Horoscopes for August 28th to September 4th, 2016

By Odilon Redon -  {{ PD-old-70 }}, https://commons.wikimedia.org

By Odilon Redon -  {{PD-old-70}}, https://commons.wikimedia.org

Overview :

Mercury in Virgo conjoins Venus on August 29th, fusing facts with attraction. Here is the helpful message, delivered with affection. Or the flirtatious intro delivered with self-effacing charm. What you want to hear will be laced with something you can use. What you say will be well-received. 

Mars in Sagittarius squares the Virgo North Node/Pisces South Node, suggesting part of the package will be actions at the crossroads. Work with the facts to develop or refine your situation. Mars' expansive efforts can be easily wasted at this point, if you energize what undermines you. Avoidance and escape may be tempting -  the way forward involves picking a specific target/method.

But this is only the first page of the story. A few hours later, Venus moves into Libra. And on August 30th, Mercury stations Rx. What Venus/Mercury suggested will require more thought. Or, the initial discussion will be put on hold. Venus and Mercury parting ways indicates two levels of development. Social graces and relationship idealism will move forward, while key facts will be analyzed behind the scenes. 

This brings us to the September 1st New Moon eclipse in Virgo, which will activate the Saturn/Neptune square. New beginnings will be marked by crystallization and dissolution. Something freezes or is made real, while something else melts or is revealed to be a fantasy. A new set of rules will emerge. What’s hopeful is Mercury Rx’s conjunction to Jupiter (exact on September 2nd) suggesting that part of this new chapter will involve dividends. Already, Mercury Rx has delivered something useful: going back to a promise or area of expansion will allow you to identify a beneficial detail. You’ll be sifting through the extras to pick out the best.

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Mercury/Venus in your sector of routine suggest a spot of assistance, or positive developments with co-workers, health issues or work tasks. You may decide to help someone out, or come across a promising solution. As Venus enters your relationship sector and Mercury stations Rx, the discussion or solution may be put on hold. Review of the facts will be needed, or someone may change their mind about that offer of assistance. The balance of giving and receiving will be an issue, in work and romantic relationships. Mars in your sector of opportunities suggests a chance to jump ahead into something new, but practical issues or the fine print may need further development. 

The eclipse in your sector of routine can reveal a sensitive or awkward issue, involving work, health or obligations. A new health or work regime could begin, and what you’re not able to do/fix could be your focus. And yet, you’ll have to work with the current reality. The burden of new responsibilities could be significant, or, you may try to force your methods/help on someone else. Know that the control you have will be limited, but you’ll also access to more information/fixes as you review the situation.  


Mercury/Venus in your sector of self-expression suggests a sweet, romantic conversation/flirtation, or good news about something you’ve been working towards (creative work, performance or children/pregnancy). Venus into your sector of routine and Mercury Rx say there’s more work to be done, before the hoped-for conclusion. Practical issues involving health or routines will need to be addressed, although Venus suggests assistance or an easy flow of events. Romantic discussions may be put on hold, or an initial romantic contact may fade (temporarily). Too, Mercury Rx could suggest contact with a past romantic attraction. Mars in your sector of shared resources asks you to choose wisely regarding an intimacy or financial issue. 

The eclipse in your sector of self-expression can move things forward, although it may not feel like it. You’ll be dealing with the need to adjust your hopes with financial/emotional realities, while confronting another round of effort to manifest your personal or romantic goals. Haven’t you worked hard enough already? If you really want this, you’ll keep at it. Too, you could discover that something is not meant for you. If it dissolves, know that you’re being repositioned to focus on something healthier, more realistic, or of higher quality. Going back to a previous issue, or reframing your request, can put a positive spin on things. 


Mercury/Venus in your domestic sector suggests positive domestic news or a loving family conversation. Improvements in a family situation, or issues with renovations, relocation or a home business may be on the table. As Venus enters your sector of self-expression and Mercury stations Rx, issues from the past/childhood may come up, or there may be practical details that need revision. Nonetheless, Venus suggests moments of celebration or relaxation, even if there are delays.  Mars in your relationship sector indicates pivotal partnership choices.

The eclipse in your domestic sector can open a new chapter in a domestic relationship, and revised goals/commitments may be the theme. Shifting future/career plans, or a job ending, could be part of the package. Family responsibilities could increase, or you could feel the crunch between partnership versus family/past issues. However, keep the lines of communication open, and keep looking for answers/improvements - there’s an effective workaround, or area of expansion that’s waiting to be accessed. You may need to reopen a family discussion, or take another look at domestic documents.   


