Horoscopes for June 21st to June 28th

Painting by George Jules Victor Clairin

Painting by George Jules Victor Clairin



The trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries peaks on June 22nd, connecting opportunity and optimism with innovation. This is the classic “lucky shot” which is really more about acting quickly when the unexpected occurs. Venus in Leo will add her energy, closing in on a trine with Uranus from June 25th to 29th, and then uniting with Jupiter on July 1st. Venus adds love, money, self-esteem and indulgence to the mix, creating some sweet, celebratory moments. These energies encourage expansive expectations. While there are no guarantees, your best bet is to meet those expectations by stepping beyond what’s traditional or habitual. 

June 24th sees Chiron (Wounded Healer) stationing Rx in Pisces. Rx motion can intensify what hurts, but it can also clarify how you need to address it. On the same day, Mars (initiative, anger, action) enters moody Cancer, suggesting that confronting the uncomfortable issue/feeling is the way to go. Mars in Cancer can trigger hypersensitive reactions, or courageous expressions of love and nurturing. 


Uranus in your sign trines Jupiter (with Venus) in your sector of self-expression, urging you to step over the line. Taking a risk or following an impulse can pay surprising dividends (as long as you don’t compromise your safety or anyone else’s, of course). Moving against the current can put you in the spotlight. However, there are no guarantees here. This could be an in-the-moment kind of thing that gives you a reason to celebrate, or opens doors for further success. There’s only one way to find out…

Chiron stations Rx in your hidden sector, and Mars activates your domestic sector. Family activities (or conflicts) are hi-lighted. Mars can increase busy time at home, while Chiron’s influence will be subtle, signalling a quiet shift in focus that urges closer examination of a painful secret. The hustle in your domestic sector may act as a cover for deeper hurts, or, Mars could trigger a confrontation with an issue that no one wants to discuss. 

  • Your sweet spot: new romance, creative projects, performance, celebrations, children/pregnancy 
  • Increased activity: home, family, home business, minor renovations, working through past issues


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your hidden and domestic sectors, urging you to relax into the embrace of family celebrations, domestic bliss or quiet times by yourself. What unfolds in private is where you’ll find your blessings. Personal relationships may not be transformed, but this can be a chance to move beyond old scripts into happier territory. These energies are also supportive of changes or upgrades to your home. 

Chiron stations Rx in your social sector, drawing your attention to a public area where you feel insecure, or a sensitive spot in a friendship. Mars in your communication sector can stir up confrontational discussions, which is great if you want to clear the air. But be prepared to deal with unpleasant reactions. By all means, assert yourself, or challenge a public opinion. Just be aware that others will push back. 

  • Your sweet spot: home, family, domestic relationships, home business, renovations, relocations, domestic expansion, private time, personal goals, shifting family dynamics
  • Increased activity: discussions, issues with siblings, emails/phone calls, arguments, reacting to social issues


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your social and communication sectors,  making others very receptive to your words. If you need to deliver a message or make a public statement, this is your time. Too, you could be on the receiving end of a surprisingly sweet or positive message. In general, new/unexpected ideas and sources of information are your best bets for forward movement. Relationships with siblings can also see a surge of positive energy. 

Chiron stations Rx in your career sector, giving you more insight into insecurities around your professional status. Feelings of being an outsider at work may intensify, or you may grapple with doubts around achieving your ambitions. Mars into your sector of personal resources can intensify these issues, with the urge to go after what you need. Being validated in your profession, or getting paid according to what you’re worth can become urgent issues, and it can feel quite personal if those needs aren’t met. On the plus side, these energies can increase your competitiveness to get what you deserve. 

  • Your sweet spot: friends, groups, sibling relationships, all forms of communication, public announcements/promotions, reaching out to others, launching your new ideas
  • Increased activity: earned money, new sources of income, being valued on a professional level, having the confidence to go after what you need


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your sectors of career and personal resources. If you ask for more or raise your rates, these influences suggest a positive response. You can reap the benefits of an alternative approach to a professional goal, or a job change. Too, freshening up your professional image can pay emotional and financial dividends. 

Chiron stations Rx in your sector of opportunities, focusing you on an area (expansion, travel, legal matters, education) that’s been difficult. Delays in progress could occur, or you may be confronted with doubts about whether you have what it takes to succeed in that area. Fortunately, Mars enters your sign and gives you a boost of assertiveness, energy and (in some cases) anger. Mars can push you to get it done or fight for what you want. Use this energy wisely; anger that’s focused and controlled can act as fuel, but unchecked/unacknowledged anger can come back to bite you.

  • Your sweet spot: career, professional image, job change, earned money, getting paid what you’re worth, new sources of income, selling something that no one else can offer, promoting yourself
  • Increased activity: public identity, fighting for what you believe in, personal/professional goals, entering unknown territory, asserting yourself 


Jupiter and Venus in your sign hook up with Uranus (in your sector of opportunities) urging you to go for it. Long distance romance, travel or any new interest/activity is where it’s at. Too, your public image and physical appearance can receive a surprising boost, so if you’re looking to meet new people, perform, promote yourself or socialize, this is your moment. The key is stepping outside your typical routine.

Chiron stations Rx in your sector of shared resources, churning up deeper sensitivities around finances or intimacy. What you’re missing, or what you’re not getting enough of, can become points of contention. Mars activating your hidden sector can activate this further with a hidden attraction or buried anger. There will be a lot simmering beneath the surface, so make sure you tune into that area of frustration you’ve been ignoring.  

