Horoscopes for January 1st to January 8th, 2017




Venus enters Pisces on January 3rd, infusing love, money, resources and personal values with magic. Possibilities expand and boundaries fall away. This can lead to beautiful moments, or moments of sacrifice. As Mercury Rx backs into Sagittarius on January 4th, developments triggered by Venus will encourage a second look at promises, ideals and expectations. 

January 7th sees a Sun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The spotlight will be on power, control/fear of losing control, and intense meetings. A Venus/South Node conjunction on the same day suggests that reaching back into the past for a relationship culmination (or release) will be part of the mix. As Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius on January 8th, you will have gathered enough insight to advance with the truth. 


Venus into your hidden sector/Mercury Rx into your sector of opportunities, frees up undefined possibilities. A second chance with situations involving travel, education, legal issues or publishing can reveal what you overlooked. Too, the truth behind a story/promise may be under review. Once Mercury stations direct, you’ll be able to move forward with what you’ve learned- intuition will be just as important as the facts. In some cases, there will be a sense of relief as you finally let go of what could never be. 

Sun/Pluto in your career sector spotlights power and domination. This could be your moment to take control, or you could experience the power that someone else has over you. Venus/South Node give these events a familiar feeling - your interactions with someone (business, romantic or both) will be repeats, even if this is the first time you’ve met them (in this life). Pay attention to the power dynamics in the relationship. It may be necessary for one person to have authority, but the key will be how that authority is exercised. Watch for background manipulations, or the sense that there’s more to this relationship than you see on the surface. 


Venus into your social sector can open up new social/networking connections, or add an emotional vibe to friendships and group activities. Love and empathy can expand, and you may be compelled to make a selfless offer. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx into your sector of shared resources suggests that financial or relationship reviews will be happening beneath the surface. You may return to a previous conversation about the ethics of what’s shared, given or owed. New social prompts can trigger a deeper look at intimacy. As Mercury station direct, intensive discussions will reveal what you need to know. 

Sun/Pluto in your sector of opportunities can hi-light more ethical issues, involving education, travel, legal matters or publishing. Power can be used to create transformations with far-reaching consequences, for better or worse. An opportunity to reach further or learn more can benefit you, and Venus over the South Node hooks this into a meeting with someone significant. Too, Venus/South Node can signal the public culmination of a past relationship issue. It may be time to openly acknowledge something. 


Venus into your career sector delivers benefits in the form of business relationships, public recognition or a boost to your professional image. Benefits will not be clearly defined, and may not be all about you. There could also be a bitter-sweet reminder of how a career dream just isn't realistic. Mercury Rx into your partnership sector sees you focused on a particular one-on-one connection (business or romantic). As Mercury stations direct, reviews of joint goals, commitments or promises will result in progress. Looking closely at a belief about the other person may be key. 

Sun/Pluto unites in your sector of shared resources, and issues around debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or physical/emotional intimacy will be pronounced. You may have to release control (although you never had complete control over this). Deep changes will be triggered by your emerging awareness of how far you can take something. Venus over the South Node can put you in touch with someone from the past, who has a significant impact on your career and future goals. External relationships, or a noticeable shift in your professional image, will be related to internal changes that Sun/Pluto stirs up. You can experience power, authority and status in a relationship, on all levels. 


Venus into your sector of opportunities signals favourable developments in long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration. Too, you could feel a pull to sacrifice something for an ideal or cause. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx into your sector of routine triggers a review of health or work issues. Venus’ new developments will be viewed via revisions of mundane details or obligations. Before you proceed further, you’ll have to address immediate corrections. Make sure you're not undermining yourself with guilt. Mercury direct can present the solution, or end to delays, in work/health matters. 

Sun/Pluto in your partnership sector spotlights changes in your love life, or a specific change in the life of your partner. Themes will include a redefinition of partnership or a a restructuring of boundaries and responsibilities. Don’t let fear hold you back - this transformation is essential. Venus/South Node aligns these changes with the urge to go further, or release what’s been blocking progress. A long-distance romance could develop. Too, an ideal/hope could reach a point where it’s time to define it, or let it go.  


Venus into your sector of shared resources suggests favourable developments involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or physical/emotional intimacy. Venus can increase what you receive, spend or give. She can also indicate there’s more between you and another, although you'll have to double-check boundaries. Mercury Rx into your sector of self-expression can see you looking back at a previous attraction or creative impulse. Along with Venus, a romantic connection or issue involving performance/art can be renewed. Too, it may feel good to invest everything - just make sure you're not setting yourself up for a loss. As Mercury goes direct, the situation may shift again, due to a change of heart. 

Sun/Pluto in your sector of routine hi-lights a health or work issue. Power imbalances with co-workers, or with someone you’re obligated to serve, may be an issue. Too, unavoidable medical changes, or changes in your work routine, could be an issue. Venus/South Node adds in a specific dynamic about giving/receiving, on an emotional, physical or financial level. It could be time to change or enhance your personal routines, so you’re open to what you really want to receive. Your goal is to enhance your independence and security, even if you’re becoming deeply involved with someone. 


Venus into your partnership sector, and Mercury Rx into your domestic sector, can revive a past domestic/family issue, with an emphasis on appropriate give and take. How much is too much, and how much is driven by a sense of sacrifice? Love and compromise can increase, which will make it easier to address past issues. A surge of empathy (or guilt) can push you to revisit a family issue. As Mercury goes direct, family discussions can see progress, and there will be an end to delays involving relocation, renovations, home business or a domestic relationship. 