Mercury/Venus in your communication sector brings a friendly, hopeful or flirtatious contact. Good news or a strategic compromise is suggested. Venus’ move into your domestic sector and Mercury Rx indicate that the initial news/conversation could be put on hold, or will need to be reviewed and clarified. There’s more information to be uncovered, so don’t take it at face value. Meanwhile, domestic/family developments can be enjoyable, but keep your eye on the developing details. Mars in your sector of routine makes health or worka point of tension: where your efforts are best directed may be the question. 

The eclipse in your communication sector suggests an official/legal announcement, piece of information or conversation. Health or work issues may be involved, and some of what you learn may force you to adjust your expectations. The truth could sting a bit, or the additional restrictions/rules that come to light could make you feel that nothing you say is quite right. However, Mercury Rx/Jupiter suggest that this new chapter is still a growth chapter. After you adjust yourself to the new rules, go back over what you’ve learned. You’ll find the key to future improvements and reasons to be optimistic. Some of this may involve rephrasing your words, or putting a more positive spin on existing information. Too, a past contact can reappear, offeringa way forward. 


Mercury/Venus in your sector of personal resources can clue you in to an emotional or financial opportunity. You won’t get rich, but you will be able to make smart compromises while identifying the most effective ways to get what you want. Financial discussions can be off to a promising start. As Venus enters your communication sector and Mercury stations Rx, the promising lead/conversation can stall, or move in reverse. That’s ok - there’s more to learn, or there are more details to be worked out. You’ll still have negotiating power (and charm) on your side, so don’t panic or try to force the issue. An intriguing person from the past to make a reappearance. Mars in your sector of self-expression can present an opportunity to pursue what you really want.

The eclipse in your sector pf personal resources can hi-light increased financial responsibilities, or a new chapter that demands more financial/emotional restraint. You won’t be able to have everything you want - you may not be able to afford it, or you’ll have to narrow your focus and let go of one thing in order to get another. You could feel vulnerable as you’re asked to release something that feels essential. However, Mercury Rx/Jupiter says that if you review your options, revisit the discussion, or look more closely at financial details, you’ll uncover a key to future security and abundance. You can earn more, or get more satisfaction, but first you need to do some recalculating. 


Mercury/Venus in your sign suggests affection/loving words that also point you towards practical solutions. A friendly contact can do more than just make you feel good, and if you feel like reaching out to someone, now would be a good time. Too, a piece of information can hint at something more lucrative. Venus into your sector of personal resources, and Mercury Rx, can see you taking a much closer look at that initial contact, conversation or detail. Your focus will be all about how you can benefit, or what they have to offer you. An initial offer may be delayed, or you/they may have change of heart. Nothing is final while Mercury is Rx, so just take stock of what you know and gather more information. For now, you’re in figure-it-out mode. Mars in your domestic sector, square the North Node in your sign, can see you deciding how to approach home or family initiatives. There’s a specific improvement that needs to be set in motion. 

The eclipse in your sign can redefine a relationship, career or domestic issue, even as you’re thrust into a new chapter. Responsibilities at home/with family can shift or dissolve, as can your priorities and sense of what’s best. This new chapter will begin with you sorting through current obligations and cutting out the ones that you no longer need to take on. This will narrow your focus while giving you more energy to devote to the things that hold real potential. Mercury Rx/Jupiter in your sign suggests reconsidering everything you have taken on, and selecting the best/most viable. 


Mercury/Venus in your hidden sector hint at an intriguing background development. A private conversation, secret attraction or potential could catch your attention, but as Venus enters your sign and Mercury stations Rx, you may be split about your next decision. Part of you wants to go public, but Mercury Rx suggests there’s more you don’t know. Venus in your sign provides a significant boost to your social and attraction potential, so enjoy that. But don’t make any final decisions just yet. Use caution if you’re tempted to reveal private details. Mars in your communication sector indicates you may be deciding whether to speak out about something hidden, or let it slide (for now). 

The eclipse in your hidden sector can stir up secret/uncomfortable information. A private sensitivity could drive public actions/arguments, and there may be much that you feel you can’t say, or aren’t allowed to address. Too, work or health issues that you weren’t aware of can take on greater significance. Mercury Rx/Jupiter suggest that going back over your options can uncover something you missed the first time. 


Mercury/Venus in your social sector put you in touch with the right people, or a romantic/flirtatious contact. As Venus enters your hidden sector and Mercury stations Rx, the initial, promising conversation may enter confusing territory. Is this friendship, or something more? Are they still interested? Are you? Allow things to develop at their own speed, and don’t expect concrete answers until Mercury stations direct. Mars in your sector of personal resources can apply pressure regarding your urge to fight for what you want, or to protect your interests. 

