Horoscopes for May 17th to 24th

Art by Albrecht Durer


The upcoming New Moon in Taurus (late in the evening on May 17th, or in the early hours of May 18th, depending on your time zone) will coincide with Mercury in Gemini’s Rx station (also on May 18th). This connects the New Moon’s solid developments with Mercury’s rethink, revisions or revisit of past issues. In order to move forward, you’ll have to slow down and (temporarily) look back. Or, you'll have to look down at what's right in front of you. There's a feeling of extreme focus and obsessive consideration. Careful selection of available choices is a theme, as is developing one thing fully.

Mercury Rx will sextile Jupiter in Leo, and both will inconjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn. This mix of harmonious (sextile) and tense (inconjunct) aspects will create a Yod, and Pluto will be the focal point. This adds another layer to the New Moon’s developments. Whatever you communicate, reconsider or look at more closely, will be focused through Pluto’s transformative lens. Pluto’s power rests in its ability to penetrate to the heart of the matter, so transformations will involve acceptance of a truth. Jupiter’s expansive lift will amplify everything, but the final word will be real. Pluto will also be opposing Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Cancer. Venus rules Taurus, so this will intensify the Taurus themes of possession, survival, jealousy and indulgence. Venus/Pluto can create compulsive feelings of “must have,” but this opposition can also terminate anything that you’ve developed an unhealthy dependency on. The Venus/Pluto opposition will peak on May 21st.

Also on May 21st, the Sun enters Gemini and opposes Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, until May 22nd. This will hi-light the need for defined choices (in some cases, restricted choices). Note that “restricted” can translate to formalized, official or final.


The New Moon activates your sector of personal resources, suggesting a chance to establish new standards/values, or explore new sources of income and security. Mercury stations Rx in your communication sector, setting off the Yod to Pluto (in your career sector): watch for a shift in discussions (involving salary) with those in authority. Alternatively, you could be looking more closely at what meets your needs on a personal/professional level. The Venus/Pluto opposition will carry the theme of recognition, success or status (at home/work), and you may find yourself demanding more from someone, or being put under pressure to meet someone’s needs.

The Sun enters your communication sector, hi-lighting a final answer/decision/official transition, as it opposes Saturn Rx.

  • New beginnings: domestic finances, getting paid what you’re worth, looking more closely at the value others assign to you, recalibrating professional status versus domestic   happiness
  • Spotlight on: graduation, legal documents, official declarations, formalizing your words, sibling relationships


The New Moon in your sign can manifest moments of pleasure that reconfirm your relationship, social status or personal identity. Too, you could choose this time to enhance your appearance or dedicate yourself more fully to personal care. Mercury stations Rx in your sector of personal resources, triggering the Yod to Pluto (in your opportunities sector). Part of this Moon’s enhanced awareness of self will involve a closer look at your values, money or emotional currency in a relationship. You may change your mind about what you have/need and decide to expand your reach, or prove yourself in a totally different area. The Venus/Pluto opposition will enhance powerful declarations/ultimatums, or an intense desire to have what’s just out of reach (long distance romance may be a factor). Your theme on this Moon appears to be adjusting your focus in order to see/reach further.

The Sun enters your sector of personal resources and opposes Saturn Rx, making you very aware of a financial restriction or need for sefl-sufficiency.

  • New beginnings: public image, preparing to enhance what you already have, obtaining a distant goal, reevaluating financial/emotional security, changing your mind about what you want in a relationship
  • Spotlight on: debts, savings, earned money, looking after yourself


The New Moon in your hidden sector can offer a background nudge involving a secret, overlooked issue or private goal. Mercury Rx in your sign triggers the Yod to Pluto (in your sector of shared resources) suggesting that the Moon’s background issues will tie into a relationship rethink, return to an old discussion, or reevaluation of what you owe/share. Details that have been missed or avoided can also play an important role. The Venus/Pluto opposition can crank up the sexual/emotional intensity, but can also stir up jealousy, insecurity or a sense that you’ve just missed the boat. Intensified obsessions can be what prompts a second look at who you are, on the public stage.

As the Sun enters your sign it will oppose Saturn Rx in your relationship sector, further enhancing your awareness of a partnership issue/commitment/restriction.  There could be a relationship deadline (given to you or imposed by you).

