Let it Happen: Mars' Transit of Pisces

Painting by Waterhouse Action planet Mars enters dreamy Pisces on January 12th. This is a notoriously uncomfortable sign for Mars, because Pisces dissolves his will and dampens his fire. This can be a transit where action is confused, diffused or put off because it's easier to drift than act.

Pisces is about allowing things to happen, and Mars wants to make things happen.

However, Mars is still the instigator, so issues in the Pisces area of your chart will come to a boil. Things that are secret, unformed or unclear may surge out into the open. Mars in Pisces is the swelling wave of unconscious desire. How it breaks will depend on you. Obviously, you want to avoid Shadow Pisces (deception, addiction, escapism). Shadow Mars in Pisces flees the scene when things get uncomfortable, or melts into a puddle and gives up.

The higher expression of Pisces is creativity, compassion and healing. This can be a time of empathetic action, or the start of a creative project. It will be difficult to charge ahead or force the issue, so don't even bother trying. Just put one foot in front of the other, observe what happens, and respond accordingly. This transit can have a bit of magic to it, with desires manifesting if you have the correct focus and intention. "Correct" means honest, compassionate and open to whatever appears in front of you. You don't really have control; all you can do is act from the highest possible place in your heart/mind/soul, and then go where the current takes you. Initiate, but don't press the issue.

Here are the aspects Mars in Pisces will be making:

  • Jan 15: square Saturn at 2 deg Sag
  • Jan 19: conjunct Neptune at 5 deg
  • Jan 28: inconjunct the North Node at 12 degrees Libra
  • Jan 30: sextile Pluto at 14 deg Capricorn
  • Jan 31: conjunct Chiron at 15 deg
  • Feb 4: inconjunct Jupiter Rx at 17 deg Leo

Mars will be in Pisces until February 19th.