Mars' Transit of Taurus: Get Your Hands Dirty

Mars' transit of Taurus begins on March 31st. As mentioned in this week's horoscopes,  I think this transit will compliment Mercury's transit of Aries. Mars rules Aries, and even though it won't be aspecting Mercury, their shifts into new signs are so close together that the energies can be interpreted in tandem.

Mars in Taurus is deliberate action. Cautious, but effective. Nothing happens randomly, and this is the perfect planet/sign combo for manifesting. Don't expect quick results, but do aim for literal results. 1+1=2. Nothing fancy. Plowing the field, building the wall, constructing something that will last. This is the "get your hands dirty if you want results" transit.

So you have Mercury in Aries, throwing out the passionate statements. And you have Mars in Taurus, enabling the actions that support Mercury in Aries. Aries and Taurus share the basic vibe; both are concerned with the raw materials of a situation. Say it, then do it. Don't bother saying it if you can't follow up with concrete action.

Aries in your chart is where the inspiration, or the cattle prod, will hit. Taurus in your chart is where you can prove your words, or respond definitively to the prod. Taurus is where you can take a deep breath and do X, because you know that's your next step. Simple is best with these energies. If it's not obvious, forget about it.

Here are the aspects Mars in Taurus will be making:

  • April 6th: inconjunct Saturn Rx at 4 deg Sagittarius
  • April 12th: sextile Neptune at 8 deg Pisces
  • April 14th: inconjunct the North Node at 9 degrees Libra
  • April 17th: square Jupiter at 12 deg Leo
  • April 21st: trine Pluto Rx at 15 deg Capricorn
  • April 22nd: conjunct Mercury at 16 deg Taurus
  • April 28th: sextile Chiron at 20 deg Pisces
  • May 11th: enters Gemini

Until April 11th, Mars (sex) and Venus (love) will both be in Taurus. They won't get close enough to touch each other, but they'll still be dancing together in the same sign. This suggests slow, sensual awareness of who you want, or have. Whether you're pursuing or appreciating, this is about working what you've got, and only accepting attention that makes you feel secure. Mars is in detriment in Taurus, and Venus rules this sign. Technically, Mars is "weak" and Venus is strong. But I find that Mars does quite well here, even if he is forced to slow down.

You have a set of values. What are they? Identify them, then only allow access to people who are aligned with those values. It sounds simple. But as is the case with most simple things, practice can be challenging if you're not secure about what you stand for.

Mars in Taurus asks you to plant your feet on the patch of ground that means something to you. Then stay there.