Horoscopes for October 11th to October 18th



The October 12th New Moon in Libra opposes Uranus Rx in Aries. Uranus’ energy of surprise and liberation will add a jolt of the unexpected to this Moon. New developments will hit quickly, and will likely disrupt existing balances. Watch for extreme developments, as events are pushed to the far ends of Libra’s scale.

Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn, and then unites with Jupiter, from October 11th to 17th. These energies will build on the Jupiter/Pluto trine (exact on October 11th) adding even more power to Jupiter/Pluto’s energy of “go further.” You can accomplish more with this influence (that's been building for the past week or so), because it combines ambition with optimism and practical knowledge. Plus, there's desire to do the work.

In the middle of this influence, Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune Rx in Pisces (on October 16th) adding a touch of expansive longing or delusional desire. Maybe both. The key to handling this is taking the expansive potential, and applying Mars in Virgo’s empowered practicality. Glimpse the dream, then do the work to make it happen. 


The New Moon in your partnership sector opposes Uranus Rx in your sign, abruptly introducing a new relationship, or shoving an existing relationship onto a new track. Catalysts can include your desire for freedom/authentic self-expression, and someone else’s reaction to that. 

Mars in your sector of routine conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, powering up your health, organizational skills, ambition and ability to get things done with exceptional results. Venus’ opposition to Neptune may stir up moments of resentment (over not being appreciated, or having to struggle through work hassles) but with Mars/Jupiter on your side, you can keep pushing forward and plow through the work.

  • New beginnings: all one on one relationships (business or personal), power balances in relationships
  • Where you can accomplish the most: work routines, obligations, service to others, health/diet/exercise, co-worker relationships


The New Moon in your sector of routine throws a curve ball into your daily work or health issues. The unexpected could reshuffle your priorities, and new tasks/obligations could take precedence. Co-worker relationships can be especially surprising, with the introduction of someone new, or revelation that puts things in a whole new light. To the plus, this Moon can jolt you out of a rut and realign your priorities, so you start taking care of what really matters. 

Mars in your sector of self-expression conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, keeping you on the upward swing that began last week. Your ability to manifest something that you desire is at a peak. The Venus/Neptune opposition can indicate moments of blissful potential, but in order to get something real out of this, make sure you do the necessary work and keep your feet on the ground. Focus on the present, rather than what might be. 

  • New beginnings: work tasks, daily routines, health/medical issues, co-worker relationships, problems/solutions, service to others
  • Where you can accomplish the most: new romantic attractions, creative work, performance, public attention, children/pregnancy


The New Moon in your sector of self-expression triggers an unexpected attraction or opportunity for public attention/promotion. Your creative/risk taking energy can be sparked, and so can your sense of entitlement. By all means, jump into what looks promising. Just be aware that Uranus is a wild card influence, and you won’t have full control of the results.

Mars in your domestic sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, continuing the cycle of growth around home and family. Forward movement is assured, especially if you focus on improving your existing foundation. Now is not the time to sink back into old habits or complacency. Venus’ opposition to Neptune can increase your longing for a distant future or career goal, and Mars gives you the energy to go after it. You’ve got the tools, now it’s up to you to use them.

  • New beginnings: new romantic attractions, creative work, children/pregnancy, self-promotion, gambling
  • Where you can accomplish the most: home improvements, relocation, family issues, growing your family, home business, home finances


The New Moon in your domestic sector brings unexpected developments with home and family. Plans for the future can suddenly change, as what you’ve grown accustomed to is disrupted. While this will be a definite break from the past, it can also push you in a brand new direction. 

Mars in your communication sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, amplifying your communication and information gathering skills. Whatever the New Moon throws at you, you’ll have the resources to deal with it. Whether you’re trying to make a point or make a connection, Mars/Jupiter/Pluto ensures that your ideas will be potent and positive. Venus’ opposition to Neptune can increase your sense of what’s possible, but it can also throw some wishful thinking into the mix. Focus on what you know; that’s more than enough to work with. Too, these influences can bring a significant mentor or beneficial messenger into your life.

  • New beginnings: home, family, home business, relocation, job ending/beginning 
  • Where you can accomplish the most: all communication, meetings, introductions, sibling relationships, announcements, signing of documents, research


The New Moon in your communication sector suggests a surprising announcement, discussion or answer. Too, you could receive a flash of brilliant insight, as this Moon sparks a creative opportunity or a chance for you to carve your own path. Now that Mercury is direct, all communication matters should progress at full speed, and an answer you’ve been waiting for could hit suddenly. 

Mars in your security sector, conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto, continues to build on the lucrative potential from the previous week.  Watch for chances to earn more, or establish yourself in a more secure position (emotionally). This is a rare chance to pinpoint exactly what you need (on an emotional and financial level) and then go after it. Of course, since Virgo is featured (and Pluto is in your sector of routine) hard work and practical planning will be the key. The Venus/Neptune opposition can offer a surge of inspiration, while increasing your desire for more, but make sure you don’t invest yourself in anything without getting all the facts (and the proof). 

  • New beginnings: all communication, siblings issues, meetings, introductions, signing of documents, gathering information, presenting your ideas
  • Where you can accomplish the most: earned money, new sources of income, raising your rates, personal values, self-esteem, emotional security


The New Moon in your security sector triggers a jolt to your emotional security or financial matters. Whether it’s a happy surprise or an unpleasant shock depends on the rest of your chart, but either way it will jolt you out of any negative habits you’ve fallen into. This is a chance to start fresh and redefine what you need and how you get it. As always with Uranus, cutting-edge inspiration that propels you to a whole new level is a possibility; stay open to a fresh approach, but use appropriate levels of caution when spending, investing or putting your feelings on the line. 

