Horoscopes for March 22nd to March 29th

Illustration by Arthur Rackham


Mercury conjuncts Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces on March 24th, uniting painful sensitivities with thoughts and words. This will likely be a day when conversations unwittingly hit a nerve, but it will also be an opportunity to talk/write/think about what’s really bothering you.

On March 25th, the Sun in Aries forms a harmonious trine with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, adding clarity and purpose to delays, refocused priorities or changes in plans. The spotlight will shine on something that’s being reviewed, and it should all make sense. Venus in Taurus squares Jupiter Rx in Leo on March 27th, then goes on to trine Pluto in Capricorn on March 30th. Jupiter will urge Venus to want more, and Pluto will enable and intensify what’s already there. March 27th to 30th can be a potent few days for earning money, establishing romantic bonds, or just feeling good about yourself.


Mercury/Chiron in your sector of secrets can indicate a private conversation/realization that touches a sore spot. While sensitivity is increased, so is the support for healing discussions/ideas that can help you put the hidden pain into words. Excellent for journaling or confronting unacknowledged wounds.

The Sun in your sign connects to Saturn Rx in your opportunities sector, offering focus and assurance as you go back over an opportunity or reorganize a distant goal. Venus (in your sector of personal resources) aspecting Jupiter Rx and Pluto can push you to spend/expect quite a bit, when it comes to a career or status matter. There is room for growth and positive attention, but make sure you don’t go overboard with the spending and self-indulgence.

  • Articulating what hurts: secrets, gossip, intuition, dreams, gut feelings, private thoughts
  • Clarity through review: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, mentoring
  • Increased growth: earned money, self-esteem, personal desires, celebrations, new romance, career, public attention


Mercury/Chiron in your social sector suggest that discussions with friends can turn over some painful issues, while opening up the space to release. All social/public exchanges of information will be touchy on this day, so think before you speak.

The Sun in your hidden sector trines Saturn Rx in sector of shared resources, suggesting that taking a closer look at shared finances, private plans or intimacy issues will solidify your position. Don’t be afraid to dig a bit deeper. Venus in your sign, connecting with Jupiter Rx and Pluto, can put you in a powerful, positive spotlight. Your self-assurance and magnetism will be at a peak, and you may be feeling more outgoing than you have in a while. Excellent for positive movement in a family, career or relationship situation.

  • Articulating what hurts: friends, groups, group activities, public speaking, public announcements
  • Clarity through review: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, private or touchy subjects
  • Increased growth: physical attraction, social efforts, public identity, confidence, domestic issues, long-distance goals/dreams


Mercury/Chiron in your career sector can stir up sensitivities about status (not having enough, not being respected), not being heard at work, or having painful information discussed publicly. Use extra care in all professional dealings, especially with management. Too, there’s potential in all situations to confront what’s hurtful and move beyond it, as long as discussions are approached with the professional restraint.

The Sun in your social sector trines Saturn Rx in your partnership sector, suggesting that stepping back (or getting a second opinion) when it comes to a relationship commitment/future goal can be in your best interests. Try to see how what’s happening connects to the bigger picture; it’s probably not just about you and the other person. Venus in your hidden sector, aspecting Jupiter Rx and Pluto, can give form and hope to a private dream or secret attraction. Positive but unexpected messages are hi-lighted.

  • Articulating what hurts: career, public status, professional reputation, discussions with management
  • Clarity through review: partnership plans/commitments/goals, taking an objective look at your relationship
  • Increased growth: secrets, hidden potentials, private desires


Mercury/Chiron in your sector of opportunities suggest that reaching too far, or exploring certain ideas, can put you face to face with your insecurities about the unknown. Rather than shrinking back, see what happens when you keep talking/asking and exploring even further. Alternatively, legal issues/documents can pinpoint a painful matter.

The Sun in your career sector trines Saturn Rx in your sector of routine, urging you to review work habits or obligations. You may have support from higher ups when it comes to restructuring the details, or looking at exactly what your job entails. This energy can also help you become more efficient and effective in your job. Venus in your social sector aspects Jupiter Rx and Pluto, suggesting moments of pleasure and indulgence in an established relationship (that can reaffirm what you’ve got), or opportunities to meet someone new if you’re looking. All relationships (platonic and romantic) can benefit from this energy. Alternatively, if you are looking to launch a business or explore sources of income, this can be a lucrative time.

