Horoscopes for June 14th to June 21st

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/art/Helena-THROUGH-THE-GLASS-465990179
Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/art/Helena-THROUGH-THE-GLASS-465990179


June 16th’sGemini New Moon will conjunct Mars (aggression, initiative) triggering competition and abrupt conversations/ideas. This Moon will square Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith (BML) in Virgo. BML is the energy of the angry outsider; the uncomfortable, disruptive power that comes from being rejected. This is raw, female energy (the anti-mother or the dangerous woman) but BML can be felt by anyone who experiences sexual politics or rejection because of their refusal to submit. When Mars, Chiron and Black Moon Lilith challenge each other, there is potential for hurtful truths, uncomfortable revelations and victimization. This is also a tremendously powerful New Moon, and those who are not afraid to stand up for themselves (or for another) can make good use of it. But BML can trigger rage, and the desire for vengeance. There is nothing detached about this energy (especially when Chiron is involved). Events will feel extremely personal; the best defence is Gemini's logic and intellect.

June 21st brings us to the Summer Solstice, as the Sun enters Cancer and lights the fire of the longest day. Solar energy will be at its peak, as will the power to celebrate an area 0f your life that you’ve been nurturing. A few hours before the Sun enters Cancer, it will inconjunct Saturn Rx in Scorpio. This pinch will be a reminder of a limit or commitment that needs to be revisited (or reworked). Before you celebrate, check-your foundations and boundaries. Are they still intact? Are you still committed?


The New Moon activates your communication sector, squaring Chiron (in your hidden sector) and BML (in your sector of routine). Watch for arguments, hurtful statements or abrupt announcements that are connected to hidden sensitivities. What you can’t see will cause difficulties, so try addressing the elephant in the room. Dynamics involving an unconventional or unaccepted way of performing routines or service-based duties may come into play. Harassment in the workplace could also be an issue.

The Sun in your communication sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your sector of shared resources) drawing attention to a hidden/ignored restriction involving finances or intimacy. As the Sun enters your domestic sector and kicks off the Solstice, know that there’s more work to be done on the uncomfortable areas. Home finances and intimacy in a domestic partnership may be hi-lighted. Giving these problems another shot can help solidify your home base.

  • New beginnings: addressing secrets, discussions with siblings, uncomfortable discussions involving workplace sexual dynamics/harassment, arguing about one thing when the real topic is beneath the surface
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: family bonds, a domestic partnership, home business, where you go to feel safe


The New Moon and Mars in your sector of personal resources square Chiron (in your social sector) and BML (in your sector of self-expression). New ideas/information may clash with what others think, or what they feel you’re entitled to. Jealousy and competition can spur you to pursue a financial or emotional objective. This can up your ambition, and there may be dividends, but use caution if you’re dealing with a romantic attraction. BML can stir up significant chemistry mixed with anger (and the fear of rejection).

The Sun in your sector of personal resources inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your relationship sector) continuing the theme of limits/fears in your love life. A current attraction may remind you of a hurtful rejection from the past. But as the Sun ushers in the Solstice and moves into your communication sector, know that you’ve got the light of logic and living in the moment, on your side. Focus on what’s happening right now, which includes the potential to make a significant statement, reach out to someone, or shine a light on crucial information.

  • New beginnings: emotional/financial competition, new romance,new sources of income, challenge to your self-esteem
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: your words/ideas, sibling relationships


The New Moon and Mars in your sign squares Chiron (in your career sector) and BML (in your domestic sector). You may be ambitious, assertive or ready to fight. Developments at work and/or home can push your buttons, reminding you of how you don’t fit in, where you’ve been repressed, or who has the power. Family history can stir up some painful reminders. This can be a powerful jumping-off point for a new career goal, but use caution, as your professional image may take a hit if you react without thinking.

The Sun in your sign inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your sector of routine) prodding you with a reminder to take care of your physical health, or attend to an obligation that you’ve let slide. As the Sun enters your security sector, and lights the Solstice fire, use this reminder to shore up your emotional and financial stability. It’s time to look out for Number One.

  • New beginnings: career, public image, future goals, stepping away from family history
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: self-esteem, personal values, new sources of revenue, financial abundance


The New Moon and Mars in your hidden sector squares Chiron (in your sector of opportunities) and BML (in your communication sector). A background/still developing potential can leave you feeling ultra sensitive and bit frightened. The unknown can be overwhelming. BML can bring forbidden or “dangerous” words into play, as someone speaks the truth that no one else wants to hear. Too, you may become aware of the tension between what you want to say versus the fear of what those words may reveal.

