Horoscopes for March 8th to March 15th


Mars (action and assertiveness) in Aries trines Jupiter Rx in Leo on March 10th. Mars then conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto (in Capricorn) on March 11th. Mars will trigger the final chapter of the Uranus/Pluto square (exact on March 16th) with impulsive actions, unexpected aggression or intense urges to make something happen now. Jupiter’s expansive trine will enable Mars, adding fuel to the fire with enhanced confidence or the expansion of an existing situation. There’s potential for great leaps forward, but also for accidents and hostility. Move forward, but exercise restraint.

These influences will be felt throughout this entire week, and will peak on March 16th. The Uranus/Pluto multi-year influence (the changes started back in 2012) shook foundations and illuminated what was exposed, in the rubble. This final tremor may be an aftershock, as much of the deconstruction has already happened. Even if Mars’ influence triggers something that seems brand new, know that it’s been in play for quite some time.

In contrast to the above, March 12th sees Mercury (ideas and communication) float into dreamy Pisces. Mercury will be confronted with a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, which will station retrograde (reversed) on March 14th. The square will be active until March 16th (the same day the Uranus/Pluto square peaks) so this is a caution to slow down and rethink, reconsider, or find the proof before you ride off into the sunset. Mercury square Saturn can delay the flow of information, or confront wishful thinking with reality. Saturn Rx can intensify certain rules/limits (or urge you to question them) while refocusing priorities. Saturn will be Rx until August 2nd, 2015.


Mars and Uranus join in your sign, squaring Pluto in your career sector. This can be a time of peak accomplishment or hostility (on a personal and professional level). It all depends how you use the massive amount of energy at your disposal. Jupiter will inflame your desire for recognition, so you can make a very public splash. This also means that any power plays will be made public as well. Focus on elevating yourself without bringing others down. Watch for asignificant power shift/exit at work, or in a personal relationship.

As the Uranus/Pluto square puts the finishing touches on your new public status, Mercury’s move into your hidden sector will tune you into what’s suspected (but not proven). Saturn Rx (in your sector of opportunity) can bring delays or a shift in focus regarding new territory, new projects or exploration, and the square to Mercury urges you to look deeper/listen to your instincts during this shift.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: professional/personal status, career, future goals, ambition, public recognition, physical appearance
  • Delays/refocusing: long-distance travel, education, exploration, legal matters, publishing, what’s implied but not clearly stated


Mars and Uranus (in your hidden sector) square Pluto in your sector of opportunities, triggering the reveal of a secret, secret ambition or hidden anger. Whether it’s happy or hostile, what comes out will be explosive, and Jupiter’s encouragement will ensure the changes resonate on a domestic level, (relocation, home business, family changes). These influences will reveal the truth, but can make you feel like everything underneath is shifting.

As the Uranus/Pluto square peels back the layers, Mercury’s move into your social sector, and Saturn’s Rx in your sector of shared resources, could make you question a social contact. Public announcements/public speaking can also be delayed. Saturn Rx canfirm up boundaries or urge you to rethink how intimate you want to be in a new relationship.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: revealing secrets/unacknowledged issues, hidden ambitions, long-distance travel, education, legal matters, exploration, reaching beyond what you have
  • Delays/refocusing: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, friends, groups activities


Mars and Uranus in your social sector square Pluto (in your sector of shared resources)

jolting a friendship, group association or your place in the collective. Arguments or abrupt actions are a possibility, and they will be symptoms of a change that’s been brewing for some time. Too, this could signal a public launch or bold new identity. Jupiter’s influence can encourage you to speak out or expose your words to a bigger audience. Watch for deep triggers, including jealousy, possessiveness or pushing through psychological blocks. A shift in finances can also impact your social identity.

As the Uranus/Pluto square reboots your public persona, Mercury’s move into your career sector, and its square to Saturn Rx in your partnership sector, could see you reevaluating partnership and/or career goals. Discussions with management can be especially frustrating, as you struggle to make yourself heard. A relationship commitment may also require a closer look.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: your public image, how you relate to the group, impact you have on the public, shared finances, intimacy, breaking through fears of public exposure
  • Delays/refocusing: partnerships, career, communication with management


Mars and Uranus in your career sector square Pluto in your partnership sector, shaking up your professional status or your pursuit of a professional goal. Power struggles or public disputes/displays of aggression are possible, so use extreme caution. Too, you could find yourself being far more assertive at work than you ever imagined; this could be a game changer, for the better. Jupiter can give you reasons to push forward (better pay, increased security, more confidence). Major changes in a partnership (business or romantic) are also a strong possibility, but be wary of knee-jerk reactions or ultimatums.

