Mars in Scorpio Sextile Jupiter in Virgo

Transit reminder: Mars in Scorpio sextile Jupiter Rx in Virgo, at 21 degrees.

When Scorpio and Virgo connect, things can get obsessive. Even with the gentle sextile, you've got compulsive Mars fired up by Jupiter, and the flurry of information from Virgo. There's a pronounced urge to FIX or MEDDLE or INVESTIGATE. Dig, dig, dig until you get to the truth. It's high energy: you can accomplish so much. But once you start asking, investigating or improving, you may not be able to stop. Mars in Scorpio wants to go all the way, and Jupiter will encourage this. Make sure you pick something that actually needs fixing. 

On the plus side, this is fantastic for tossing out the garbage (mental, psychic or physical). Nothing says "deep clean" like Virgo and Scorpio.