The Awkward Mix of Applause and Transcendence

What an awkward jumble of influences we have coming up.

There's an inconjunct between Mars (at 17 degrees Pisces) and Jupiter Rx in Leo, exact in the early hours of February 4th. It is part of the current Full Moon in Leo, but by itself, this aspect suggests actions (Mars) that are out of proportion (Jupiter) to reality. Optimism is undermined by weakness/addiction/low energy, or attempts to heal/transcend are undermined by something big, bright and flashy (fame? applause? bling?) This combo is ripe for misguided attempts at...whatever. If you're in the zone for this one, triple check your motivations and remember that, when an inconjunct is in play, you need to work both sides by moderating each influence. One cannot cancel out the other. So you want actions aimed at a higher purpose and your shot of recognition.

On February 5th, we see another inconjunct between Venus (at 11 degrees Pisces) and the transiting North Node in Libra (ruled by Venus). This one suggests a hiccup between attempts to release/love more freely/embrace others (Venus in Pisces) and the North Node path forward (relationships/compromise). Venus is the key to the North Node, but there's a puzzle to be worked out here: how do you embrace that one on one energy, while embracing the bigger picture? How do you connect on the human and divine level?

In the midst of all this, February 4th to 6th gives us a shot of hope with an opposition between the Sun (at 17 degrees Aquarius) and Jupiter Rx in Leo. In some ways, this may echo/continue the Full Moon, but there's the added boost of an exact contact with Jupiter. Even though it's Rx (reversed) an opposition to Jupiter means bigger, bolder, more. Despite the itchy inconjuncts, here's a pure shot of potential to make the grand statement and grab attention. This opposition says "Look at me."

From February 7th to 9th, Venus will conjunct Chiron (at 15 degrees Pisces) and on February 10th, Venus will inconjunct Jupiter Rx (at 17 degrees Leo). Venus/Chiron can mean love that hurts, love that heals, or a combination. The fantasy romance/attraction that is revealed to be a very painful sham. Or, the opportunity to finally let down your guard in a soothing environment, and be greeted with love and compassion. Either way, love mixes with vulnerability and there's no where to hide.

What you long for is delivered, but so is the recognition that it hurts to want something/someone.

Venus' inconjunct to Jupiter can add up to dissatisfaction. You glimpse the dream (Venus in Pisces) but it's not enough, because expectations (Jupiter) are wayyy over the top. Or, you get the prize (Jupiter) but it feels hollow, because there's a whiff of magic/meaning (Venus in Pisces) that you haven't quite reached. As with the Mars/Jupiter inconjunct, you want to work with both; if it feels like it's not quite enough, adjust your expectations while seeing what you can do to refine the situation a bit.

When working with Pisces and Leo, know that the bridge is creativity. Leo creates on the human plane, Pisces on the spiritual plane. Both create the awareness that there is more to life than what's under your nose. When working with Pisces and Libra (transpersonal/personal) know that Venus (what you love) is the commonality.

Keep in mind that Mars in Pisces is triggering (in advance) every aspect that Venus will make. Mars stirs it up, and Venus receives. These two are approaching a conjunction, which I'll write about in the next couple of days.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 16 to 18 degrees Pisces or Leo, you'll feel the Mars/Jupiter andVenus/Jupiter inconjunct
  • 10 to 12 degrees Pisces or Libra, you'll feel the Venus/North Node inconjunct
  • 15 to 18 degrees of the Fixed signs, you'll feel the Sun/Jupiter opposition
  • 13 to 16 degrees of the Mutable signs, you'll feel the Venus/Chiron conjunction