Full Moon in Virgo

  Full Moon in VirgoThere's a complicated Full Moon (at 14 degrees Virgo) on March 5th, as it hooks into various configurations.

Inconjuncts are strongly featured during this Moon, so it's important to know how to handle them. An inconjunct connects two types of energy that have nothing in common. But you need to find a way to make them both work, and you do this by making adjustments to both sides. Keep this in mind as you read the rest of this post.

Let's start with the basics. Virgo is about details, service to others and doing the right thing. Recognition for the sake of personal gain is not the primary concern. Doing it right is the primary concern, whatever "right" means to you at this time. Since the Moon opposes the Sun during a Full Moon, the Pisces themes of sacrifice and transcendence are also part of the package. Chiron (Wounded Healer) will be close by (at 17 degrees) reminding you that it hurts to be overlooked, but the way past that hurt is to acknowledge it, and then just do what you do best. You can't "fix" Chiron, but you can allow the awareness he triggers to add depth, compassion and wisdom to your work.

The Moon will inconjunct Venus and Uranus at 15 and 14 degrees Aries, respectively. I wrote about Venus/Uranus here, but in a nutshell, this suggests efforts to do it right/carefully will be rattled by unexpected (Uranus) wants (Venus). Struggling to keep it together in the midst of relationship/financial drama. Trying to take the high road as you're confronted with a shock. Fortunately, the Moon will receive an empowering trine from Pluto (at 15 degrees Capricorn). The trine will urge you to stick with what you know is right, or keep working your plan, even as you accommodate the unexpected.  You want to find the middle ground between myopic focus versus losing all focus.

The Jupiter Yod

This Moon is also part of a Yod with Jupiter Rx (at 14 degrees Leo) as the focal point. This Yod has been active for awhile (I wrote about it here) and it started off with Jupiter, Chiron in Pisces, and Pluto.

For those not familiar with the terminology, a Yod consists of inconjuncts from two planets/asteroids that are focused on a third planet (the focal or release point).

The Sun in Pisces replaces Chiron in this Yod. The inconjunct between Jupiter Rx in Leo and the Sun in Pisces is public recognition (Jupiter in Leo) versus transcendence of the ego (Sun in Pisces). The inconjunct between Jupiter and Pluto is power/transformation (Pluto) versus expansion (Jupiter). You have the themes of transcendence and transformation (rise above it all) funnelled into the drive to be noticed and appreciated (Jupiter in Leo). And yet, you cannot get lost in Jupiter's rush of expansion, optimism or justification and forget about the Pisces (and Virgo) issues of sacrifice and service. There's more at stake here than personal gain, even if the issue is personal. At the same time, there will have to be recognition for services rendered. This Moon is not about labouring away in the background. But whatever is revealed in the spotlight (Leo) must be approached with consideration and correct procedure (Virgo).

The Jupiter/Uranus Trine and the South Node

A trine between Jupiter Rx and Uranus/Venus will peak one to two days before this Moon. Whether it's inflammatory or freeing, this trine will push events towards the conclusion of the Full Moon. Venus/Uranus and Jupiter are very much about personal freedom and trumpeting your own values. Just remember that this freedom will collide with the Pisces/Virgo energy of the Full Moon, and the Yod. Jupiter's agenda will certainly be enhanced by the trine, so there will be a desire for liberation, no matter what.

Finally, Mars in Aries will pass over the South Node on March 4th, adding to theme of subjective freedom (Mars is me first). Kicking away from the past, or putting the boots to a culminating situation (South Node).

Black Moon Lilith

While she won't be a major player in upcoming events, Black Moon Lilith (at 11 degrees Virgo) will be close to this Moon. I wrote an article about her transit through Virgo, and I feel like this Full Moon (and Virgo's microscope) may  zero in on one situation where she's not being loved/accepted.  She will be inconjuncting the Mars/South Node union, which can pump up her anger and bring her to a tipping point: move on and accept that there's a disempowering situation where she'll never be Number One, or lash out and make someone pay. BML is powerful, but the source of her power (her status as an outsider) can work against her, if she becomes vengeful.


In summary, I see this Full Moon as a chance to (finally) gain recognition for the work you've done, providing you've done it correctly. Here's the moment when you can stand up and say "I've been doing this in a way that no one else ever could." Virgo is the specialist who often goes unrecognized. Now, the specialist can have his/her moment in the Sun. This is not for personal recognition; it's recognition for your work, your discipline or your craftsmanship. See the difference? But you'll have to take action (Mars) to get that particular ball rolling.  If you're tired of being unappreciated, what are you prepared to do about it?

Since there's always a flip side, this Moon could also illuminate (very publicly) what hasn't been done correctly (Virgo is also the sign of what's broken). Or, someone could trample over you in a rush to assert their own agenda. When Virgo/Pisces are involved, there is sometimes an unpleasant sacrifice, and the emphasis on inconjuncts makes balanced actions/responses difficult.

Whatever side of the equation you find yourself on, go back to the Moon in the Virgo area of your chart: you'll know what's right, so stick with that, even if others do not.