Horoscopes for March 1st to March 8th

Painting by Vasily Surikov


March 1st sees Venus passing over the transiting South Node in Aries. This was covered in last week’s horoscopes:

“Venus rules the transiting North Node in Libra (a situation that’s up for further development) so her contact with the South Node (what needs to be completed) suggests you need to take a step back before you can move forward. Issues from the past may surge forward, or old habits (involving relationships, money, self-esteem) may intensify, so they can be fully dealt with. “

Whatever the South Node/Venus contact sets in motion will be pushed forward by a trine from Jupiter Rx (at 14 degrees Leo) to Venus and Uranus in Aries (March 1st to 4th). Jupiter can expand, bring hope or inflame. Jupiter aspecting Venus/Uranus can bring an unexpected jolt of what you want, or just an unexpected jolt.  Either way, know that Jupiter’s end game is about growing beyond your current situation.

Also on March 4th, Venus will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto in Capricorn, triggering intensified shocks, surprises and last-minute shifts. Love, money, self-esteem and values will be forcefully adjusted, if anyone is clinging to stale situations. Mars’ conjunction to the South Node, on the same day, ups the ante with actions that bring closure. Mars/South Node contacts can feel more forceful than Venus/South Node.

On March 5th, the Virgo Full Moon (at 14 degrees) gathers all the above influences and focuses them on correction, service, sacrifice and doing what’s right. On the same day, a Yod will peak, with Jupiter Rx as the focal point. The Sun in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn will both inonjunct Jupiter Rx, creating a tense confrontation between transcendence/compassion (Sun in Pisces) and power/transformation (Pluto in Capricorn) versus expansion and egotistical displays (Jupiter in Leo). Pluto and the Sun will blend their energies, creating a base of transformative awareness. But that energy will be focused through Jupiter’s lens, which can exaggerate problems. Combined with the Virgo Full Moon, there will be an uneasy mix of service/ego, what’s broken/drive for appreciation. This tricky balance will demand recognition for appropriate efforts, while avoiding hollow self-promotion. This Moon will also spotlight areas where you’ve settled for less, given up, or avoided obligations. Too, these influences can offer you a well-deserved reward for the efforts you’ve made to refine or improve.


Jupiter Rx in your sector of self-expression trines Venus/Uranus in your sign, accelerating the relationship or self-esteem turning point that Venus over the South Node (in your sign) confronted you with. This could be an opportunity to claim what you’ve been hoping for, or express your creativity/magnetism/joy in a bold way. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can shake things up personally and/or professionally, as you realize what you really want. Mars over the South Node can push you past the point of no return; a new job, new relationship or new public identity are in the works.

The Full Moon in your sector of routine will show you how the above events will play out in your daily life. The results will manifest at the most basic level. Taking care of others or taking care of yourself may be themes, and the Jupiter Yod encourages you to consider how work/obligations function alongside play, pleasure, celebration or new romance. What are you prepared to do to create what you want, and have you done the work to make it happen?

  • Culminating situation: relationships, personal/professional identity, physical appearance
  • Full Moon hi-lights: co-worker relationships, health, service to others, work tasks, daily routine, what’s in your toolbox


Jupiter Rx in your domestic sector trines Venus/Uranus in your hidden sector, adding fuel to the hidden fire sparked by Venus’ pass over the South Node. Watch for expansion/realizations that no one sees but you, in an area that is deeply private. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can open you up in unexpected ways, or shake loose a secret. Mars (in your hidden sector) over the South Node adds the push of instinctive ambition or quiet certainty, as actions flow, almost without trying. There may be a significant, private goodbye that unfolds naturally.

The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression brings everything to a peak in the areas of children, creativity or romance. Achieving a personal desire, or being appreciated for what you’ve done may be themes, and background events could conspire to push you into the spotlight. The Jupiter Yod ties events in with significant shifts at home (a relocation or expansion) or flare up of a childhood/family issue. Children/pregnancy are especially hi-lighted.

  • Culminating situation: what’s private/hidden/unacknowledged, instinctive moves, unconscious efforts, natural release
  • Full Moon hi-lights: children, pregnancy, new romance, creative/artistic projects, public appreciation, complete expression of who you are


Jupiter Rx in your communication sector trines Venus/Uranus in your social sector, boosting contacts with friends, groups or the public. Excellent for promotions, public speaking or sales. If Venus’ pass over the South Node brought you in contact with someone significant, Jupiter could push the relationship forward. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can suggest an attraction with unexpected depth and consequences, or a surprising shift in your social circle/public image. This energy could also spark a fresh idea about how you want to interact with the public. Mars over the South Node (in your social sector) makes public actions/group activities crucial, giving efforts more weight than you might think. Terminated friendships or the end of a public role are also possibilities.

