Horoscopes for April 12th to 19th


Mercury enters earthy Taurus on April 14th, focusing information and communication on what’s real and what has value. Ideas will be grounded, as intellect is expressed through the physical realm. However, Taurus does have an indulgent side, so there’s plenty of room for thinking and talking about what you really want. Pluto stations Rx in Capricorn on April 16th. As the planet of evolution begins its reverse trek through the sign of boundaries and rules, it will be like going back over a recently renovated (or demolished) structure. The transformation process will be intensified, and focused on a specific issue. This intensified evolution can free some of you from a rut, or destroy the last, stubborn bit of resistance to progress. Delays in an ongoing process can be viewed as a chance to make sure you’ve actually moved on from the past.

April 18th launches a New Moon in Aries, triggering yet another invigorating chapter in the sign that’s had more than its fair share of new chapters. This New Moon (at 28 degrees) makes no major aspects to any other planets, so it’s a self-contained shot of courage and initiative. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries thrives on new beginnings, so this Moon will be extra impulsive, pushy and hot. Outcomes are not guaranteed, but whatever begins should be interesting.


Mercury enters your sector of personal resources, giving you the words to manifest what you need. Whether it’s money or emotional security, Mercury can help you zero in on what’s necessary and lucrative. Use this opportunity to have discussions about the essentials with a partner, client or employer. As Pluto stations Rx in your career sector, you may get a breather from the overhaul that’s been hitting your professional reputation, workplace or future goals. Too, you could find one, specific area of change, or one power struggle, is intensified or revisited.

The New Moon in your sign presents yet another fresh start or new chapter. Although you’ve probably had it up to here with all the new beginnings, this New Moon is one more prompt to keep turning the page. Good for launching a new project, business, relationship or lifestyle.

  • Words manifest solid results: earned money, self-esteem, values, sources of income, articulating your basic needs
  • Intensity shifts: career, ambition, dealings with management, professional reputation, future goals, public status
  • New beginnings: personal identity, physical appearance, personal goals


Mercury into your sign gets you focused and/or brings information your way. This energy supports important discussions, the signing of documents, or any area where you need to articulate yourself. Pluto Rx in your opportunities sector can put certain developments on hold, especially if they involve expansion or exploration. Treat any delays as a chance to consolidate the power you’ve gained/changes you’ve made, before you go any further.

The New Moon in your hidden sector can open up something that’s brimming with potential, but still in its incubation stage. Your next step forward, or the implications of what’s happening, may be obscured, but don’t let that throw you off. Just take it one step at a time.

  • Words manifest solid results: personal identity, public image, personal goals, self-analysis, relationships, announcement of intent
  • Intensity shifts: long-distance travel/relocation, education, legal matters, publishing, new territory
  • New beginnings: secrets, dreams, hidden potentials, background developments, subconscious issues


Mercury into your hidden sector gives your dreams or vague ideas a more solid outline. Secrets and private conversations/information can also feature prominently now, as you tune into what’s between the lines. Excellent for manifesting a wish, fantasy or private hope (as long as it’s not too far outside the realm of possibility). This energy is also good for putting a name to fears/anxieties you haven’t been able to identify (until now). Naming something gives you power over it. Pluto Rx in your sector of shared resources can intensify your focus on money owed or invested. Changes in an intimate relationship can slow down, but any delays or (possibly) reversals are meant to ensure that you’ve throughly dealt with issues involving power/powerlessness and fear. Pluto Rx can be a time of intensified honesty.

The New Moon in your social sector can signal the launch of a new public project, group involvement or social agenda. Fantastic for any efforts that involve interacting with large groups of people, or rebranding your public image.

