Horoscopes for September 4th to September 11th, 2016


By Odilon Redon -  Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org

By Odilon Redon -  Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org

September 4th sees a conjunction between the Sun and North Node in Virgo. The Sun will spotlight a potential solution, area to upgrade, or important piece of information. The Sun’s trine to Pluto Rx in Capricorn (exact on September 7th) will enable your move forward, with a sense of intensified purpose. The more you focus, the further you’ll get. However, results are entirely up to you. Aspects to the transiting North Node show you the path, but it’s up to you to walk it. 

September 9th is Jupiter’s Libra ingress. Until October 2017, the planet of expansion and faith will emphasize balance/imbalance, relationships, projection and fairness. This transit has a light, sociable feel, with tons of potential to meet and greet. If you want to make new connections or enhance your relationships, you've got 12 months to work it. The Libra polarities of you versus them will be exaggerated, so it won't be all fun and games. Watch for increased expectations projected on to others, or on to you. 

September 10th sees the final Saturn/Neptune square between Sagittarius and Pisces. What’s been building since November 26th, 2015 (the first exact square) will now conclude. Rules and boundaries have been shifting, and will finally settle. Limits can be overcome, dreams can crystallize, or goals can dissolve. As the fantasy ends or your focus shifts, know that now you're sailing in the right direction.


The Sun/North Node in your sector of routine hi-light your next task or upgrade. There’s a solution for a work or health issue, or a detail that you need to focus on. Changes in your career path or approach to your professional goals/authority can give you strength, and ease your way forward.  

Jupiter’s move into your relationship sector begins a 12 month cycle of more in your love life. The urge to broaden your horizons, and an increased sense of optimism, can invigorate an existing relationship. Or, it can introduce you to someone who confirms that you can combine love and compromise. Compromise does not have to be limiting. If an existing relationship has serious difficulties, this transit can encourage one partner to leave. 

Saturn in your sector of opportunities squares Neptune Rx in your hidden sector, bringing you to a transition point regarding dreams versus the reality of your opportunities. There is potential to manifest something you’ve been hoping for, but it will depend on the focus and honesty you’ve applied to your vision. Too, you may find that secrets, fantasies or unacknowledged behaviour dissolve your prospects. Long-distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing are areas where you may feel this. 


The Sun/North Node in your sector of self-expression suggests positive developments regarding new romance, artistic work, performance or children/pregnancy. The facts/new skills that you need to master are in front of. You know there’s something you to need to apply, perfect or craft, to keep moving towards what you want. Your continued commitment to learning more, broadening your perspective or travelling will assist you. 

Jupiter’s move into your sector of routine can make you busier, but the increased work load will be accompanied by more energy and improved relationships with co-workers. All health and work matters can be approached in a more optimistic light, but existing difficulties will also expand (so they can be addressed). Imbalances regarding your service to others may be emphasized. In general, this transit will be about achieving optimum balance in your health and daily routines - downtime versus work, attention to others versus attention to self. 

Saturn in your sector of shared resources squares Neptune Rx in your social sector, putting the finger on a friendship, group association or public ideal. The reality of what you’ve been hoping for could trigger disillusionment, or it could confirm something. Financial restrictions involving debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances can reach a point where you pay off what you owe, find a way through, or reap the consequences of poor money management. 


The Sun/North Node in your domestic sector points you towards the future, regarding family issues, home improvements, relocation or a home business. Ongoing efforts to upgrade your domestic stability can be empowered by your willingness to evolve in financial or relationship matters. Watch for an effective approach to home finances, family discussions or domestic partnerships. 

Jupiter into your sector of self-expression can trigger a buoyant new attraction, surge of creativity, or increased desire to play and indulge. Children/pregnancy matters can be emphasized. The next 12 months can be your time to kick back and enjoy what life has to offer, while not taking anything too seriously. If it looks good and makes you happy, you’ll be on board. Just make sure you balance enjoyment with responsibilities, as this transit can encourage overindulgence. 

Saturn in your relationship sector squares Neptune Rx in your career sector. Partnership commitments/future goals will confront your professional dreams. One area may have to give way to make room for the other, or you may find that a professional dream is simply not viable. A relationship that’s on its last legs may dissolve. However, there’s also potential to work with your partner and manifest the next phase of your ideal future, together. 