The Full Moon in your domestic sector brings public issues home, where you’ll feel the impact with family, or on a intimate level. The boundaries between public and private will be non-existent, and the Jupiter Yod ensures that you’ll be talking it out. Watch for legal discussions, official announcements or important conversations with siblings.

  • Culminating situation: friends, groups, the public, attraction to someone in your social circle, public identity
  • Full Moon hi-lights: home, family, home business, siblings


Jupiter Rx in your sector of personal resources trines Venus/Uranus in your career sector, suggesting a career move that pays dividends. Venus’ pass over the South Node may have brought you to a turning point regarding your career path, professional image or work relationship, and now the trine to Jupiter should confirm that you’re on the right path. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can shake things up, personally and professionally, but it can also put you in touch with accelerated ambition and public appreciation for your work.   Mars over the South Node can be a deciding factor about how aggressive you’re ready to be, in order to promote your interests. Family and career priorities can also do a 180.

The Full Moon in your communication sector can indicate a turning point discussion/announcement, or a statement of intent. The Jupiter Yod will bring your self-worth, personal and financial values into play, as what you’re receiving versus what you deserve becomes the question of the moment. Facts, details, and speaking the truth will play an important role.

  • Culminating situation: career, professional image, approach to success/ambition, work relationship
  • Full Moon hi-lights: emails, phone calls, discussions, research, questions/answers, communicating in an appropriate manner, asking the right questions, covering all the details


Jupiter Rx in your sign trines Venus/Uranus in your sector of opportunities, boosting your urge to run with whatever Venus over the South Node might have triggered. A long distance romance, chance to travel or explore may beckon. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can be enticing, but also nerve wracking, as you’re pushed into unfamiliar territory. Mars over the South Node drives the point home that this is part of major shift in your perspective; it may be time to confront an ideal or direction in life, once and for all.

The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources can bring results in the areas of finances, security or self-esteem. The Jupiter Yod is pushing you to reconsider where and how far you’re able to expand (emotionally or logistically). It may be time to redirect an area of growth, or look for opportunities in an area that you thought was closed to you. Money that you owe or share with a partner may be up for closer examination, or there may be adjustments needed between your values and the direction a partnership is heading.

  • Culminating situation: long-distance romance, travel, education, legal matters, ideals, exploration
  • Full Moon hi-lights: earned money, savings/spending, emotional security, what you need, personal values


Jupiter Rx in your hidden sector trines Venus/Uranus in your sector of shared resources, pushing you to go deeper/look further regarding a financial or emotional issue that Venus over the South Node may have initiated. Whether you’re changing the way you engage with your partner, or your money, this trine can open up unexpected  breakthroughs. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto insist that now is not the time to hold back; you’re on the verge of transforming your entire approach to what you have, what you want and how you share those things. Mars over the South Node can spell the end of inauthentic intimacy, or allow you to cauterize an area where there’s emotional/financial bleeding.

The Full Moon in your sign keeps the big changes happening, as you experience a turning point in a relationship, or in your personal identity/life path. The Jupiter Yod insists that part of what’s driving these changes is an internal realization or reclamation. Alternatively, something that’s been building in the background can make a reappearance, and this time you won’t be able to ignore it.

  • Culminating situation: debts, taxes, loans, your partners finances, physical/emotional intimacy, confronting the need to go deeper/be honest
  • Full Moon hi-lights: relationships, personal identity, physical appearance, personal goals,


Jupiter Rx in your social sector trines Venus/Uranus in your partnership sector, accelerating a relationship turning point or revisitation of a past love interest. If Venus crossing the South Node pushed a situation to completion, Jupiter’s trine can open up future possibilities. Excellent for all social interactions, or just reconnecting with old friends. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can heighten your awareness of what needs to change in your love life, while making you feel restless/dissatisfied if a current situation is limiting you. Mars over the South Node can trigger an argument with a partner, or abrupt exit. Whether it’s you or the other person taking action, you’re being pushed to assert yourself.

The Full Moon in your hidden sector can bring secrets/background issues to a boil,  and the Jupiter Yod ties this in with your social identity, place in the group or awareness of the bigger picture. If you’ve been doing/giving more without recognition, these energies can push you into the spotlight.

  • Culminations: relationships, how you assert yourself in relationships
  • Full Moon hi-lights: secrets, unacknowledged issues, shining a light on what’s been ignored, getting credit for your contributions   


Jupiter Rx in your career sector trines Venus/Uranus in your sector of routine. Venus crossing the South Node may have triggered a shift in a co-worker relationship, health routine or daily habit, and the trine from Jupiter should encourage you as changes on the micro level cause ripples on the macro level. A small adjustment can bring positive attention from management, or boost your professional image. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto will keep the pressure on to dedicate yourself to healthier, more effective habits or self-care. Mars over the South Node can be especially good for releasing unhealthy activities, or for focusing your efforts on a particular problem.