The Sun in your hidden sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your sector of self-expression) revisiting some awkward restrictions around an attraction, creative project or issue involving children/pregnancy. But as the Sun enters your sign and heralds the Solstice, you should see a breakthrough, or at least a light at the end of the tunnel. Saturn Rx means extra effort (one last tim) to manifest the thing that’s precious to you. If it’s not for you, this will be a reminder that you need to shut and lock the door behind you. Either way, the Solstice is your power time - the moment when the spotlight is on you and you can move forward knowing that you’ve got maximum solar power ushering you into the next chapter.

  • New beginnings: undeveloped potentials, getting ready to take that leap, speaking the truth, confronting a hidden fear
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: everything about you (your ability to nurture, empathize, protect and nourish)


The New Moon and Mars in your social sector square Chiron (in your sector of shared resources) and BML (in your sector of personal resources). A social statement or turning point can quickly accelerate into an issue of self-worth. Standing up for who you are/ your personal values will be essential, and you may feel challenged or marginalized, simply for following your instincts. What you’re willing to do for financial or emotional security may also come into play.

The Sun in your social sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your domestic sector) urging you to have another look at responsibilities at home/with family. These responsibilities may block your social ambitions, but both areas will need to be honoured. As the Sun enters your hidden sector, celebrate the Solstice by tuning into your authentic energy/dreams/hopes. It’s time to pay attention to what no one else can see; even though you enjoy the spotlight, even you need time out to rest and rejuvenate.

  • New beginnings: friends, groups, the public, public appreciation/competition, being your true self amongst others
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: who you really are when no one else is watching, a secret, an undeveloped potential, healing time


The New Moon and Mars in your career sector squares Chiron (in your relationship sector) and BML (in your sign). This can be a profoundly ambitious and driven Moon for you, with an opportunity to impress others, make your mark, or assert yourself in a very public way. But the BML/Chiron opposition will stir up some insecurities about standing out/standing up, especially in the context of a partnership. There may be fears of rejection on a personal and professional level, and others may project their fears and anger onto you. Sexual politics and professional reputation may be issues. Know that BML’s anger can bite the hand that feeds her, if you blindly strike out (or, alternatively, allow yourself to be victimized). You are neither a victim nor a puppet of your basic instincts; stay calm, use your talents for strategic analysis, and focus this Moon’s tremendous energy towards that future goal.

The Sun in your career sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your communication sector) reminding you of a verbal/written promise, commitment or demand of proof. Restrictions are an opportunity to fine tune your analysis and zero in on what needs to be addressed. As you adjust your perspective, the Sun enters your social sector and the Solstice can be your time to celebrate friendships, hopes for the future or the impact you’ve had on others (it’s greater than you think).

  • New beginnings: career, professional status, relationship with management, how you assert yourself, constructive use of anger
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: ties with the community, your public reputation, your place in the group, the family you choose


The New Moon and Mars in your opportunities sector squares Chiron (in your sector of routine) and BML (in your hidden sector). A chance to explore, advance or make your ideals public will trigger some Shadow energy. Watch for hidden resentments (especially involving a lack of appreciation for your services), anger or fears of being excluded. Too, you may have to deal with the public consequences of a private attraction. Nonetheless, this Moon can propel you forward into positive new territory, as long as you don’t allow yourself to be undermined by negative emotions. It’s ok to feel the unpleasant stuff as long as you keep your eyes on the prize.

The Sun in your opportunities sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your security sector) urging you to refortify personal boundaries or recommit yourself to your budget/ financial overhaul. Use this influence to check that your newly established values or disciplined habits are still intact. As the Sun enters your career sector, allow the Solstice energy to illuminate your path forward, by turning your attention to what comes next.

  • New beginnings: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: your future goals, career ambitions, professional success


The New Moon and Mars in your sector of shared resources square Chiron (in your sector of self-expression) and BML (in your social sector). Private issues (involving finances or intimacy) can reverberate on a public level. Wanting someone intensely and feeling marginalized because of this, can be an issue. This Moon will make you aware of the publicly acceptable limits of your passion, and how you’re prepared to deal with public reputation versus private ambitions. You’ll be challenged to remain true to yourself, while not allowing jealousy and anger to sidetrack you.

