The Summer Solstice With a Side of Saturn

The Summer Solstice will be upon us soon. June 21st marks the Sun's entrance into Cancer... the longest day. It's the annual peak of light and life, a time to celebrate what you have, even if you're going through a rough patch.

Yes, it can be difficult to celebrate when you're hurting. But "celebrate" does not necessarily mean throw a party. Cancer in your chart is where you nurture, are nurtured, and feel safe. The Solstice can be a time to mark anything/anyone that "feeds" you. You can do it quietly, by curling in on yourself and looking after Number One (that's you). You can do it publicly, by honouring the people who are there for you...your chosen or biological family. You can honour your physical body by taking care of yourself. No matter what's happening in your life, the Solstice is a moment of peak energy, and that means potential. What growth would you like to encourage? Encourage it by celebrating.

This year, we have an interesting bit of contrast around the Solstice. A few hours prior to its Cancer ingress, the Sun in Gemini will inconjunct Saturn Rx (at 29 degrees Scorpio). Saturn recently retrograded into Scorpio, and the Sun's tense aspect will be a reminder that you have to attend to those responsibilities. Maybe you need to keep trying, or try harder, or dig deeper. Maybe you need to reconfirm your commitment, or ending. This aspect, followed by the Solstice, suggests that nurturing and growth is based on the focus that you developed while Saturn was in Scorpio.

Attend to your business, then pamper yourself. Cancer is the sign of the mother and the child, so you need to pay attention to the sustenance that helps you grow. But first, be the adult (represented by Saturn). As a nice addendum, the Jupiter/Uranus trine will peak one day later (June 22nd) giving everyone a reason to celebrate. There's such an upswell of energy that it would be a shame to waste it.

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