As the Uranus/Pluto square sets new personal and professional standards, Mercury’s move into your opportunities sector, and its square to Saturn Rx in your sector of routine, urge you to pull back and focus on the immediate details, before you reach any further. Health or work issues can cause delays, or you may find that a particular obligation needs to be squared away. Communications involving legal matters, travel plans, education or publishing can be especially frustrating.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: professional status, career goals, partnership issues, public conflicts, public authority
  • Delays/refocusing: health, work routine, service to others, practical details


Mars and Uranus in your sector of opportunities square Pluto in your sector of routine, suggesting that reaching further/exploring is part of what’s shaking your current foundations. New ideas, knowledge or locations are the wakeup call, meant to shift your health and work routine into high gear. The Uranus/Pluto square has been working on these areas for awhile, urging you to overhaul your diet, exercise, work habits or daily obligations. Jupiter Rx in your sign can give you a shot of courage, urging you to take that final step. Whether it’s a relocation, conclusion of a legal issue or going back to school, the time is now.

As you’re being nudged into new territory, Mercury’s move into your sector of shared resources, and its square to Saturn Rx in your sector of self-expression, can ask you to look closely at your finances and/or emotional expectations. Yes, there’s something/someone new you’re gunning for, but before you go all in, make sure your financial/emotional foundation is solid. A loan may need reworking. Things to double check include feelings of entitlement and the reality of what you have to offer versus what you want to receive. Even things that bring you pleasure need to be approached with commitment and dedication, if you want them to turn into something lasting.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: long-distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration, medical issues, daily routine, obligations
  • Delays/refocusing : debts, taxes, loans, your partners finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mars and Uranus in your sector of shared resources square Pluto (in your sector of self-expression) can trigger a final shake up that changes your entire approach to romance, entitlement, pleasure and creativity. Holding back, holding out, or not taking your desires seriously are about to become a thing of the past. An intimate relationship could intensify, or fall apart, depending on how closely it’s aligned with your path forward (that’s the path where you’re courageous enough to pursue what you really want). Jupiter adds encouragement via a background swell of urgency or support. Watch for a new way of approaching debts, finances or self-sufficiency, as well.

As the Uranus/Pluto square forces you to get serious about your authentic desires, Mercury’s move into your relationship sector, and its square to Saturn Rx in your domestic sector, can stir up some tension in a partnership. Domestic plans/discussions can reach an impasse, but any slow downs are designed to draw your attention to a particular issue that needs to be worked through. Joint finances or plans to expand your family can be sticking points.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: debts, taxes, loans, your partners finances, physical/emotional intimacy, confronting psychological blocks, creative projects, children/pregnancy
  • Delays/refocusing: domestic partnership discussions/plans/future goals


Mars and Uranus in your relationship sector (square Pluto in your domestic sector) add the final flourish to significant shifts your love and domestic life have undergone over the past few years. Watch for deal-breaker arguments or sudden actions that leave no room for doubt.Hesitation is not an option. An existing relationship will either keep pace with the times, or end. A new relationship will look nothing like the connections that were part of your old life.Jupiter offers hopeful developments in the guise of social support or (if someone new is on the horizon) exciting social connections.

As the Uranus/Pluto square closes the door on the your past, Mercury’s move into your sector of routine, and its square to Saturn Rx in your communication sector, can throw up some static in the form of misunderstandings, blocked communication or delays (as you wait for an answer). Information involving work or health may demand a second look, as you find yourself adjusting certain rules.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: relationships, domestic priorities, past habits/future goals
  • Delays/refocusing: messages, questions/answers, discussions, health/work issues, signed documents


Mars/Uranus in your sector of routine (square Pluto in your communication sector) suggests that sudden actions/announcements at work, or a surprising health diagnosis, could throw you into overdrive. As abrupt as this may be, know that it’s part of a longer-term trend that the Uranus/Pluto square has been initiating. It may be time to confront a medical reality, or move on from a job/obligation that’s no longer part of your future. Jupiter’s expansive energy strongly suggests that any changes are part of a bigger, brighter future, especially if a new career goal is involved.

