Horoscopes for January 25th to February 1st

Image by Arthur Rackham


On January 27th, Venus (love, money, values) enters Pisces, infusing all Venus themes with hope, idealism, illusion. Venus will be within orb of a restrictive square to Saturn (at 3 degrees Sagittarius) from January 27th to 30th. Saturn’s limits can spell disappointment as the dream is delayed or curtailed. Know that Saturn’s purpose is to enhance correct focus, so you can work with what has real potential, or do the work needed to make the dream happen. Venus approaches a conjunction with Neptune (at 6 degrees Pisces) from January 30th to February 1st, enhancing the potential for escapism, release or a creative/romantic breakthrough. Neptune can dissolve what seemed promising, or create moments of pure magic. Work with the Saturn square by acknowledging limits and responsibilities, in order to make the make the most of the Venus/Neptune union.

From January 28th to 31st, Mars (action, initiative) in Pisces conjuncts Chiron (Wounded Healer) at 15 degrees. When these two unite, actions are bound to bruise, especially in ultra-sensitive Pisces. Anger, aggression and pushing the issue can uncover deeper hurts, but this aspect is also an opportunity to confront that lingering fear or vulnerability.

From January 29th to 30th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx at 10 degrees Aquarius, spotlighting whatever Mercury’s reversed motion has stirred up so far. This can trigger moments of clarity, although the message is likely to be surprising. The Sun can also add fuel to Mercury Rx’s intensification of Aquarian shock or rebellion.


Venus in your hidden sector squares Saturn in your sector of opportunities, suggesting a private disappointment. As a secret attraction/potential unfolds, you may have to deal with external limits (legalities, official rules or restrictions imposed by distance). But as Venus approaches Neptune, you may uncover additional reasons to hope. Alternatively, this may be the point where you discover it was just a fantasy. As Mars unites with Chiron in your hidden sector, watch carefully that misguided or unconscious actions don’t trip you up. This aspect can also help you push past a hidden doubt, but you’ll have to ensure that your intentions are focused on release, healing or empathy. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your social sector can point to a significant reconnection from the past, or a realization/illumination about your place in the group. Good for clarifying public issues that you’ve been questioning.

  • Area that will see the most activation: secrets, hidden potentials, overlooked issues, dreams, gut feelings, instincts, private fantasies
  • Clarity: friends, groups, the public, public announcements, group activities


Venus in your social sector squares Saturn in your sector of shared resources, suggesting that a financial shortfall or emotional/psychological restriction may prevent you from taking things as far as you’d like. Public activities may run out of resources, or a romantic attraction could flounder due to unrequited feelings. As Venus moves towards a union with Neptune, watch for a chance to move on from/rise above the disappointment. It may be a case of accepting what someone has to offer, even if it’s not everything you wanted. Too, this aspect can continue to fuel the fantasy, even if you have proof that it’s not going to work.  Mars/Chiron in your social sector can make public actions/expression of anger tricky, with an increased potential for sensitivities being triggered. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your career sector can spotlight a past job opportunity or questions about your current role. Discussions with management can focus on a particular issue from the past. A rule or accepted professional status may be disrupted.

  • Area that will see the most activation: friends, groups, the public, public activities
  • Clarity: career, dealing with management, professional status, future goals


Venus in your career sector squares Saturn in your partnership sector, suggesting that a romantic or business relationship can put the brakes on your big pictures ideals. This could be the reality check that you need, or it could be a case of someone squashing your potential. As Venus approaches Neptune, watch for further activation of a career dream; if you’re not satisfied with where you’re at, what are you prepared to do about it? On a different note, be very careful about your professional reputation, especially if you’re mixing business with romance. Public disappointments or exposure can be severe, especially when Mars unites with Chiron (also in your career sector). Displays of anger or initiative on the job can do some damage. Alternatively, this influence could mark a new focus for your professional energy that involves helping others or exposing injustices. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your sector of opportunities can point you towards a distant potential from the past (or one that you overlooked). Watch for a chance to clarify travel plans, legal or educational details. This aspect can also fire up your urge to branch out, explore or campaign for the underdog.