  • New beginnings: intimacy, secret desires, looking at what’s been forgotten, private reevaluation, who you are in private versus public image, acknowledging a hidden need
  • Spotlight on: partnerships, commitment


The New Moon in your social sector can introduce you to a new group, friend or social activity, but Mercury Rx in your hidden sector (setting off the Yod to Pluto in your relationship sector) can immediately trigger doubts, insecurities or hints that there’s more going on beneath the surface. Tune into to what’s not being said. All relationships (friendships, romantic, platonic, group and one on one) will require close attention. Watch for excessive demands and unrealistic expectations. The opposition from Venus (in your sign) to Pluto will intensify your feelings, which can lead to some passionate moments, or moments of extreme neediness. Remember that you can’t control what others give you; if you have to keep asking, it’s not meant to be.

The Sun in your hidden sector, opposing Saturn Rx, may trigger a brief but annoying flare up involving health, co-worker difficulties or work place delays.

  • New beginnings: all relationships, your place in the collective, social insecurities, what others are able to give you, what’s beneath the surface of social interactions
  • Spotlight on: service to others, obligations, taking health concerns seriously, tasks, co-workers


The New Moon in your career sector can introduce shifts in your path forward, your relationship with management, or a job search. Mercury Rx (in your social sector) sets off the Yod to Pluto (in your sector of routine) and Jupiter (in your sign). Faces from the past, or a change in social plans, can be part of the shifts this Moon brings. Someone may have a surprising job lead or bit of advice for you. Others can enhance your status/success, and you may get a second chance at an offer. Be aware that any benefits depend on your ability to take what you hear/learn and apply it to your daily grind; it all has to work on a practical level, and you may have to prove this to others. The Venus/Pluto opposition can stir up hidden jealousies/desires, even if you’re not fully aware of them. Use caution when mixing personal relationships with work matters.

The Sun in your social sector opposing Saturn Rx can show you where you fit in, or where you’re not welcome. Too, it can hi-light a public area that requires more attention or refining.

  • New beginnings: work relationships, job search, networking, public status, past connections for future goals, professional advancement, how others enable your success, public launches
  • Spotlight on: recognition, public image, group dynamics, performance


The New Moon in your opportunities sector can open a window to something new, but Mercury Rx (in your career sector) setting off the Yod to Pluto (in your sector of self-expression) will delay forward movement. Plans may change, or you may need to contemplate if this exploration will enable your true purpose. It all goes back to your confidence, and the feeling that what’s happening is aligned with, or moving against, what’s most precious to you. Take your time with the decision. The Venus/Pluto opposition will enhance your desire to have what others have, or be loved/appreciated for what you can do. Is there someone out there who thinks you’re special, or are they overlooking your star quality? These energies can propel you further out into the spotlight, or make it clear that this audience will not be receptive.

The Sun in your career sector, opposing Saturn Rx, can bring you to a finish line regarding a job, relocation or domestic decision.

  • New beginnings: travel, long-distance romance, relocation, education, publishing, legal matters, exploration, moving forward with your personal goals, showing others what you can do
  • Spotlight on: professional/domestic rules, additional responsibility at home or work


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources will alert you to how much you have to work with, and what others can offer, on a financial or emotional level. Mercury Rx (in your opportunities sector) sets off the Yod to Pluto (in your domestic sector) urging you to ask the big questions or reconsider your future plans. A relocation, trip or new goal may see delays as you double check if you and/or your partner are on the same page. The Venus/Pluto opposition can amplify the desire for success and advancement (on a personal and professional level) but you’ll have to work within the constraints of available resources. If someone can’t go any further with you, it may be time for a rethink.

The Sun in your opportunities sector opposing Saturn Rx will pinpoint what needs to be said, read, written or adhered to. Rules and official status will call the shots. Travel plans/Visas/documents may require extra time and attention.

  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partners finances, physical/emotional intimacy, your psychological line in the sand, reaching the boundaries unexplored territory
  • Spotlight on: graduation, education, legal documents, required information, travel documents


The New Moon in your partnership sector can help you turn a corner in a relationship, but Mercury Rx (in your sector of shared resources) triggering the Yod to Pluto (in your communication sector) says that there’s much more to be discussed. Dig deeper, ask the hard questions and don’t accept a placating answer. Financial documents/plans may require a second look. Jupiter in your career sector contributes to this Yod, and there’s definitely room to move onwards and upwards, if you ask the right questions. The Venus/Pluto opposition can enhance the power of your observations with a shot of fresh ideas (or a tempting new target) but make sure you don’t push too far, too fast. Mercury is still Rx, and things can change once it turns direct.

