November 13th's Quiet Potential

November 13th features a couple of quiet little influences. Easy to miss, but very helpful if you're tuned into them

Jupiter in Virgo sextiles Mercury in Scorpio (at 18 degrees) which can make profound statements and deep analysis almost pleasant. There's extra resonance here, since Mercury rules Virgo. Jupiter sextile Mercury is gentle, just a nudge really, but it urges Mercury to soft peddle the raw Scorpio statement. Others will be more receptive to discomforting news. Or, you can dig up some dirt that ends up being quite lucky for you. Asking the hard questions can turn out really well. 

Venus in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius (at 5 degrees) which is a gently stabilizing influence for Venus. And a bit of sweetness to soften up Saturn. Nice for social/romantic commitments that aren't bone-crushingly heavy. Yes ,Venus is inconjuncting Neptune Rx in Pisces (at 7 degrees...exact on November 14th) so there's a bit of tension with escapist urges. But Saturn is within orb of a square to Neptune, so he'll make sure Neptune behaves. Any urges to slide down the questionable path will be squashed. 

Sextiles don't create crises, or excitement, or intensity. There's opportunity, but unlike the trine, no enabling flow. If a trine is water flowing downhill, a sextile is a pool waiting to be released. Nothing happens unless you trigger it. 

You'll feel the Jupiter/Mercury sextile if you have anything from 17 to 19 degrees Virgo or Scorpio. 4 to 6 degrees Libra and Sag will feel the Venus/Saturn sextile, and 5 to 7 degrees Libra or Pisces will feel the inconjunct.