New Moon in Aries: The "Me First" Moon

April 18th's New Moon (at 28 degrees Aries) does not aspect any other planets. This makes it a self-contained pocket of enthusiastic beginnings. Just like the sign it's in. Aries is assertive, bold, and very much focused on self. Sure, Aries likes to pursue new things, but the primary motivator is "how will this impact me?" And that describes the energy of this Aries New Moon: subjective, impulsive, competitive, aggressive.

This might work for or against you, depending on your situation. If you need motivation, if you need to move on from an unhealthy situation, or if you've lost your mojo, this is the Moon for you. But if you need to cooperate, proceed with caution or approach a situation delicately, you'll need to watch your step. People will be fired up and excited about the present moment. Long-term consequences will not be considered.

In general, New Moons beginnings are not carved in stone. They plant the seed, but because the Moon is still dark, the next steps may not be clear and the outcome is certainly not assured. All this is emphasized with Aries, who is fabulous at starting but not always great at finishing. It remains to be seen if what begins will gain sufficient momentum to develop into something long-term. You'll have some say in this, of course. If you're the one who's starting something and you really want it to continue, it will be up to you to provide continued motivation. But then again, maybe what starts is not meant to finish. Maybe it's just a catalyst, or a temporary distraction. Time will tell.

You'll feel this Moon most strongly if you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 26 to 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs.

There is also a Yod building during this Moon, and it will be exact on April 19th. It features the North Node (at 9 degrees Libra) as the focal point, inconjuncting Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. I'll write more about the Yod tomorrow, but know that it may be a feature of this New Moon's beginnings. Grounded words/ideas (Mercury in Taurus) will be an effective conduit for dreams/empathy (Neptune). Wonderful for manifesting. And yet, what's manifested will have to be focused through the Libra North Node (something that's up for further development). The difficulty may lie in translating subjective ideas (Taurus) and ideals (Pisces) to objective situations (Libra). In other words, you've got that dream nailed down, but how do you communicate it to someone else? Even though this Moon will be "me first," the Libra North Node (you and another) will be activated.

You'll feel the Yod if you have anything from 8 to 10 degrees Pisces, Taurus, Libra or Aries.