About Recent Events

A comment on a recent post got me thinking. You've probably noticed that I haven't directly addressed the election in my astrology blurbs. This approach will continue. There are plenty of astrologers weighing in on the results, and I've never been a political astrologer. I prefer to focus on the personal. I'm aware that you can't always separate the two, and this has become abundantly clear with recent events. 

For some, my posts will appear to be about the current political climate. And if you're feeling them that way, it's valid. The big picture has reached into your life and touched you on a deeply personal level. But know that my posts are not political analyses. I'm interpreting the transits as they might impact you, on any level. And I remain an impartial observer (or as impartial as I can be) so I can present information that's unbiased. While this election has been huge, change continues in other areas that have nothing to do with the election.