pluto in your hidden sector squares the Nodes, saying that it's now or never to get moving on that dream, private goal or shift in lifestyle.

  • Activations and limitations: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security, social limits
  • Opportunity: new messages/introductions, long-distance travel, education, long-distance romance, publishing, legal matters


Mars in your sign squares Saturn in your career sector, hinting at frustrated ambitions or a redirection of career goals. You may discover that a certain position requires more work than you realized, or is simply not available to you at this moment. Note that Saturn in your career sector will focus you on the best path forward, either by rewarding your past efforts or making it clear if a current occupation is not the one for you.

Venus/Mercury in your hidden sector trines the North Node in your sector of shared resources and sextiles the South Node in your sector of personal resources, opening up an overlooked realization, a secret or deeper understanding of a situation. Look beneath the surface for the truth, in the form of intimate discussions or gut feelings. Pluto in your social sector squares the Nodes, urging you to recalibrate your public image or group associations. Who makes you feel valued, and who asks for more than you can give?

  • Activations and limitations: personal/professional goals, public identity, ambitions, reputation
  • Opportunity: secrets, instinct, dreams, intimate discussions, hidden truths