Horoscopes for August 2nd to August 9th

Gustave Dore

Gustave Dore




August 3rd to 7th sees Mercury, Venus Rx and Jupiter united in Leo, for what would normally be a sparkling good time. Jupiter expands Venus’ love and indulgence, while Mercury adds the potential of happy news or optimistic ideas. But Saturn in Scorpio will be hanging over this merry group with an unhappy square. This suggests that any hopeful developments will run up against limits, delays or reality. Note that Venus has already squared Saturn previously (on July 14th) when she was direct and Saturn was Rx. This could be a repeat. Mercury and Jupiter will be conjunct on August 7th, and technically one degree beyond the square, but Saturn will still be felt. To the plus, Saturn can define and focus, enabling you to polish a gem. There are benefits to having your options limited. Sometime you only appreciate brilliance when the shadow around it is darkest. 

To the rescue, we have Mercury and Mars changing signs, breaking up the roadblock of disappointment. Mercury will enter Virgo on August 7th (after conjuncting Jupiter) and it will gain strength in the sign that it rules. Mercury in Virgo offers precise analysis, practical facts and information you can use. Effective tools to help you deal with the Saturn square. On August 8th, Mars enters Leo, adding a fresh surge of will and initiative. What appeared to shut down may become inconsequential, as Mars offers something new. Or, Mars can gift you with the energy to keep going when you’re stuck.


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your sector of self-expression square Saturn in your shared resources sector. The reality of a financial or intimacy issue can dim the glow of a romantic or creative potential. The object your desire may be unavailable, or you may have to dig much deeper than anticipated to bring a project to fruition. Too, you may be required to offer more than optimistic promises.

Mercury’s move into your sector of routine can provide you with practical solutions to the above issues, or shift your focus from what you’re missing to what needs to be done. Mars into your sector of self-expression can gift you with increased ambition, and the confidence to keep going after what you want, no matter what obstacles you encounter. 

  • Limits on: creative projects, new romance, pregnancy/childbirth, appreciation from others
  • More information: work tasks, health/self-improvement, service to others, co-workers, practical information
  • More action: pursuing a desired goal, taking risks, demanding recognition


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your domestic sector square Saturn in your relationship sector. Domestic expansion, renovations, relocation or family issues can be points of contention with a partner. One of you may want more than the other, or one partner may not be ready to move in a certain direction. Demands for domestic accountability can also be an issue. 

Mercury’s move into your sector of self-expression can lighten things up with creative ideas/discussions, or more information on how to manifest what’s precious to you. Mars into your domestic sector can jump-start domestic changes (despite initial resistance) or trigger arguments. 

  • Limits on: domestic plans/relationships
  • More information: pregnancy/children, creative work, new romance
  • More action: home renovations, relocations, home business, family issues/disputes


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your communication sector square Saturn in your sector of routine. Hopeful/ambitious ideas may be constrained by reality, or big plans may be limited by obligations. What must be attended to will define what you hear and say. Too, this influence can point to the signing of an official document, or the establishment of a commitment. 

Mercury’s move into your domestic sector can shift your focus to immediate necessities, family issues or domestic details. If ideas were constrained or denied, this influence can offer a step by step plan on how to get the ball rolling in your daily life. Mars’ move into your communication sector can add more fuel to your words, and give you the courage to champion your ideas. Too, Mars can offer fresh initiatives.

  • Limits on: sibling issues, conversations, proposals, plans, hope for the future
  • More information: family issues, home business, domestic details, relocations, mortgage/rental agreements
  • More action: new ideas, assertively promoting your point, arguments, reaching out to someone new


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your sector of personal resources square Saturn in your sector of self-expression. You could run into a financial or emotional pinch, as what you want is limited by what’s realistically available. Lack of confidence could be an issue, or the reality of what you can’t afford. Saturn’s limits can also make you aware that personal boundaries that have been violated. 

Mercury’s move into your sector of communication can shift you from depression/anxiety (triggered by the above) to a more constructive approach. How can you maximize what you have? What are your strategies for protecting yourself? Mars’ move into your sector of personal resources give you even more ammo, as he pumps up your determination to put yourself first. This can mean asserting your values, or finding a way to generate more income/emotional satisfaction.

  • Limits on: self-esteem, earned income, emotional security, available resources
  • More information: constructive ideas, research, solutions you can use, fine-tuning your personal details/paperwork, strategic conversations
  • More action: self-defence, new sources of income, demanding more, saying “No”


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your sign square Saturn in your domestic sector. Lingering family/domestic responsibilities can feel extra heavy, underlining what you can’t have, or what you must do before you can move on. A past romantic connection can be an unpleasant reminder of what you lost, but also a reminder of why it’s best that you move on. A temporary dip in confidence is a possibility. 

Mercury’s move into your sector of security helps you deal, with strategic, resource-focused thinking. What steps do you need to take to get what you need? Watch for financially-oriented conversations/ideas/leads. Mars into your sign brings a much-needed boost of confidence, giving you back your mojo. No matter what restrictions the square to Saturn triggered, Mars can show you the way forward with a brand new initiative or burst of energy. 

  • Limits on: romance, physical appearance, confidence, plans for the future
  • More information: earned income, emotional security, self-esteem
  • More action: the competitive urge, physical energy, assertiveness, putting yourself first, public image


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your hidden sector square Saturn in your communication sector. An unacknowledged hope, hidden attraction or background potential can be challenged by the truth. A dream could be deflated before it sees the light of day, but know that some things aren’t meant to manifest. Too, Saturn can push you to define a vague hope or get serious about something you’ve been avoiding. 

