New Moon in Cancer: The Slap

The July 15th New Moon (23 degrees Cancer) joins the party with everything else that's hitting Cancer. 

This Moon will be a doozy, with a Mars/Mercury conjunction (at 14 degrees Cancer...exact on July 16th) opposing Pluto Rx in Capricorn. New beginnings will be propelled by intensely volatile arguments/demands, or unsettling information. This Moon will square Uranus in Aries (20 degrees) for added fun, indicating that what starts will do so with a *slap.* 

This feels like an abrupt, aggressive start that's a reaction to something. A forced beginning, or something new that's sprung on unsuspecting folks. And maybe it's necessary. Maybe someone in your vicinity is in need of a verbal smackdown (Cancer can be ferocious if attacked). Of course, I'm not advocating aggression as a solution. Use your wits and discretion. This energy is so volatile that whatever you send out will rebound on you, times ten.  

But it's not all volatile. This Moon will also be part of a Grand Water Trine consisting of Saturn Rx (at 28 degrees Scorpio) and Chiron Rx (21 deg Pisces). So there's stability in the mix. The Rx theme means that it will be stability achieved by revisiting previous commitments, or reconfirming priorities. Hooked into Chiron Rx, this suggests that what you fall back on, or reconfirm, will enable the healing process. 

The Water Trine will be in the background. Most people will probably feel the tension first, but the background stability will be there if you're mindful of it. Meaning, if you tune into the reason this is happening. And this is why Saturn Rx into Scorpio is not so bad, after all. 

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 14 to 24 deg of the Cardinal signs (orbs extended to include Mars/Mercury) you'll feel this Moon most strongly. 21 to 28 degrees of the Water signs will feel it to a lesser extent.