Virgo Venting and Useless Critiques

I don't often vent on this blog. Actually, I don't think I ever have. So this will be a first. 

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon over the past month or so - people have been posting critiques (which I delete) about my style of writing. Not about the astrology, but complaints about specific words or phrases that irritate them. Let me assure these people that I will continue to write what I want and how I want. The words they find most irritating will be included in my posts. 

I suppose my Virgo stellium attracts the nitpickers. Too, it's probably transiting Mercury in Virgo. I'll keep deleting those comments, because they have absolutely nothing to do with astrology. And they do expose Shadow Virgo - "corrections" that serve no purpose. I have no problem if you address astrology issues, or point out something I've forgotten. Like the commenter who noticed that I forget to post the Saturn part of this week's Libra horoscope (my bad). But comments about words/phrases that bug you? 

Come on, now.