The Sun/North Node in your communication sector can draw your attention to a person, conversation or piece or information that clarifies your next steps. A project or problem can be addressed with your attention to details, facts and the precision of your words. A deeper understanding of the subject will come naturally. Watch for assistance and support from a partner, or increased insight due to changes in a partnership. 

Jupiter into your domestic sector suggests good times with family, or efforts to improve your home/domestic situation. Expansion can include moving to a bigger home or the addition of someone new to the family. In general, all family relationships will be emphasized, which also means that any points of tension or imbalance will grow. Jupiter in Libra can help you step back from old traditions and family issues, gifting you with increased perspective. 

Saturn in your sector of routine squares Neptune Rx in your opportunities sector. The big ideal or distant dream may be brought down to earth, as daily responsibilities and immediate realities adjust your perspective. Health and work difficulties could reach a peak, with stress-related issues demanding to be addressed. Some responsibilities may need to be released, while any that you’ve been ignoring will now demand your attention. Too, you could turn a corner on an vague illness/problem that’s evaded direct diagnosis. 


The Sun/North Node in your sector of personal resources hi-lights tasks and improvements in the areas of earned money, self-esteem and personal values. Whether you’re trying to enhance your emotional security or earn more money/manage your money, this aspect will point you in the right direction. Ongoing changes to your daily routine, time management or health will feed into this. 

Jupiter into your communication sector gifts you with 12 months of optimistic thinking and inspiration. Your words and ideas will receive a boost,  courtesy of Jupiter’s ability to expand your vision. This is the salesperson transit - you can convince, sell and promote as you easily tune into what the other person expects. Relationships with siblings can also improve. The only downside might be a temptation to gloss over any serious issues, or over-promise. Make sure your enthusiastic words are balanced by what you can deliver. 

Saturn in your sector of self-expression squares Neptune Rx in your sector of shared resources. Issues around debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances that you’ve let slide will have to be addressed. Or, you may have to shift your approach to a personal/creative goal that you’ve been working towards. Adjustments to your focus on a new relationship, creative project or issues with children/pregnancy may include the acceptance of what can’t happen, or the release of certain restrictions. 


The Sun/North Node in your sign can confirm that you’re on the right track, gift you with a valuable opportunity for achievement, or remind you what you still have to work towards. In general, this is an immensely positive aspect for you, as you’re empowered by your desire to achieve something that’s about more than how you help others. 

Jupiter into your sector of personal resources can increase earning and spending. The balance between the two will depend on how you approach opportunities involving new sources of income, raising your rates, or appreciating your personal value. This transit can boost your self-esteem and emotional entitlement, but it can also emphasize areas where you feel someone else is getting more, or not giving you enough. 

Saturn in your domestic sector squares Neptune Rx in your relationship sector. Watch for a turning point in a partnership. The weight of responsibility may shift, as one person take on more commitment/control. Too, some domestic responsibilities can dissolve as new possibilities open up. A relationship dream/ideal can be clarified, as you see what’s actually possible. For some, a long-term romantic fantasy or desire for an unavailable person can end. 


The Sun/North Node in your hidden sector can provide a background nudge in the right direction, or tune you in to a higher purpose/ultimate goal. Watch for ongoing changes at home/with family to contribute. Too, background developments can be supported by your continuing move away from the past. 

Jupiter into your sign is good news, as it brings a surge of confidence, well-being, energy and favourable attention. The next 12 months will enable you to make the most of what you’ve got: social charm, grace and the ability to connect with almost anyone (on any level). At the same time, you’ll be encouraged to expand on existing relationships, consider new relationships, and address imbalances involving co-dependency and lack of boundaries. 

Saturn in your communication sector squares Neptune Rx in your sector of routine. Iffy work or health habits will be confronted - there may be demands to focus, become more disciplined or put an end to undermining habits. This will be a turning point, where you get real about you’ve been ignoring. Too, a verbal/written commitment or official document may be questioned or dissolved. 


The Sun/North Node in your social sector can introduce you to a strategic friend/ally, a beneficial group or positive direction to focus your public image. Your words/ideas can be given a public forum, or you may find the perfect outlet for what you want to say. 