  • Words manifest solid results: dreams, secrets, private conversations, intuition, unacknowledged issues, background fears
  • Intensity shifts: debts, taxes, loans, investments, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • New beginnings: friends, groups, the public, public image, public speaking, public launch


Mercury into your social sector can bring a steady hum of contacts, networking and activities. The pace may not be fast, but the energy should be stable. Watch for discussions with friends/acquaintances to be confirming or reassuring. Not great for launching radical ideas, but excellent for building on what’s already been established. Pluto Rx in your relationship sector can focus on a past issue that keeps rising from the dead, or you may achieve a romantic breakthrough that involves a final release, realization of boundaries or acknowledgment of loss/fear of loss. Watch for a shift in power dynamics. Some of you may encounter a past romantic involvement.

The New Moon in your career sector can signal a new chapter in your working life, or the launch of a new business. This can be a fresh and invigorating time, if you’ve recently felt unambitious. Others may find the new regime that this Moon introduces to be jarring, especially if you’ve been stagnating in your comfort zone.

  • Words manifest solid results: friends, groups, the public, group activities, public launches/announcements
  • Intensity shifts: relationships
  • New beginnings: career, professional status, job search, new job/job ending, future goals


Mercury in your career sector can help you confirm a business contract, or solidify future plans/job details. Discussions with management may be predictable; don’t expect receptivity to anything that breaks the pattern. However, you can receive a confirmation or support for existing plans. Pluto Rx in your sector of routine can draw your attention to an obligation, medical issue, or work tasks/titles may be under review. This can also be a time when you reevaluate health/lifestyle changes.

The New Moon in your sector of opportunities can open a new and exciting chapter that propels you forward. This can be a big step into the unknown, or your moment to step out of character. This Moon can also launch you on a new crusade or radical fight for your ideals.

  • Words manifest solid results: career, discussions with management, professional status, future goals
  • Intensity shifts: service to others, co-worker relationships, health/medical issues
  • New beginnings: long-distance travel, education, exploration, legal matters, publishing


Mercury into your opportunities sector can help you organize plans for expansion/travel, or emphasize studying, legal documents or the dissemination of your words/ideas. Good for the slow, steady accumulation of knowledge. Pluto Rx in your sector of self-expression can delay a personal goal, while intensifying your desire for that goal. If you’re reconsidering or revisiting an issue, use the amplified focus to break through any resistance. Too, you may discover that what you’ve been fixated on is not suitable for you, or requires a different approach.

The New Moon in your sector of shared resources can turn the page on money owed/shared, or open your eyes to an issue involving intimacy or psychological issues. You can use this Moon as a jumping off point into a new chapter where you’re more authentic and courageous about finances or partnership issues.

  • Words manifest solid results: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Intensity shifts: new romance, creative projects, children/pregnancy
  • New beginnings; debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mercury into your sector of shared resources can point to financial documents, organizing your finances or intimate discussions that confirm what you suspect. Pluto Rx in your domestic sector can see you taking a closer look at domestic/family plans, or delaying a relocation/renovation. This energy can also push you dig deeper in order to uncover a personal dilemma or issue from your past. Or, you may find that you’re literally digging deeper as home renovations take on an added dimension.

The New Moon in your relationship sector adds yet another new chapter to your love life. Whether it’s a beginning or ending, know that by now, you can handle whatever comes your way with courage, spirit and zero tolerance for any situation that feels inauthentic.

  • Words manifest sold results: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, intimate conversations
  • Intensity shifts; home business, family, relocation, home renovations, childhood issues
  • New beginnings: relationships


Mercury in your relationship sector indicates solid discussions with a partner. Much can be confirmed, but compromise might be iffy (Mercury in Taurus can cling stubbornly to certain ideas). This energy is best used to nail down details or discuss the basics. Pluto Rx in your communication sector can see you revisiting an old idea or reconsidering a statement/announcement. Too, you may find that important plans/documents are put on hold or hidden information is uncovered. This energy encourages you to do your research and look beneath the surface. Alternatively, watch for a significant change in the life of a sibling.

The New Moon in your sector of routine can introduce a new medical issue or new approach to health/diet. Also, watch for changes at work in the guise of new duties or faces. For some, this Moon can mark the start of a new job. In general, this is an invigorating influence that can propel you onto a fresh, more ambitious track. Excellent for spring cleaning and ramping up your exercise routine.