Mercury’s move into your sector of self-expression, and its square to Saturn Rx in your security sector, urges you to take stock of money and/or the realities of what you desire, even as you’re jumping forward. It’s doable, but you may need to look more closely at a financial issue (budgeting, saving).

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: work routines, co-worker relationships, health, obligations
  • Delays/refocusing: earned money, creative goals, discipline with resources


Mars/Uranus in your sector of self-expression square Pluto (in your sector of personal resources) can accelerate a new romance, creative project or desire to celebrate/show off. This is also risk-taking energy, and Jupiter Rx will encourage this even more, especially if it involves trying something new. Excellent for grabbing attention, but it will also be very easy to step over the line or take on more than you can handle.

As the Uranus/Pluto square finalizes your new, more confident approach to success, creativity and external appreciation, Mercury’s move into your domestic sector (and its square to Saturn Rx in your sign) can temporarily put you on pause. A domestic/family issue may draw your attention, or you may feel an inner shift as you’re compelled to retrace your steps/reconsider your options. If you have to slow down, do it. There’s no rush.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: new romance, creative projects, children/pregnancy, confidence, self-esteem, earned money
  • Delays/refocusing: home, family, relocation, personal goals, increased responsibilities, rethinking the rules


Mars/Uranus in your domestic sector, square Pluto in your sign, can trigger a relocation, domestic conflict, or unexpected change at home/with family. Jupiter keeps things expanding on a financial and/or emotional level; expenses can increase rapidly, but so can your discovery of unexpected assistance or extra resources.

As the Uranus/Pluto square wraps up its overhaul of your identity and personal life, Mercury’s move into your communication sector, and its square to Saturn Rx in your hidden sector, can temporarily delay a goodbye, or see you reconsidering if you really want to move on. This rethinking process is designed to focus your attention on anything you may have overlooked (the ending will still take place, but it won’t happen quickly). All communication can be frustrating during the period of this square, as hidden factors slow down the flow of information/understanding.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: home, family, home business, personal identity, physical appearance
  • Delays/refocusing: hidden issues, communication, issues with siblings, endings


Mars/Uranus in your sector of communication squares Pluto in your hidden sector, triggering arguments, announcements, or radical ideas that seemingly come out of nowhere. Watch for the flash of insight that turns it all around, or the reveal that catches you off guard. The passion behind your words will be driven by deeper forces that you’re not entirely conscious of, so you may end up saying much more than anticipated. Jupiter Rx can encourage you to lay it all on the line regarding a relationship or romantic attraction. Too, you may be the recipient of an exciting/unexpected romantic declaration.

As the Uranus/Pluto square finalizes your internal compass (and how this translates externally) Mercury’s move into your sector of personal resources, and its square to Saturn Rx in your social sector, can see you focusing on a friendship, group association or your relationship to the public in general.You may question loyalties, or where you belong (if you belong). Rather than taking dramatic action and cutting ties, put yourself on social pause and consider who is aligned with the inner shift that’s recently taken place.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: how you interact with the world, how you deliver your message and exchange information, sibling relationships, inner guidance and true purpose
  • Delays/refocusing: friends, groups, public identity, public authority, emotional security “out there”


Mars/Uranus in your sector of personal resources square Pluto, in your social sector, can trigger a surprising development involving money or self-esteem. All bets are off when it comes to what you have, as something you didn’t even know you needed crosses your path. Then again, something you thought was essential, but is actually invalid, can be yanked away. There are opportunities here for new sources of income, if you’re willing to take the unexpected approach. Jupiter Rx adds encouragement by giving you an extra shot of energy/ingenuity to suss out the good stuff or power through and find a solution.

As the Uranus/Pluto square finalizes your new approach to money, self-esteem and social status, Mercury’s move into your sign (and its square to Saturn Rx in your career sector) can bring you up against a wall regarding a future goal, work responsibility or dealings with management. A career opportunity may require careful consideration, or you may have to rethink recent changes to your professional image.

  • Uranus/Pluto square’s final changes: earned money, sources of income, personal values, emotional security, public identity
  • Delays/refocusing: work communications, future goals, professional image