The Sun in your shared resources sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your sign) confronting you with a debt, obligation or other restriction that you thought had been left behind. As the Sun enters your sector of opportunities, allow the Solstice energy to show you what else is out there, and what more can be accomplished, once you attend to your responsibilities. Know that Saturn wants you to have a solid base to build on.

  • New beginnings: shared finances, physical/emotional intimacy, dealing with jealousy/obsession, handling your intensity in a public context
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: long-distance travel, exploration, stepping into the unknown, education, publishing, legal matters


The New Moon and Mars in your relationship sector squares Chiron (in your domestic sector) and BML (in your career sector). This energy could accelerate an existing relationship, or trigger a meeting with someone new, but Chiron/BML will throw issues of public status and private insecurities into the mix. Your professional image, or how you go about achieving recognition in general, could cause tension in your personal life. Alternatively, you may find yourself competing for attention, recognition or respect. There’s a chance to draw people’s attention to an uncomfortable issue, but know that others may project their discomfort/anger onto you.

The Sun in your relationship sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your hidden sector) giving you a reason to pull back and bide your time on a partnership decision, or changes to your love life. But as the Sun enters your sector of shared resources, the power of the Solstice will stir up your urge to connect on a deeper level, or take stock of what you owe, share or want to give.

  • New beginnings: partnerships, impacting others on a one on one level, your role as a public antagonist
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: intimacy, getting close to another, your financial or emotional resources, a shift in how you handle debts, taxes, loans


The New Moon and Mars in your sector of routine squares Chiron (in your communication sector) and BML (in your sector of opportunities). This Moon can load up your plate with extra duties, heath issues or details, with the added urgency to get everything completed ASAP. Judgements about what’s right/wrong, fair or appropriate can be part of the mix. Pay special attention to communications/announcements/legal documents, as they may involve some unpleasant revelations. Use caution if you’re broadcasting your beliefs, as others may take exception.

The Sun in your sector of routine inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your social sector) reminding you of an issue with the public, or friends, that needs to be defined. Your public authority/expertise may be up for a final evaluation, or you may have another chance to establish your credibility. Too, you could be reminded about why a certain association had to end. As the Sun enters your relationship sector, your focus will switch from the group to one on one, as the Solstice illuminates your more intimate connections. Use this energy to appreciate an existing relationship, or focus on what you’d like to share with a potential partner.

  • New beginnings: co-worker relationships, work tasks, obligations, health issues, legal matters, your beliefs about service
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: partnerships, what you have to share with another


The New Moon and Mars in your sector of self-expression square Chiron (in your security sector) and BML (in your sector of shared resources). A new attraction, a reason to celebrate, a chance to show off your creative talents…these are all things that could manifest on this Moon, and Mars will ensure that the vibe is passionate. Chiron/BML can open you up on a deeper level, perhaps more than you’re comfortable with. You may be taken aback by the intensity of your desire to make this happen. Fear of getting too close can be mixed with impatience around not getting close enough. Know that you can control the vibe that you put out, but you can’t control how others respond.

The Sun in your sector of self-expression inconjunct Saturn Rx (in your career sector) can signal delays around a future goal or ambition, but consider this a chance to fine tune your talents (or confirm if this is something you really want). As the Sun enters your sector of routine, the Solstice will spotlight your health, wellbeing and the little things that keep your life running smoothly.

  • New beginnings: new romance, creative projects, personal desires, recognition for your talents, children/pregnancy
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: your health, self-care, self-improvement, how you keep it all together


The New Moon and Mars in your domestic sector square Chiron (in your sign) and BML (in your relationship sector). This Moon can keep you busy at home/with family, triggering a relocation, major family discussion or renovation. Events are liable to stir up touchy issues involving domestic partnerships (or lack of partnership) and your place in the family. Alternatively, partnership tensions can be stirred up due to disagreements over cohabiting, commitment or family. Watch for a tendency to project anger or disruptive behaviour ; BML’s position can make it tempting to assign your Shadow behaviour to others.

The Sun in your domestic sector inconjuncts Saturn Rx (in your sector of opportunities) pointing to delays or restrictions in a legal, education or travel matter. There may be a reason to reevaluate a current goal or philosophy, as you’re urged to adjust your perspective. As the Sun enters your sector of self-expression, the Solstice will fire up your creative and romantic potential. Saturn’s fine-tuning of your perspective can point you in the direction of a reason to celebrate.

  • New beginnings: home, family, domestic partnership, home business, relocation
  • Use the Solstice to celebrate: creative potential, children/pregnancy, new romance