  • Area that will see the most activation: career, public status, professional reputation, dealings with management, work relationships
  • Clarity: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, new/rebellious ideas


Venus in your opportunities sector squares Saturn in your sector of health and routine, restricting certain new potentials while keeping you focused on what needs to be done first. A long distance romance, unusual new development or chance for escape may beckon, but service to others, work or health difficulties may pull you back. You can’t ignore these obligations, but as Venus approaches Neptune, you may find another loophole or moment of inspiration that allows you to slip through. Just make sure you don’t ignore what needs to be attended to. Mars/Chiron in your opportunities sector can push you towards an idealistic crusade, pump up your desire to fight for what’s right, or focus your intentions on moving past your fear of the unknown. However, caution is called for when traveling or dealing with legal matters, because deceptive/misguided actions can result in a painful fallout. Approach all new opportunities with cautious optimism. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your sector of shared resources can hi-light a surprising solution to financial difficulties, or bring up an issue involving physical/emotional intimacy. Don’t be afraid to ask/answer unusual questions about awkward or taboo subjects; that’s where the revelations are.

  • Area that will see the most activation: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, big ideals
  • Clarity: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, private conversations


Venus in your sector of shared resources squares Saturn in your sector of self-expression, triggering moments of doubt/anxiety around finances or romance. You may feel pressure to get serious about a new relationship, or encounter a financial shortfall. Too, you could find yourself doubting if you have what it takes to create, perform or achieve a deeply personal goal. As Venus approaches Neptune, it may be difficult to nail down a financial plan, or you may be asked to give/sacrifice more than you’re prepared to. However, physical/emotional intimacy can be intensely romantic and/or misleading, depending on what your initial expectations are. Mars/Chiron in your sector of shared resources can leave you feeling  exposed, but there’s also potential for sexual/emotional healing. Again, it all depends on what energies you’re taking into this. One note of caution: if a situation (financial or emotional) feels “off” in any way, back off and wait to see what unfolds. Mars/Chiron can increase vulnerability. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your partnership sector can trigger a specific romantic conversation and/or reconnection, from the past. Alternatively, you may have a sudden flash of insight about a partner’s behaviour.

  • Area that will see the most activation: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, psychological issues
  • Clarity: partnerships


Venus in your partnership sector squares Saturn in your domestic sector, suggesting relationship tensions involving relocation, renovations, commitments, cohabiting  or future goals.  Saturn in your domestic sector will confront you with the need to nail it down or get serious about your future home life, and your partner may or may not be on board. As Venus approaches Neptune, watch for moments of confusion, but also release. As much as you may want to define a relationship, some issues may have to be set aside, or allowed to develop in their own time. Mars/Chiron in your relationship sector can trigger potentially painful arguments/actions, or you/ your partner may be asked to push forward into new territory that feels particularly sensitive. Go slow and tread lightly. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your sector of health and routine can spotlight a reoccurring health issue or delays/confusion involving work tasks or obligations. The solution will involve an alternative/untried approach, or asking the unexpected questions.

  • Area that will see the most activation: partnerships
  • Clarity: health, medical diagnoses, co-worker relationships, work tasks, daily routines, service to others


Venus in your sector of health and routine squares Saturn in your communication sector, stirring up difficulties with work tasks, health issues, energy levels or co-worker relationships. Health issues can involve vague, irritating symptoms (or non-specific diagnoses) and work issues can be restrictive and draining. As Venus approaches Neptune, there’s potential for resolution, but it may not manifest in a typically structured fashion. Mars/Chiron can add to the health difficulties, so treat yourself gently and use caution when attempting physical exercise. Obligations to others can centre around their illness or weakness. In general, tread lightly in any area involving mundane tasks, health or work; as much as possible, focus on creating a relaxed, healing environment for yourself, and don’t push anything to a forced conclusion. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your sector of self-expression can grab your attention with the return of a past attraction, or reignite inspiration around a past/existing creative goal. Issues with children/pregnancy can also be hi-lighted, especially with the emphasis on your health sector.  For those attempting to conceive, there may be some unexpected results.

  • Area that will see the most activation: work tasks, service to others, health/energy level/exercise, co-worker relationships
  • Clarity: romantic attractions, creative projects, children/pregnancy


Venus in your sector of self-expression squares Saturn in your sector of personal resources, putting a crimp in your creative efforts or in the development of a new romance. Lack of money, security or self-confidence can can throw you off, and as Venus approaches Neptune, you’ll know if you have to let it go (and make room for something better) or if there’s still juice in this scenario. Mars/Chiron can stir up social/romantic doubts, but can also trigger breakthroughs around confronting your deamons. What happens when the thing you deeply desire stirs up pain or vulnerability? If you’re prepared to take some risks, know that there’s added potential for bruising (even if you get what you want). The Sun and Mercury Rx in your domestic sector can unexpectedly trigger an old family discussion, although this time there may be a resolution. Messages/information from the past can resurface, and the moment is timely; pay attention to what comes up. Documents/discussions around renovations, relocating or buying/selling your home may be clarified if you approach things from a different perspective.

