Mercury's Transit of Taurus: Real Words

Mercury heads into Taurus on April 14th, grounding ideas and communication with a thud. Mercury in Aries' hot ideas now need to be proven and developed.

The pace of information will slow, but the dependability of what you hear/learn will increase. Mercury in Taurus delivers information that you can take to the bank. It may not be glitteringly original, but it will be a direct expression of what is. It will also be a chance to slow down and think. And you may not have a choice in this, because Taurus will not be rushed. Others may only be receptive to what you can prove, and it's unlikely that you'll be able to push any issues that involve Mercury (emails, phone calls, writing, discussions, signing documents, questions/answers, meetings). These things will happen at their own pace.

Interestingly, Venus in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury in Taurus (ruled by Venus) will be in mutual reception until April 30th. This will create a connection between them, although it won't speed Mercury up. What it will do is increase Venus' ability to make realistic choices, and make Mercury more receptive to multiple choices. Don't expect a dramatic change (Taurus is still Taurus, and Gemini is still Gemini) but the net outcome could be a balance between Taurus and Gemini: grounded options.

A nice side effect is the potential to physically (Taurus) manifest something you desire (Venus), using focused words/thoughts (Mercury /Gemini). If you're looking for a window to set intentions, and words are your medium, April 14th to 30th is your time. But you can't approach this half-heartedly. Get to the essence of what you want; no theatrics, nothing complicated, nothing crazy. It must be within the realm of possibility, and it has to feel essential.

Note that Mercury will move into Taurus one day before Venus in Gemini's opposition to Saturn is exact. This tells me that April 14th to 15th will be a time to get serious about what you want. Physical proof will be expected, and intentions will not be good enough. People may demand answers.

Here are the aspects Mercury in Taurus will make:

  • April 16th: inconjunct Saturn Rx at 4 deg Sag
  • April 19th: sextile Neptune at 9 deg Pisces and inconjunct the North Node at 9 deg Libra (will be hooked into Venus in Gemini's square to Neptune/trine to the North Node)
  • April 21st: square Jupiter at 12 degrees Leo
  • April 22nd: trine Pluto Rx at 15 deg Capricorn and conjunct Mars at 16 deg Taurus
  • April 24th: sextile Chiron at 20 deg Pisces
  • April 30th: enters Gemini