  • Your sweet spot: public image, physical appearance, romance, stepping out, engaging the unexpected, legal matters/travel/education
  • Increased activity: background issues, buried anger/anxieties, secret attractions/ambitions, intimacy 


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your hidden sector and sector of shared resources. Private moments with a partner can be exceptionally sweet, as limits around physical/emotional intimacy are overcome. There’s potential to break through some frustrating barriers in many areas; psychological issues, deep anxieties and self-destructive habits can see surprising progress. The key is replacing your habitual inner voice with a different message. Easier said then done, but this energy makes it easier than usual. Alternatively, you can find inspiration or unexpected support for a private goal/wish/expectation. 

Chiron Rx in your relationship sector zeros in on a partnership anxiety, or confronts you with a “what if” scenario about a romantic doubt. Mars in your social sector helps you deal, with an extra shot of courage, ambition or competitiveness. You’re not known for being competitive, but Mars can surprise you and everyone else. 

  • Your sweet spot: private moments, intimacy, secret hopes/attraction, unexpected support/solutions, private financial gift
  • Increased activity: friends, groups, the public, social activities, public competition as a response to or trigger for partnership anxieties


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activate your relationship and social sectors. Romance is a hi-light, whether a new attraction or existing relationship is involved. If you’re looking, this is the moment to get out and mingle, because your magnetism and charm are at full capacity. If you’re involved with someone, you can enjoy celebratory moments with others. All relationships (romantic and platonic) can grow and benefit from this energy. Also excellent for stepping outside your usual social activities.

Chiron Rx in your sector of routine can put the focus on a health issue or work place difficulty. Mars in your career sector can be the trigger, with challenges from management, or increased competition. You’re not comfortable will full-on confrontations, but you may have to step up. Fortunately, Mars can give you an edge. It may be time to assert yourself regarding co-worker difficulties, unbalanced obligations or receiving recognition for your efforts. 

  • Your sweet spot: all relationships, all social activities, new/existing romance, public promotions, your public image
  • Increased activity: career, dealings with management, ambitions, professional image, asserting yourself on the job


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your career and routine sectors, presenting you with a professional high point. Relationships with those in authority should be excellent, or a new job opportunity can be just what you were looking for. Any change in your existing career (or approach to your future) is supported. Too, the launch of a new business/product/professional image can unfold beautifully. 

Chiron stations Rx in your sector of self-expression, emphasizing what you want, but feel that you can’t quite have. A creative potential, new romance or overall feeling of being loved/appreciated/recognized for your special talents can be a sore spot, but Mars in your sector of opportunities urges you to push onwards and upwards to get what you’re seeking. This is no time to sit back and dwell on what hurts; Mars wants you to stride forward into the unknown. Too, this combination of Mars/Chiron can indicate legal battles involving children, or a fight to establish yourself in a new area. 

  • Your sweet spot: career, professional image, relationships with management, launching a new business/product, ambition, success, professional makeover
  • Increased activity: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your sectors of self-expression and opportunity. Long distance romance, travel or exploring new venues are where it’s at for you. The more you explore, the greater your chances of encountering some pleasant surprises. Too, these influences favour positive legal outcomes.

Chiron stations Rx in your domestic sector, bringing greater depth and understanding to a family or childhood sore spot. Mars in your sector of shared resources gives you the courage to dig beneath the surface and confront those uncomfortable, historical issues, whether they involve emotions or money. Alternatively, Mars can fire up some passionate moments with a partner.

  • Your sweet spot: long distance romance, travel, education, legal matters, publishing, finding a wider audience/new audience
  • Increased activity: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, psychological issues/secrets rooted in the past


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your domestic and shared resources sectors. Intimacy can be wonderfully intense and rewarding, with an indulgent streak. Finances (especially home finances) can improve with an unexpected gift, solution or reward. These influences can also boost your confidence and appreciation about what and who you have in your life.

Chiron stations Rx in your communication sector, giving you insight into a touchy situation. You’ll have access to the right words and/or ideas to deal with what previously seemed unapproachable. Mars in your relationship sector can make all one on one interactions somewhat confrontational, but it may be time to cut to the chase anyway. 

  • Your sweet spot: debts, taxes, loans, inheritances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Increased activity: partnerships, one on one interactions


The Jupiter/Uranus trine activates your relationship and communication sectors, increasing your odds of meeting someone special, or enabling the flow of positive communication with a partner. It will easier for you to find the right words, or respond quickly when needed. Too, others may surprise you with an uplifting or flirtatious email/phone call.

Chiron stations Rx in your security sector, urging you to consider what it is, exactly, that you’re worried about losing (or not getting enough of). Is it money? Love? Happiness? Consider how your definitions of security have shifted over the past year or so. Mars in your sector of routine can light a fire underneath you, urging you to find practical ways to address the issues that Chiron Rx brings up. Your energy can increase as well, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

  • Your sweet spot: relationships, new/existing romance, communication, finding the perfect words
  • Increased activity: daily routines, work tasks, health/exercise, co-worker relationships, finding solutions


The Jupiter/Uranus trine (with Venus) activates your sectors of routine and personal resources. If you need to find a way to make it work, increase your earning power or adjust the flow of your daily routine, this is the influence for you. Little things can fall into place, and your sense of physical/emotional well-being can receive a boost. Cooperation with others (who you work with, or who work for you) can unfold nicely. 

Chiron Rx in your sign can help clarify that vague sense of unease or discomfort. Mars in your sector of self-expression will fight on your behalf, giving you increased confidence, courage and magnetism. Is there something/someone you want? Chiron Rx can identify what’s been holding you back, while Mars will push you forward. 

  • Your sweet spot: work routines, obligations, health, co-worker relationships, new sources of income, finding ways to increase your income
  • Increased activity; new romance, creative projects, celebrations, children/pregnancy