  • Area that will see the most activation: new romance, creativity, children/pregnancy, personal goals
  • Clarity: home, family, home business, domestic documents, childhood issues


Venus in your domestic sector squares Saturn in your sign, bringing up past issues of love, self-esteem, worthiness or loneliness. Alternatively, minor domestic renovations or expenses can crop up. As Venus moves towards Neptune, you could find yourself temporarily overwhelmed by any of the above issues, although there is also an opportunity to just accept what’s happening and see what unfolds. Venus/Neptune can can mark a point of dissolving (past hurts/old fears) or a moment of beautiful escapism where you create your own, private fantasy. Mars/Chiron in your domestic sector can trigger minor family quarrels that have deeper, more hurtful roots. But as always with Chiron, pushing through to the other side brings a chance to finally move on. This can also be an accident-prone influence, so use caution around the home.  The Sun and Mercury Rx in your communication sector spotlight a message/answer from the past, or a breakthrough realization that comes from thinking/speaking outside the box. Sibling relationships can also see a moment of clarification.

  • Area that will see the most activation: home, family, home business, renovations, issues from childhood
  • Clarity: emails, phone calls, discussions, questions/answers, sibling relationships,  unconventional information


Venus in your communication sector squares Saturn in your hidden sector, suggesting hidden doubts/restrictions that can take the shine off an appealing message/conversation. As Venus moves towards Neptune, you may very much want to believe, but that other voice in the background is saying something different. Alternatively,  your efforts to get the message across (or charm someone) may have mixed results. Mars/Chiron in your communication sector is a caution to speak with sensitivity, or to back away from an impending disagreement. Words can have the power to wound, whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. However, you may not have a choice but to engage someone else in a discussion that ends up triggering sensitive areas. Stay aware and know that Chiron’s higher vibration is acknowledgement of what hurts, but attempts at retaliation will either fall flat or make things much worse. Sibling relationships can be ultra sensitive and emotional. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your sector of personal resources can spotlight a surprising financial opportunity/workaround, or a chance to clarify what you really want.

  • Area that will see the most activation: all communication/discussions, siblings issues, exchanges of information
  • Clarity: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security


Venus in your sector of personal resources squares Saturn in your social sector, suggesting that an increased awareness of what’s coming can make you feel insecure, lonely or hollow. Whether it’s money, an emotional connection, or your level of self-esteem, know that Saturn’s limits are in place to direct your focus towards a certain area. As Venus approaches Neptune, you can achieve some release/acceptance (there’s only so much you can do about what you can’t have) or find another way to get what you want. In some cases, what you want may be taken away to make room for something else. Mars/Chiron in your personal resources sector can emphasize moments of insecurity/loneliness, but remember that this is all part of the ongoing transformation of  what used to make you feel “safe.” The Sun and Mercury Rx in your sign can bring answers, or a workable way of viewing something, from an unlikely source. Stay open to fresh input, odd messages and moments of synchronicity.

  • Area that will see the most activation: earned money, self-esteem, values, emotional security
  • Clarity: reconnection from the past, messages, discussions, thinking that takes you off the beaten track, revisiting an old issue


Venus in your sign squares Saturn in your career sector, raising doubts about a career choice, relations with management or your professional responsibilities. The weight of work/authority can feel discouraging, and as Venus approaches Neptune, you may want to escape. Know that your dream will take significant work to manifest. If a current position or social status feel restrictive, consider how you’d work with the alternative. Mars/Chiron in your sign can bring moments of insecurity/pain mixed with relief, as you’re finally able to confront a bothersome issue. Mars/Chiron (and Venus/Neptune) can also enhance your magnetism, as others are drawn to you. For some, this can be a peak time for attracting romantic attention. The Sun and Mercury Rx in your hidden sector sheds light on a secret, or stirs up a solution that comes from your gut/dreams/intuition. Pay attention to the idea that makes no sense, but fits perfectly.

  • Area that will see the most activation: public identity, appearance, personal goals, working with your dream/true purpose, romantic attraction
  • Clarity: dreams, intuition, secrets, overlooked issues, information that comes from another source