The Full Moon in your social sector ties these shifts in with your public identity. Watch for changes in a friendship or your place in the group. The Jupiter Yod can point out necessary revisions in your professional status, while urging you to look at how your career path/ambitions connect with your social aims. Is what you do reflective of who you are? Do your group affiliations support or clash with your professional standards? Alternatively, this could be a peak time to promote/launch a new business, if it meshes with your social aims.

  • Culminating situations: health, work tasks, co-worker relationships, service to others, daily habits
  • Full Moon hi-lights: friends, groups, group activities, your public image, social goals, public reputation


Jupiter Rx in your opportunities sector trines Venus/Uranus in your sector of self-expression, encouraging you to make the most of what you have to offer or show off. Venus over the South Node may have tripped a switch around how you approach personal desires or creativity, and now the Jupiter trine helps you put your newfound understanding into action. A long distance romance can quickly move through all the stages. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can rattle you with the intensity of a desire, or fire up your ambition to get noticed. In general, these influences are supportive of performance or exposing your work to a wider audience.  Mars over the South Node can can push you to walk the talk, or walk away if someone/something isn’t up to your new standards.

The Full Moon in your career sector focuses much of this building energy on your future goals and professional ambitions. Watch for a turning point at work/with management; the issue will be how much room you have to be yourself at your current job. If you’re looking for work, there could be an opening. Whether you’re currently employed or not, the Jupiter Yod indicates there’s room to grow (in the areas of education, legal matters, publishing or long distance travel) beyond where you’re currently at. Don’t allow fears, inertia or ingrained helplessness/boredom keep you from reaching further.

  • Culminating situations: creative efforts, children/pregnancy, new romance, drive for attention
  • Full Moon hi-lights: career, professional image, dealings with management, future goals


Jupiter Rx in your sector of shared rescues trines Venus/Uranus in your domestic sector, uncovering more financial resources or emotional support. A domestic conclusion or move away from the past that was triggered by Venus over the South Node will be enabled by the Jupiter trine, as you forge deeper bonds with a partner or find your path forward opens up naturally. Venus aspecting Uranus and Pluto (in your sign) can shake your foundations a bit, but the disruption is part of the process of relocation or redirecting your personal life. Mars over the South Node can signal the final stage of a move, relationship status, family issue or home repair.

The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities points you onwards and upwards, as opportunities for growth come to fruition. The Jupiter Yod suggests you’ll have the resources to fuel your journey, or, an imbalance of resources will have to be addressed before you can go any further.

  • Culminating situations: home, family , relocation, home business, domestic relationship, childhood issues
  • Full Moon hi-lights: travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration, money/lack of money to fund your growth


Jupiter Rx in your partnership sector trines Venus/Uranus in your communication sector, triggering romantic/flirtatious contacts/conversations. New contacts can be especially exciting (and Venus over the South Node suggests there will be a strong tie in with your past, or at least a feeling of familiarity). Existing relationships can push past boundaries with straightforward conversations. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto suggest that all discussions/communications (romantic or platonic) will have extra impact; there’s more at stake here than you realize. Mars over the South Node can trigger an argument or blunt announcement that wraps things up, permanently. If you’re looking to finalize, now’s your chance.

The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources puts the spotlight on money or intimacy, as you cross a threshold regarding what you owe, share or want to share with someone special. The Jupiter Yod indicates that progress in your relationships is hooked into this Moon; surface interactions will hit you on a deeper level, and decisions about taking things further or moving on could happen quickly.

  • Culminating situations: all discussions, communications, exchanges of information,  how you get your point across or ask for what you want
  • Full Moon hi-lights: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, what you’re prepared to share, how close is too close


Jupiter Rx in your sector of routine trines Venus/Uranus in your sector of personal resources, helping you make significant progress in the areas of work, health or obligations. Venus over the South Node may have flipped a switch in how you approach money or self-worth, and the trine to Jupiter keeps you rolling in the right direction as you find ways to work this new understanding into your daily life. Venus aspecting Uranus/Pluto can make you feel unsure as your security base shifts, but know that it’s shifting to more stable ground. Mars over the South Node can push you to demand more money, or leave a situation that does not pay you what you need (emotionally or financially). Too, Mars can focus your actions on a lucrative potential.

The Full Moon in your partnership sector can hi-light relationship details, difficulties or areas where you (or your partner) seem to fall short. “Fix this” could be the feeling, but the Jupiter Yod insists there’s room for improvement. Whether it’s self-improvement or a shift in your understanding of how your partner fits into your life, the biggest changes will happen on the most mundane level.

  • Culminating situations: earned money, self-esteem, values, security
  • Full Moon hi-lights: relationships