  • Articulating what hurts: long-distance issues, education, legal matters, publishing, mentoring, exploring new ideas, developing ideals around helping/healing/giving
  • Clarity through review: work routine, service to others, co-worker relationships, how what you do on a daily basis defines your future goals
  • Increased growth: all relationships, public launches, friends/groups


Mercury/Chiron in your sector of shared resources can be especially poignant, vulnerable or productive, depending on how you handle uncomfortable conversations/ revelations. Touchy subjects can include debt, someone else’s money, intimacy and deep anxiety.

The Sun in your sector of opportunities trines Saturn Rx in your sector of self-expression, suggesting that more effort, focus or intensified planning around what you desire will be driven by the urge to move forward. Even if it feels like you’re stuck or backsliding, you’re actually paving the way for progress. Venus in your career sector, aspecting Jupiter Rx in your sign and Pluto (in your sector of routine) presents a juicy opportunity for professional advancement/recognition. You’ll be powered up by confidence (or bravado) and a deep sense of assurance that the transformative work you’ve been doing will pay dividends.

  • Articulating what hurts: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, psychological issues, physical/emotional intimacy, “forbidden” topics
  • Clarity through review: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, personal desires, children/pregnancy, external recognition
  • Increased growth: career, professional reputation, public success, dealing with management


Mercury/Chiron in your relationship sector hi-lights deeply emotional conversations with a partner. The energy is not light, but the results can bring you closer together. Alternatively, careless words can scrape an issue raw, even if one partner feels that the other is being “oversensitive.”

The Sun in your sector of shared resources trines Saturn Rx in your domestic sector, indicating that reconsidered plans involving home/family can proceed smoothly. Careful financial planning, or consideration of what your partner really wants, are key. This energy can be helpful in uncovering additional finances for home renovations, or a home business. Venus in your opportunities sector, aspecting Jupiter Rx and Pluto, can open up something you thought was finished, or reignite a lucrative potential that you thought was out of reach. Don’t discard a certain possibility just yet; there’s more room for you than you think.

  • Articulating what hurts: partnerships
  • Clarity through review: shared finances, physical/emotional intimacy, relocation, family plans, home business, home renovation
  • Increased growth: long distance romance, travel, education, legal matters, publishing


Mercury/Chiron in your sector of routine can indicate a medical diagnosis or realization about your health/energy level. Alternatively, work and obligations can be touchy subjects, finely balanced between acknowledging what needs to be done and acknowledging what you have to give (or what you don’t want to do).

The Sun in your partnership sector trines Saturn Rx in your communication sector, signalling a return to/review of plans or information in a one on one context. This can be your chance to clarify what you meant to say, or reconsider a commitment. Venus in your sector of shared resources, aspecting Jupiter Rx and Pluto, can uncover some financial gifts/assistance, or hi-light some intensely sweet moments of intimacy with a partner.

  • Articulating what hurts: medical issues, health routine, co-worker relationships, service to others, work tasks
  • Clarity through review: partnership plans/commitments, official documents/announcements, reconsidering your final answer
  • Increased growth: financially assistance, your partner’s finances, inheritances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mercury/Chiron in your sector of self-expression can hi-light hesitancies about speaking out or vocalizing your desires. Alternatively, a sensitive message/conversation can inspire some wonderfully creative or romantic moments, with bittersweet energy.

The Sun in your sector of routine trines Saturn Rx in your sector of personal resources, urging you to look closely at financial or work plans. A salary agreement may also be up for review. Alternatively, this energy can help you align your daily habits with personal security (financial and emotional). Venus in your relationship sector, aspecting Jupiter Rx and Pluto, suggests that business or romantic partnerships can blossom. Watch for increased status, public recognition or expansive plans for the future (that include both of you).

  • Articulating what hurts: new romance/attraction, children/pregnancy, artistic efforts, public recognition/appreciation
  • Clarity through review: work or health routines, self-improvement, financial planning, focused daily habits
  • Increased growth: partnerships, career, future goals, professional image


Mercury/Chiron in your domestic sector can trigger sensitive discussions with family, or bring up painful thoughts about the past. This energy can be especially fruitful for accessing long-buried and habitual resentments/insecurities, and talking them through.