Sun/Pluto in your sector of self-expression spotlights what you really want, and what you have to do to get it. Attraction, creative work, or issue involving children/pregnancy can claim all your attention, and Venus/South Node suggests the time is ripe. A new romance with a fated feeling can be powerfully compelling, or an existing relationship can manifest something you’ve been longing for. In some cases, you may experience an an ending, as you’re confronted with the need to let go of a fantasy or attraction that’s been weakening you. Either way, the goal is to define your highest potential (with someone special, or on your own).


Venus into your sector of routine adds a touch of ease and cooperation to co-worker relationships, obligations, work tasks and health issues. It should be easier to get the help you need, although you may be less inclined to follow a strict routine. You can also find it way too easy to give and give and give  - pay attention to self-care and energy reserves. Mercury Rx into your communication sector suggests returning to a past conversation, answer or detail, to confirm the truth. Too, you may have to put plans/work tasks on hold, although Mercury direct should signal progress (while urging you to make a decision).

Sun/Pluto in your domestic sector spotlights a significant change in home and family life - this could involve a relocation, reconstruction or transformation in the home life of you or your parents. Venus/South Node suggests this will also involve a health issue or responsibility, as you release or move forward with something that’s been absorbing all your love and compassion. You may have to confront issues of imbalance, around how much you’ve giving (or sacrificing). Too, this could be the moment you move forward with a dream job, and make it your ultimate goal. 


Venus into your sector of self-expression adds energy to a personal desire or dream. A new romance, creative project, or issue involving children/pregnancy can progress favourably, and Mercury Rx into your sector of personal resources can see you making adjustments to finances/personal values, in response. You may have an opportunity to revisit a salary discussion/source of income. Too, going back over a conversation/decision about what you must have can be fruitful, as you realign your values with emerging possibilities. 

Sun/Pluto in your communication sector can deliver a powerful message, declaration or awareness. Venus/South Node suggests this will be connected to an attraction with a fated feeling, or an opportunity to manifest something you’ve been hoping for. You may be able to go public or gain a wider audience. Too, it may be time to release a fantasy and take a hard look at how a longed-for achievement holds up in the public light. 


Venus into your domestic sector brings quiet moments of love and sweetness to home and family matters. Turning inwards to concentrate on those closest to you may be a theme, and Mercury Rx into your sign suggests you’ll be thinking carefully about this. You may revisit a conversation, decision or choice. You may also have to look carefully at conflicting/confusing information, or how much love/empathy you can afford to give. Don’t rush things. Once Mercury stations direct, you’ll have a clearer sense of what “forward” means.

Sun/Pluto in your sector of personal resources illuminates a reality about finances or personal values. A habit is ready to be broken, or a dependency is ripe for removal. Too, a major expense or shift in allocation of resources could be featured. Venus/South Node ties this into an issue (family, childhood, parents) that must be dealt with. You have a future to build, but first, something from the past is ready to be released with love, compassion and some sadness. For some, these influences could indicate an opportunity to expand on a home business.


Venus into your sector of communication graces all contacts, conversations and your general outlook, with gentle optimism. Messages can be be laced with love, flirtation or simple affection. Mercury Rx into your hidden sector suggests one of these messages may be connected to your closer look at a secret or previously obscured issue. As Mercury stations direct, you’ll be ready to come out with you’ve learned, or integrate background/intuitive information into your conscious plans. 

Sun/Pluto in your sign indicates a boost of power, intensity and focus- a goal or plan could come together quite nicely, due to your determined push. Venus/South Node ties this in with a significant message or conversation that releases all the feels. A rush of tears, empathy and happiness could be the result, as something familiar is unlocked. There could be a goodbye, or opportunity to move forward with a relationship or creative development. 


Venus into your sector of personal resources can bring a new source of income, or an enhanced sense of well-being. There may be a chance to expand on what you have, although it will also be tempting to spend freely or give your money to someone who needs it. Mercury Rx into your social sector suggests a repeat conversation with someone who asks for more, or clues you into an opportunity. Check their story carefully. Too, you may reconnect with a friend from the past, or revise social plans in light of new financial/emotional developments. As Mercury stations direct, you’ll be able to move forward with new social goals or make a public announcement. In some cases, you will step away from someone. 

Sun/Pluto in your hidden sector emphasizes a simmering background development. There’s something in the works (the next phase of your new life?) and this influence can deliver a moment of clarity or confirmation. In some cases, you may experience a secret power play, or discover that someone has more invested than you realized. Venus/South Node connects hidden developments with an external moment of gain and loss. The fear of losing what you have (or never had) could be an underlying threat, but at the same time, there will be a chance to embrace something more. Developments with money, relationships or personal values will urge you to come to terms with old security fears, and make room for something deeper, richer and more sustaining. 


Venus into your sign can boost your powers of attraction, and your desire to escape. Venus can also encourage you to let go and give yourself/your resources completely  - make sure the recipient deserves what you're offering. Mercury Rx into your career sector connects you with a previous job, an old boss, or past conversation with management. There may be a revision of your career goals, as Venus urges you to focus on something that makes you happier (or something that appears more attractive). Mercury direct will line you up with career opportunities, or indicate a decision to move on to something better. 

Sun/Pluto in your social sector can hi-light a public power play, or intense moment with a friend or group. Venus/South Node suggests a person from your past, or a new contact with a familiar feeling, can trigger profound changes. This could be a romantic attraction, or a very intense friendship/business partnership. Either way, the purpose is to define your role in one-on-one dynamics. You have more power than you realize, including the ability to choose a partnership dynamic that is an improvement over the past.