Jupiter into your hidden sector may not be felt that strongly, but the next 12 months is a preparation phase for when Jupiter enters your sign, in October 2017. In the meantime, stay open to background or developing potentials. Sometimes this transit can trigger unexpected assistance in the guise of an unknown benefactor or “guardian angle.”

Saturn in your sector of personal resources squares Neptune Rx in your sector of self-expression. Here is the final reality check on a romantic or creative dream - it will manifest, or you’ll have to let it go. Any developments that do manifest (regarding romance, artistic projects or children/pregnancy) will involve a significant amount of responsibility. In some cases, financial issues can shift as a restriction dissolves or poorly handled finances result in “leakage.”


The Sun/North Node in your career sector can introduce your next job, business idea or professional contact. There’s good potential for financial growth, as long as you’ve been on board with essential changes in how you earn and save money. Your evolving values can align perfectly with a good-for-you career path.

Jupiter into your social sector can put your friendships/group activities into high gear. This can be an extremely social time for you, and you’ll be urged to explore new social groups/cultures that you may not have previously considered. Since this is a very public transit, any issues you have with friends/acquaintances will come out into the open. 

Saturn in your sign squares Neptune Rx in your domestic sector. Past habits, addictions, illnesses or family dynamics can undermine new responsibilities/focus.  But, this is the point where you say “enough’s enough” and take charge. It may be time to lay down some rules or say goodbye. Too, you may have to deal with literal leaks or weakening of the foundation of your home. In general, this square can help you address confusing issues, by pushing you to take charge. 


The Sun/North Node in your opportunities sector can trigger hopeful developments in the areas of long-distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. The next stage of an ongoing journey/project can manifest, and the trine from Pluto in your sign ensures that you’ll be perfectly positioned to take advantage of it.

Jupiter into your career sector offers 12 months of increased professional attention, new career paths to explore or opportunities to expand your professional skills/status. Your relationships with those in authority and those who can benefit you (strategic contacts) will be enhanced. Too, you will be reminded of imbalances in your professional versus personal life.

Saturn in your hidden sector squares Neptune Rx in your communication sector, puncturing an illusion/ideal, or dissolving something that’s been on its way out for a while. A drawn-out ending can finally reach its conclusion, although it may be an anticlimactic event. A stressful situation that’s been building may simply fade away. 


The Sun/North Node in your sector of shared resources can present an opportunity/guide involving debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances. There may be a solution, chance to invest, or way forward. Too, an encouraging new chapter in physical/emotional intimacy can open. Any progress will be due to the gradual but significant lifestyle changes you’ve been implementing. Transformations on the deepest psychological and emotional levels can now manifest results. 

Jupiter into your sector of opportunities is your cue to expand your mind, heart and sense of hope. There’s more on the horizon for you, as the next 12 months offer adventure and optimism in the areas of travel, education, legal matters and publishing. It’s time to explore and consider new alternatives. 

Saturn in your social sector squares Neptune Rx in your sector of personal resources, dissolving a friendship/group association, or confirming a new source of financial/emotional security. What’s confirmed will be very different from what you valued, previously. In some cases, you may voluntarily give something up. A pay cut or step away from outdated group values/culture are possibilities. Too, you may turn a corner regarding spending/saving, or your efforts to manifest public ideals. 


The Sun/North Node in your partnership sector can introduce a significant romantic attraction, or signal an important moment in an existing relationship. The way forward will be marked by an opportunity to clarify, identify specific solutions, or connect with the right people. Business and romantic partnerships can benefit.

Jupiter into your sector of shared resources can bring assistance regarding debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances. However, Jupiter can also expand debts and unbalanced spending. Regarding physical/emotional intimacy, Jupiter can help you get more out of a relationship with increased faith and a desire to share what you have. But watch for imbalances regarding what you expect the other person to give. 

Saturn in your career sector squares Neptune Rx in your sign, signalling a breakthrough regarding professional responsibilities. A career goal that you’ve been working towards can manifest (after much hard work) or you may find that it’s time to cut back on your responsibilities . Too, a cherished dream may need adjusting, as you discover what’s possible, and what isn’t. This aspect will put your higher purpose/sense that there’s more out there, into context.