Horoscopes for March 15th to March 22nd


March 17th sees Venus (love, money, self-esteem) enter Taurus, one of the signs that she rules. Venus-themed issues can bloom in this Earth sign, and the energy is sensual and concerned with the accumulation of what’s desired. “Patient growth” is the motto for Venus in Taurus.

March 20th is a special day. Not only is it the Spring Equinox, but there is also a New Moon eclipse. This eclipse takes place in the last degree of Pisces (the last sign of the Zodiac) and soon after, the Sun enters Aries (the first sign). So we have a powerful moment when endings and beginnings dance together, adding extra resonance to whatever starts around this time. All eclipses are potent, but this one is particularly crucial. There is a feeling of final final releases (some that have been brewing for years), followed by steps into uncharted territory.


Venus in your sector of personal resources helps you attract what you want and need, while emphasizing you ability to maximize these things. Excellent for developing the full potential of a financial or emotional opportunity.

The eclipse activates your hidden sector, drawing your attention to a secret or instinctive matter. Watch for a release or shift in purpose that precedes this. What’s out of sight will have significant influence, but it won’t stay hidden for long: as the Sun moves into your sign, you may find these background matters almost immediately launched into the open. Be prepared to go public with what was private, or to confirm what was suspected.

  • Attraction increased: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem
  • Endings and beginnings: secrets, background/undeveloped potentials, lifestyle shift
  • Accelerations: public identity, physical appearance, personal goals


Venus in your sign adds effortless charm and magnetism. You don’t have to do much with this influence, as you’ll find it easy to draw in positive attention. Alternatively, you can find a space to kick back, relax and luxuriate. This is the best time to just be yourself and see who responds.

The eclipse in your social sector can shift your social priorities, or call time on a friendship. The fallout will set you on a new, public course, or draw your attention to a new, personal goal/wish. However, as the Sun enters your hidden sector, you’ll find that there’s more prep work to be done. There may be hidden issues to deal with, or a time of gestation is needed before this potential is ripe. A new relationship may not be ready to go public, just yet. Be patient, and allow things to unfold on their own.

  • Attraction increased: do what comes naturally
  • Endings and beginnings: friends, groups, public activities, a future wish/hope
  • Acceleration: background preparation, what’s underneath the surface


Venus in your hidden sector can see you nurturing a private dream/desire, or pulling back to take care of yourself. Whether you’re healing or focusing on a secret attraction/project, what’s unfolding will not be rushed or controlled.

The eclipse in your career sector can mark a significant shift in your future goals,your professional image or ambitions. This may be preceded by a job ending or change in professional status. A new business can be launched as well. As the Sun enters your social sector, it bodes well for all career prospects (beginnings or endings) because you’ll be immediately launched into the public eye, where there are connections, attention and the potential to expand into the future. Any new endeavour has the potential to make a significant public impact.

  • Attraction increased: hidden potentials, quiet time/healing, secret/instinctive attractions, desires that you keep to yourself
  • Endings and beginnings: career, professional status, ambitions, job search, launch of a business
  • Acceleration: furthering your future goals, gaining public support


Venus in your social sector is excellent for mingling with others, connecting with the public or meeting potential romantic connections. Even if you have no set agenda, the sweet spot for you is out there.

The eclipse in your sector of opportunities hi-lights an unexplored area, or something outside your comfort zone. As you release fears of the unknown, or move away from certain opportunities that are no longer viable, watch for a sign that you should reach further (in a new area) or take a leap of faith. As the Sun enters your career sector, the exploration can become official, or the interest can be transformed into a professional goal. Supports career expansion, finding a new job, or an official ceremony/graduation.

  • Attraction increased: friends, groups, social activities, public promotions
  • Endings and beginnings: education, long-distance travel, legal matters, publishing,
  • Acceleration: career, the launch of an official designation (doctor, lawyer, teacher, minister, etc)


Venus in your career sector can position you perfectly to develop a strategic partnership, gain support for your ideas/business or generally attract what you need in your professional life.

The eclipse in your sector of shared resources can signal a shift in financial status, or in the intensity of a romantic relationship. A new era (regarding money you owe/share, or how close you and someone special will become) is dawning. Whether you’re owing more/less, or getting closer/saying goodbye, watch for a deeper layer of understanding to be accessed. This sector is also prime for metaphorical deaths and psychological releases. As the Sun enters your opportunities sector, the deeper changes will quickly fan out to a much larger area than anticipated. More can come your way, even if you shut something down.

  • Attraction increased: career, professional relationships, dealings with management, professional status, success
  • Endings and beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotionalintimacy
  • Acceleration: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration


Venus in your sector of opportunities can help you draw in something distant/out of reach, or make the unfamiliar more accessible. “Making the exotic familiar” could be your catchphrase for this influence.

The eclipse in your relationship sector signals a change in partnership status. Watch for fluid shifts that take you from single to attached, dating to more deeply committed, attached to single, and so on. An existing relationship can also progress towards increased intimacy/understanding. As the Sun enters your sector of shared resources, you and your partner will move together towards a deeper level , or (if things have ended) this could signify your time of healing and retreat. If a new relationship has begun, it will become intimate rather quickly. Either way, watch for intensified emotional reactions and a desire to make the change fully and completely.

