Vesta in Aries: The Purified Battle

Vesta in Aries is closely involved with the upcoming eclipse. I'd like to look at her in more detail, because her dance with Juno and Black Moon Lilith creates some interesting friction.

Vesta is an asteroid that describes absolute devotion. Along with that devotion comes limits, which makes complete focus possible. She is about purity of intent, and is named after the Goddess of the hearth who created a safe, inviolate home. She is also associated with the Vestal Virgins, who tended the sacred flame in the Goddess' temple. Vesta's fire cannot exist without the denial of something else.

Although she's associated with virginity, it's more accurate to say that she represents sacred sexuality. She's about sexual energy that belongs to no one but herself, but when shared with others, can be healing and purifying. Vesta's sexual energy transcends traditional partnerships, and is sometimes funnelled into other pursuits. For example, the fighter who refrains from sexual activity the night before a match. The workaholic who deals with his loneliness by putting in relentless hours. Or the artist who remains celibate in order to devote himself to his creations. The ultimate expression of Vesta is pure sexual energy that creates. 

Natal Vesta is where your flame burns. It's where you impose limits, in order to protect what's sacred. If someone challenges your Vesta, they are defiling your temple. This can also be where you encounter difficulties, because of your obsessive focus that excludes everything/everyone else. A distorted version of Vesta's energy would be complete denial of something you want, because you feel it's sinful or "wrong." 

Transiting Vesta (through Aries in your chart) will hi-light something that requires your intensified focus. It may be something that you have to fight for (Aries). Or, it could be an area where you have lost sight of the bigger picture, due to obsession or isolation. Vesta in Aries can be supremely independent and selfish.  

Vesta's exact opposition to Juno will occur on September 30th (at 5 degrees) and to BML on October 3rd (at 4 degrees). Solitary purity (Vesta), partnership dynamics (Juno) and sexual anger (BML). The opposition to Vesta implies that you may need to devote yourself more strongly to something, or reconsider what you've dedicated yourself to. It may be time to claim your power in a way that has nothing to do with current standards of sexuality or partnership. Or, it may be time to step away from the loneliness of a solitary crusade, and explore the energy of relationships and sexual power. Then again, maybe you need to fight for your right to own your body, your identity, your individuality. 

Vesta will also oppose BML in Libra on February 7, 2016, at 18 degrees. Uranus will be sitting close to Vesta, and Pluto/Venus in Capricorn will be squaring the works, suggesting a shocking (or emotionally violent) confrontation/realization about love, relationships or female power. I'll write more about that in the future.