The Sun in your sector of self-expression trines Saturn Rx in your sign, suggesting that a change in plans, shift in responsibility or increased focus can put you in the right place for success or enjoyment. It takes work to get what you truly want, and that’s what this aspect is about. Venus in your sector of routine, aspecting Jupiter Rx and Pluto, continues the work theme, urging you to capitalize on a beneficial co-worker relationship or spot of increased energy/enthusiasm in your daily life. Don’t take it for granted; if you do more with what’s unfolding nicely, you can see a financial or emotional bonus.

  • Articulating what hurts: home, family, childhood wounds
  • Clarity through review: refocused plans/responsibilities, new romance, children/pregnancy, celebrations, creative projects
  • Increased growth: work tasks, daily routines, health/diet/exercise, service to others, solutions to problems, finances, new opportunities


Mercury/Chiron in your communication sector can make discussions/messages anything but logical. It may seem as if what you say or hear churns up another layer of vulnerabilities, even though no offence was intended. Too, this could be prime time to zero in on one, touchy issue with a friend or sibling. In all cases, go slow, and know that what comes up is meant to be discussed.

The Sun in your domestic sector trines Saturn Rx in your hidden sector, suggesting a shift or reevaluation of a major lifestyle change. There may be a transition that’s in progress, but before you can push ahead, you may need to confirm with family, or get your domestic affairs in order. Too, backtracking can help you organize family or domestic issues. Take your time; you want to do this right. Venus in your sector of self-expression aspects Jupiter Rx (in your sector of shared resources) and Pluto (in your sign), giving you a boost of confidence, attraction or extra money to fuel a new project or desired goal. Excellent for pure enjoyment, launching a new romance, or getting a creative project off the ground.

  • Articulating what hurts: emails, discussions, phone calls, sibling conversations
  • Clarity through review: domestic issues, major transitions/endings, refocusing your priorities
  • Increased growth: new romance (with an intense feel), celebrations, children/pregnancy, artistic projects, performance, public appreciation


Mercury/Chiron in your security sector helps you put what’s missing into words. Although it may not seem beneficial to articulate that hollow feeling or fear, conversations/observations can be enormously helpful in getting a handle on this slippery influence. This energy can also help you ask for what you really want (financially or emotionally) despite your doubts.

The Sun in your communication sector trines Saturn Rx in your social sector, helping you zero in on one friendship or group issue. Whether you’re letting go, or simply shifting your relationship, this energy allows you to organize your thoughts and come up with a plan. Venus in your domestic sector aspects Jupiter Rx and Pluto, signalling quiet moments of celebration at home/with family. These moments may also involve one, special person, but no matter who you’re with (or even if you’re alone) this is the time to focus on what you do have going for you (and this energy will emphasize a blessing or benefit).

  • Articulating what hurts: earned money, values, emotional security
  • Clarity through review: friendships, group activities, putting your relationship with the collective into words, discussions with friends
  • Increased growth: home, family, domestic relationships, making the most of what’s closest to you


Mercury/Chiron in your sign can emphasize your compassion and ability to touch others with your words. Too, this can be a time of profound healing for you, as you experience a breakthrough conversation, confession or realization.

The Sun in your security sector trines Saturn Rx in your career sector, pointing to a revision of professional goals. This revision (or delay) can bring your plans into closer alignment with financial or emotional security. It’s all about fine tuning. Venus in your communication sector aspects Jupiter Rx and Pluto, bringing you a positive bit of news, a loophole, or an opportunity to speak up about a work or social matter. Combined with Mercury/Chiron in your sign, this could be a powerful week to get your message across (with compassion), or be the recipient of some much-needed understanding.

  • Articulating what hurts: public identity, personal goals, saying it your way and being heard
  • Clarity through review: career, professional status, earned money, financial planning, retirement
  • Increased growth: all communication, conversations, emails, phone calls, exchanges of information, issues with siblings, friends/groups, co-worker relationships, obligations, daily routine