  • Attraction increased: long distance travel/romance, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration
  • Endings and beginnings: relationships
  • Acceleration: debts, taxes, loans, your partners finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Venus in your sector of shared resources can make intimate moments with a partner sensual and reassuring. Financial matters can also unfold nicely, as you receive extra resources/ financial assistance.

The eclipse in your sector of routine can point to the wrap up of an obligation, work task or health issue, while putting you on a new track regarding your daily life. Watch for emerging problems/solutions, new medical information, or a shift in understanding about where your priorities lie. As the Sun enters your relationship sector, what began as work may quickly become personal, or you may have to shift your focus from service to cooperation. This eclipse can also hi-light the impact a health or work issue has on a relationship.

  • Attraction increased: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Endings and beginnings: work tasks, co-worker relationships, service to others, medical issues, diet/exercise routine
  • Acceleration: partnerships


Venus in your partnership sector can bring some satisfying moments of romance, attraction and happiness. Whether you’re single or attached, this energy asks that you enjoy the moment for what it is, not what you’re hoping for, missing, or suspecting.

The eclipse in your sector of self-expression can release a personal desire, or shine a new light on what you want. A new attraction can fade, or someone tempting can come into your life. As the Sun moves into your sector of routine, you’ll be pushed to figure out the work you need to do to enable this new desire and fit it into your life. If you’ve just released something, your focus will turn to the practical realities of what comes next; moving on with your life.

  • Attraction increased: relationships
  • Endings and beginnings: new romance, creative project, children/pregnancy, appreciation for your work
  • Acceleration: work tasks, health/medical issues, obligations, the necessities behind the pleasure


Venus in your sector of health and routine can help daily matters run more smoothly. Co-worker relationships should be harmonious, solutions can manifest, and your health and vitality should stabilize. The only challenge with this energy is a lack of drive and discipline; not great for diets and exercise.

The eclipse in your domestic sector can close a door on the past and/or family matters, while introducing a new direction for domestic issues to move in. Great for clearing away stagnant energy that’s been collecting (also excellent for spring cleaning). As the Sun moves into your sector of self-expression, you should feel the results of this clean up almost immediately; watch for a sense of being uplifted, feeling lighter/happier/more confident. This can also mark the introduction of a brighter, more optimistic period in your life, as you make room for something/someone.

  • Attraction increased; co-worker relationships, solutions to daily problems, working you way through routines/obligations, health
  • Endings and beginnings: home, family, childhood, relocation, home business, cleaning house
  • Acceleration: children/pregnancy, creative work, new romance, celebrations


Venus in your sector of self-expression is fabulous for pure enjoyment, attraction, flirtation and artistic inspiration. This is also a fertile energy, as it enhances pregnancy plus any kind of manifestation/growth.

The eclipse in your communication sector can trigger a turning point conversation/announcement. The information that’s delivered will effectively draw a line between what was, and what’s coming up. Goodbyes are a possibility, but as the Sun enters your domestic sector, you’ll see how it all leads to an invigorated personal chapter. Family issues/decisions are hi-lighted, especially involving siblings. This eclipse can shift you onto a brand new personal track.

  • Attraction increased: children/pregnancy, creative work, new romance, confidence, celebrations, enjoying life as it is
  • Endings and beginnings: questions/answers, final conversations, siblings issues, announcements, critical information, game-changing statements
  • Acceleration: home, family, relocation, home business, new domestic routine/direction


Venus in your domestic sector is perfect for feathering your nest, enjoying quiet times with those most important to you, or becoming aware of the beauty of what you already have. Family connections can be enhanced.

The eclipse in your sector of personal resources can signal a shift in what you earn, or an awareness of new sources of income. Self-esteem and emotional needs can also change, as you leave behind what used to work. As the Sun enters your communication sector, this new awareness will translate into a powerful desire to let others know exactly what you need. Verbalizing your resource demands (whether they’re material or emotional) may be unavoidable.

  • Attraction increased: home, family, purchasing items for the home, building up what makes you feel safe
  • Endings and beginnings: earned money, emotional needs, values, new sources of income, pay raise, salary negotiations
  • Acceleration: emails, phone calls, discussions, answers/demands, financial contracts, emotional discussions


Venus in your sector of communication can help you say what’s needed, in the perfect way, at the perfect time. Too, you could be the recipient of an appealing message or happy piece of news. This isn’t about bold statements, but it is about pleasing confirmations and simple statements of affection/appreciation.

The eclipse in your sign will mark a crucial turning point for you, as an old situation/state of being/lifestyle is released, in order to make room for growth.  This energy can feel hopeful, no matter what happens, because you’re on the cusp of something fresh and essential. As the Sun enters your sector of personal resources, you’ll see how this translates into increased security, abundance or the drive to increase these things in your life. This change is not just aboutthoughts and feelings; it will directly impact your practical/material security, while giving you a needed boost of energy to keep pushing in the direction that’s best of you.

  • Attraction increased: exchanges of information, messages, conversations, introductions
  • Endings and beginnings: relationship, career, personal identity, physical appearance, personal goals, lifestyle
  • Acceleration: earned money, values, emotional security