Mercury’s move into your sign helps you actualize hidden potentials by pumping up your natural talents: sharp analysis, focus on the essentials and saying exactly what needs to be said. Mercury can gift you with everything you need to know about a certain situation, while giving you the practical ideas to make it work. Mars into your hidden sector can reignite something, or urge you to pull back and bank your fires (for now). It may be time to regroup and take a break.

  • Limits on: background potentials, half-formed ideas, secret attractions, an impractical desire you’ve been nurturing
  • More information: public identity, public declarations, figuring out your next step, saying what needs to be said
  • More action: what’s hidden/overlooked, what you’ve been putting off, healing/rest/rejuvenation, spiritual work


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your social sector square Saturn (in your sector of personal resources). The public image you’d like to project may be shadowed by a lack of  confidence, or you may experience a contrast between what others have, and what you’re missing. Reputation and public success are themes here, although Saturn can also urge you to focus on what has true value (the substance beneath the shine). 

Mercury’s move into your hidden sector suggests you’ll be listening more closely to what you sense/intuit (rather than what people say) as a result of the above. Mars’ shift into your social sector will keep you busier than ever, and will help you push past the brief dent to you self-esteem that Saturn triggered. Mars can also emphasize social competition.

  • Limits on: friends, group activities, public attraction, public image
  • More information: secrets, intuition, what’s happening behind the scenes
  • More action: social competition/initiatives, new friends, arguments with friends, social confidence 


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your career sector square Saturn in your sign, suggesting a brief shadow on your public light. You may run into resistance (based on a past issues or responsibility) that challenges your professional reputation, job search or promotion. You may have to prove yourself to those in authority, or find that what you’ve been doing is not quite good enough. 

Mercury’s move into your social sector helps you branch out from the above setback by getting more feedback and public connections. Mars into your career sector keeps your ambition burning and can bring new prospects, so don’t let Saturn get you down. Keep pushing.

  • Limits on: professional image, dealings with authority, job search/promotion, success
  • More information: friends, groups, group activities, networking
  • More action: professional competition/ambition, promoting yourself, hustling for more work, driving your own success


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your sector of opportunities square Saturn in your hidden sector, suggesting that future possibilities or exciting developments may be undermined by a past situation. An old issue that you thought was over may have one more challenge to offer. This shouldn’t totally prevent new developments from unfolding, but you’ll run into delays. Long-distance romance can be thrown off track by a past relationship, or by the presence of secrets/background restrictions.

Mercury’s move into your career sector helps you turn your eyes to what comes next. This can put your mind into analytical mode and help you come up with a strategic solution. Discussions with those in authority can also be helpful. Mars’ move into your opportunities sector can fire up your crusading spirit and push you dive into the unknown anyway, despite Saturn’s delays. Mars can open new doors or break down doors that are stuck. 

  • Limits on: travel, education, legal matters, publishing, long-distance romance 
  • More information: career, professional reputation, discussions with authorities
  • More action: legal battle, adventurous trip, seeking new opportunities when others are blocked, fighting for what you believe in


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your sector of shared resources square Saturn, in your social sector. Debts, or difficulties with a partner’s finances, can create some tension. You may have thought you were in the clear, but discover external rules/reminders that there’s more to pay. Intimacy can encounter blockages based on external commitments/relationships. 

Mercury’s move into your sector of opportunities brings new information/contacts/ideas to help you deal.  Mercury can also give you shot of perspective by helping you look beyond the confines of a depressing situation. Mars’ move into your shared resources sector introduces more heat, passion or conflict; use the increased energy wisely, by directing your efforts towards solving financial or emotional problems. The right approach can mean the difference between crisis or breakthrough. 

  • Limits on: shared finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • More information: brand new ideas, education, travel, legal issues
  • More action: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, working together versus butting heads


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your partnership sector square Saturn in your career sector, casting a shadow on relationship issues, or your love life in general. Future plans may cause tension with a partner, or the enormity of moving forward may feel daunting (whether you’re single or involved). A relationship from the past can remind you of unpleasant obstacles. Business partnerships can be especially dicey.

Mercury’s move into your sector of shared resources can trigger intimate/difficult conversations, or push you to look deeper at changes in your approach to relationships. Mars’ move into your relationship sector can pump the conflict and/or passion. You may find yourself being challenged by partner or new attraction; use the increased energy to bust yourself out of the relationship doldrums. 

  • Limits on: partnerships
  • More information: intimacy, shared resources/finances, psychological analysis
  • More action: challenges from others, attraction/competition


Mercury/Venus Rx/Jupiter in your sector of routine square Saturn in your opportunities sector, suggesting a temporary dip in energy, or frustrating road-blocks at work. Delays, red tape or stubborn problems may crop up (especially involving legal issues, paper work, medical issues or daily tasks). You may also revisit a medical issue.

Mercury’s move into your relationship sector can help, with a more balanced give and take of information, or compromise. You’re not alone in this. Mars’ move into your sector of routine can signal an energy surge that helps you regain your strength/health, or tackle work difficulties head on. 

  • Limits on: health, co-worker relationships, service to others, tasks
  • More information: exchanging ideas with others, cooperation/partnerships
  • More action: energy level, exercise, ambition to get things done, finding solutions