Mars in your sign, conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto, keeps you powered up and moving in the right direction. You really can’t beat these energies for empowerment, ambition and manifestation. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? You can write your own ticket, as long as you continue to focus on the future (while letting go of the past) and push yourself to think bigger (rather than focusing on the one little thing that’s not perfect). Venus in your sign opposite Neptune can bring moments of pure romance, creativity or relaxation, but don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your bigger goal.

  • New beginnings: earned money, new sources of income, self-esteem, emotional security
  • Where you can accomplish the most: public image, identity, personal goals, physical appearance, energy level, physical energy, relationships


The New Moon in your sign rattles your sense of balance, but pushes you into a new chapter/relationship/way of being that’s exciting and vital. Things certainly won’t be boring, and while it may take some effort to find your centre again, sometimes you need an extra push to get moving. 

Mars in your hidden sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, making your instincts frighteningly accurate. You’ll be tuned into what others may not even suspect. Go with your gut. Too, these energies can point to a background potential that’s full of promise, and while the Venus/Neptune opposition will enhance that promise, make sure you stay focused on what empowers you. Don’t waste this potential by draining your energy on something that makes you feel insecure, vulnerable or anxious. You should have a gut level sense of solidity about what’s happening.

  • New beginnings: relationships, personal goals, public image, identity, physical appearance 
  • Where you can accomplish the most: background/developing potentials, intuition, dreams


The New Moon in your hidden sector hits you with a surprising secret, health issue or work development. What emerges will have been sitting in your blind spot, or you may have been ignoring it. On the positive side, the unexpected could reshuffle the balance in way that clarifies a mystery or point of confusion. 

Mars in your social sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, continuing to empower you on a social/public level. You can make changes, or reach people, on a large scale. Excellent for self-promotion or moving forward with a crusade or ideal. Even if you’re just interested in meeting new people, these energies can put you in contact with someone who might be enormously beneficial. The Venus/Neptune opposition brings moments of heightened romantic attraction, idealism or creativity. Enjoy the rush, but use caution when projecting your ideals onto others. Is this person/situation a dream come true? Only time will tell. 

  • New beginnings: secrets, health/work issues, clearing up a mystery, background developments
  • Where you can accomplish the most: friends, groups, the public, group activities, public speaking, promotion, strategic social connections


The New Moon in your social sector suggests a sudden development in friendships, or a spark that lights a fire for you, on a large scale. Public reactions to what you do can catch you off guard, or you may be thrust into a whole new mission/crusade/activity.

Mars in your career sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, keeping your future ambitions on the upswing. This is the time to make the most out of new career opportunities, or push yourself further in an existing job. The Venus/Neptune opposition can enhance your charisma, professional image or concept of what you’re worth, but make sure that you keep everything professional. Avoid the temptation to allow personal issues to leak into your professional life.

  • New beginnings: friends, groups, the public, group activities, public launch
  • Where you can accomplish the most: career, future goals, dealings with those in authority, professional image, job search


The New Moon in your career sector can gift you with a spark of inspiration that illuminates a whole new path/future goal/ambition. Your future can be pushed on you abruptly, whether it’s through a new job, job loss or sudden development with those in authority. The launch of a new business or professional project may have unforeseen consequences, as Uranus’ influence can be difficult to control.

Mars in your opportunities sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto in your sign, encouraging you to keep exploring, learning and pushing beyond your current boundaries. Your source of power lies out there in an area you’ve never (until now) considered. The Venus/Neptune opposition can heighten your ideals (romantic or otherwise) while making the impossible seem reasonable. While you can certainly accomplish more than usual, make sure that any promises or potentials are backed up with concrete action. Use extra caution when dealing with legal matters.

  • New beginnings: career, job search, dealing with those in authority, professional image, business launch, ambitions, professional status
  • Where you can accomplish the most: travel, long distance issues, education, legal matters, publishing


The New Moon in your opportunities sector can gift you with a lucky break, a chance development or opportunity to explore a completely unknown area. Watch for fate in the form of an unexpected trip, legal development or contact from someone at a distance. Too, plans can be disrupted and you’ll find that you’re oriented in a brand new direction.

Mars in your sector of shared resources conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, continuing the growth of a financial or emotional opportunity. Even if debts or intimacy matters are troublesome, these energies continue to insist that you have more to work with (and more bargaining power on your side) than you realize. Someone else may offer assistance. The Venus/Neptune opposition can intensify romantic moments, but can also heighten expectations (and dissolve boundaries). Hope for the best, but keep one foot on the ground, especially when dealing with finances. Use caution with investments, spending and pooling your resources.

  • New beginnings: travel, education, publishing, legal matters, long distance issues, exploration
  • Where you can accomplish the most: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, inheritance, physical/emotional intimacy


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources can trigger an abrupt change in financial status (for better or worse) or see a relationship do a 180 (from intimate to platonic, or vice versa). Developments can feel jarring and out of your control, but can also open up something exciting. To be on the safe side, don’t count on developments to proceed according to plan; have a backup.

Mars in your partnership sector conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto, keeping a relationship (or your love life) moving in the right direction. There’s tons of potential for growth, romantically or in a business partnership. Even if there’s an unexpected ending, it can make room for something bigger and better. The Venus/Neptune opposition can keep your hopes up, but can also create blind spots. You can make the most of these energies if you take nothing for granted and make sure that you take care of business (don’t assume the other person will handle things).

  • New beginnings: debts. taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Where you can accomplish the most: all one on one partnerships