The eclipse in your social sector can begin a new chapter in your public image, friendships, group associations or personal goals. However, you may feel frustrated as some expression is restricted while other goals seem out of reach. Too, a financial or emotional insecurity can urge you to narrow down your social contacts in order to pinpoint who is best for you. Mercury Rx/Jupiter asks you to reassess current social relationships/opportunities and (if necessary) cut out the ones that drain your energy and scatter your focus. There are one or two who are pure gold, and those are the ones you should concentrate on. 


Mercury/Venus in your career sector suggest a professional opportunity, positive conversation with management or pleasing idea for your business/professional image. You’ll have charm and clever ideas at your disposal. However, Venus into your social sector and Mercury Rx can scatter your focus. You may want to go further with that idea or reach out, but Mercury Rx suggests some details need to be reworked.  Too, someone in authority may change backtrack on their initial promise. Mars in your sign suggests your next actions will be crucial, because they’ll drive your success - ideally, you’re going for focus and precision while avoiding the temptation to waffle or be distracted. Don’t allow old worries or family history to undermine your efforts.   

The eclipse in your career sector begins a new professional chapter, but your next move may be unclear. The square to Saturn in your sign will restrict your freedom, while increasing your responsibilities.  Meanwhile, Neptune can drain your energy and undermine your foundation. Take it slow and don’t rush to define this new beginning. Honour your responsibilities and trust that Mercury Rx/Jupiter can line you up with exactly what you need to know. You may have to readjust the expansion of a business, or redirect you career focus. Too, a job opportunity from the past may reappear. 


Mercury/Venus in your opportunities sector can bring pleasing news involving travel, long distance romance, education or legal matters. You may feel like the time is ripe to take another step forward, but Venus into your career sector and Mercury Rx suggest a rethink is in order. Put new developments into the context of your future status and professional goals. Will these opportunities contribute to or undermine your professional future? Strategic relationships will be important. Mars in your hidden sector suggests background efforts or gut feelings will be more important than you realize. 

The eclipse in your opportunities sector opens a new door, or next phase of your journey, but background/unseen issues can make matters unclear. There’s more at play than what you see on the surface. There may be an official/legal announcement or paperwork that delivers challenging news. Mercury Rx/Jupiter are there to help, with a second shot at a lucky break or loophole. Taking a second look at a document or conversation can reveal what you really need to know, and you then you can discard the rest. This eclipse suggests that not all opportunities are viable, but there is something at the core you can use. 


Mercury/Venus in your sector of shared resources can start a sweetly intimate conversation, or clue you in to a beneficial piece of information involving debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances. Venus’ move into your opportunities sector and Mercury Rx may put that intimate discussion on hold, or prompt more digging/questions on your part, even if the relationship moves forward. Financial information will need reviewing, or more time analysis before you sign the papers. Meanwhile, Venus broadens your reach and sets your sights higher - you’re ready for adventure, travel, or a bit of intriguing risk. Mars in your social sector can bring a friendship or group association to a turning point - it’s time to decide if you’re going to address the real issue, or continue to avoid it. 

The eclipse in your sector of shared resources can hi-light increased financial responsibilities/debts, or a change of dynamics involving physical/emotional intimacy. In all cases, what you were prepared to share/spend, or hold back, will shift. And those changes will define a new chapter. Increased boundaries or a reaction to feeling exposed may be triggers, but you may also uncover new reasons to trust. 


Mercury/Venus in your partnership sector can start a promising conversation with someone new, or in an existing relationship. But as Venus enters your sector of shared resources and Mercury stations Rx, watch for the dialogue to change. Someone may back off, change their mind, or ask for something different. A lighthearted chat can become more intense, with pointed questions. Too, you may decide that it’s time to get some real answers. Mars in your career sector, square the South Node in your sign,  can pump up your ambition. But the push to achieve something may feel awkward. There’s something for you to pursue or get started. The question is, will you do it?

The eclipse in your partnership sector can change the rules in an existing partnership, or   trigger a new relationship where you deal with the convergence between reality and fantasy. The opposition to Neptune in your sign suggests the manifestation of a romantic dream, the removal of a restriction, or the dissolution of an existing relationship. In all cases, you’ll gain clarity around something that kept you guessing. Mercury Rx/Jupiter suggest going back to a promise or expectation, and sifting through the distracting details to arrive at the answer.