  • Words manifest solid results: partnerships
  • Intensity shifts: communication, information, questions/answers, sibling issues
  • New beginnings: obligations, work tasks, daily environment, health/diet/exercise/energy level


Mercury in your sector of routine will probably makes things busier, but it should occur at a measured pace. Information/discussions at work will involve the gradual explanation or accumulation of details. News or information about health issues will be grounded, factual and easy to comprehend. Overall, this energy suggests that information should be delivered in bite sized chunks. Excellent for learning/explaining work tasks. Pluto Rx in your sector of personal resources sees you adjusting your approach to saving/spending, even as you’re in the midst of a larger shift in earning patterns. You may be compelled to take a hard look at your attitude to money, or reconsider a source of income. Self-esteem and emotional security can also be up for review as you take a closer look at a personal situation, and how it meets/doesn’t meet your basic needs.

The New Moon in your sector of self-expression can kick off an exciting new attraction, artistic project or reason to celebrate. Enjoy the moment, and relish the burst of confidence. Too, you may be tempted to take a risk/emotional gamble or impulsively launch yourself in a bold new direction.

  • Words manifest solid results: work tasks, obligations, service to others, health/medical issues, co-worker relationships
  • Intensity shifts: earned money, emotional security, personal values
  • New beginnings: creative efforts, new romance, celebrations, children/pregnancy


Mercury in your sector of self expression can help you put a desire into words, or push you past writer’s block in a creative project. Excellent for expressing what/who you want, using honest, straight-forward language (forget about over-the-top declarations). Mercury can also help you zero in on your best bets for success, romance or recognition. Pluto Rx in your sign can shift your focus/priorities, as one issues rises to prominence and demands all your energy, or you find yourself going back over one change. Review is good, but be careful you don’t get stuck in an obsessive groove. Remember that you only have so much control.

The New Moon in your domestic sector can herald a new family chapter (the birth of a child, someone moving in/moving out) or a change in your physical dwelling. In general, this Moon can launch you away from the past by placing you in an entirely new position to view it from.

  • Words manifest solid results: new romance, creativity, children/pregnancy, personal goals
  • Intensity shifts: physical appearance, lifestyle change, personal identity, relationships, how you apply rules/focus
  • New beginnings: home, family, renovations, relocation, home business, childhood issues


Mercury in your domestic sector can hep you solidify family plans, have a stable family discussion (even if the subject matter is difficult) or build up plans about moving or reorganizing your home life. Pluto Rx in your hidden sector can stir up even deeperlevels of transformation as you’re compelled to push past a subconscious block, or are confronted with developments that seem to challenge your entire purpose. If there’s an ending in the works, remember that Pluto encourages evolution through intensity; thethe more you feel that you absolutely must hang onto something, the bigger the change required. Too,a previously hidden issue can emerge and become a new priority.

The New Moon in your communication sector can launch you head first into a new project or association, as you make an announcement, give your answer, or have some news thrust upon you. Sibling issues can also take a sudden turn.

  • Words manifest solid results: home, family , home business, relocation
  • Intensity shifts: background/unknown issues, secrets, major shift in priorities
  • New beginnings: communication, sibling issues, meetings discussions, information that launches you forward


Mercury in your communication sector can add weight to your words and substance to your ideas. Allow yourself to dwell on what has value for you (and why), or who is the best target for your ideas. Pluto Rx in your social sector can shift your personal goals or see you reconsidering a friendship/group affiliation. Too, Pluto’s change in direction can help you push past a social block, fear or power struggle.

The New Moon in your sector of personal resources can signal a shift in earning patterns, or a new approach to earning in general. You may also find yourself entering a new, more courageous zone of emotional defiance, where you fight for what you need.

  • Words manifest solid results: emails, phone calls, meetings, discussions, announcements, focusing on essential ideas
  • Intensity shifts: friends, groups, the public, group activities, public image
  • New Beginnings: earned money, new sources of income, self-esteem