The Sun in your sector of shared resources opposes Saturn Rx, putting you on notice about a debt that’s due, or an emotional well that needs to refilled (or abandoned) by you.

  • New beginnings: relationships, intimate conversations, intense discussions, finances, exploration, long-distance romance, travel
  • Spotlight on: self-sufficiency, debts, budgets, financial/emotional discipline


The New Moon in your sector of routine can introduce a new cycle of self-improvement, or a new work routine/way to manage tasks. Mercury Rx (in your relationship sector) sets off the Yod to Pluto (in your sector of personal resources) trying the New Moon energy to a partnership, or desired partnership. It may be time to look more closely at what’s being communicated. What are they really saying? What’s behind your message? Are you being honest about what you really want from them? Changes in your daily life can be empowering, and part of that will involve tuning into the real message behind your one on one communications (work or romantic). As always with Mercury Rx, contact from a past partner is a possibility. The Venus/Pluto opposition can crank up your desire for intimacy/sharing, and this can open up a deeper level of honesty with someone. Then again, you may discover that they’re simply not interested.

The Sun in your relationship sector opposes Saturn Rx (in your sign) hi-lighting the issue of personal responsibility; are you owning it, or projecting it onto someone else?

  • New beginnings: health/diet/exercise, service to others, work tasks, understanding what others expect from you, work communication, delivering your message honestly/effectively, relationships
  • Spotlight on: authority in relationships, what you expect/demand from others


The New Moon in your sector of self-expression can introduce developments in new romance, a creative project, or a personal goal, but Mercury Rx (in your sector of routine) can trigger delays or misunderstandings on a practical level. Mercury’s activation of the Yod to Pluto in your sign will have an especially strong impact on you, as you’re confronted with inescapable facts about what can happen right now, and what can’t. The Venus/Pluto opposition can stir up intensified feelings of possessiveness or power struggles with another. Matters involving children or pregnancy can also be prominent.

The Sun in your sector of routine, opposing Saturn Rx, can draw your attention to a particular habit, association or lifestyle that needs to be released.

  • New beginnings: new romance, children/pregnancy (with related health issues), creative projects, wanting what’s not yet available,  wanting something versus making it work, control issues in relationships
  • Spotlight on: reluctance to deal with reality/obligations/medical issues, unacknowledged facts


The New Moon in your domestic sector can signal home improvements, a new chapter in family relationships, a relocation or addition to the family. Mercury Rx in your sector of self-expression, and the Yod to Pluto (in your hidden sector) indicates that the new developments will not be without delays or second-guessing. Partnership issues/discussions can come out of nowhere, or you may find yourself backtracking on what seemed like a good idea at the time. Don’t panic, and don’t allow your plans to be completely derailed; sit tight and know that new information will emerge. The Venus/Pluto opposition adds health and/or work issues to the mix. Doing what you want versus doing what you’re obligated to do may be a theme.

The Sun in your sector of self-expression, opposing Saturn Rx, can trigger a brief spurt of insecurity about what you have to offer, or how receptive others will be.

  • New beginnings: home, family home business, relocation, buying/renting a new place, pregnancy/children, domestic investments, domestic partnerships
  • Spotlight on: attention, public appreciation, performance


The New Moon in your communication sector can indicate an announcement, answer, important message or choice. Too, sibling relationships can see some interesting developments. But Mercury Rx in your domestic sector, activating the Yod to Pluto (in your social sector) suggests that any information you give/receive may be mixed or misunderstood, and social pressure or changes will have to be taken into account. You may have to revisit a past conversation/idea before you can move forward, and family/domestic discussions may feature prominently. You may reconnect with someone that you knew as a child. The Venus/Pluto opposition can compel you to take an emotional risk if there’s something/someone that you feel must have. New attractions can be especially compelling, as can your desire to receive recognition for your work/creations/public presence. This energy has potential for success, as long as you keep in mind that you can’t force others to love what they see. Just put yourself out there and accept the attention that comes your way.

The Sun in your domestic sector, opposing Saturn Rx, can hi-light an increased workload, or increased pressure to find a job if you’re unemployed. Remember that Saturn’s pressure is designed to direct your focus to the one area that must be attended to.

  • New beginnings: sibling/family discussions, public announcements, revisiting childhood issues, public and private life, new attraction, children/pregnancy, creative projects/performance
  • Spotlight on: professional status, success, ambition, authority at work